Monday, April 4, 2016

A Day at the Beach {St. Pete Beach, Florida}

After three very busy and tiring days at Universal Orlando, we thought we would need a little beach therapy to recuperate.  I had gotten online to find a beach resort hotel in the nearby Gulf coast area and decided on the islands off the coast of St. Petersburg.  I found a deal on expedia and took a chance since we were only going to be staying one night.  I hoped that the Gulf coast waters would be significantly warmer than the Atlantic side because I know that the Atlantic is still pretty cold this time of year.  Of course, I knew I was taking a chance visiting the beach areas during Spring Break with lots of party going college kids in the area, but we felt that this beach community was pretty family friendly.
 photo Florida.collage3_zpsmbahi5ki.jpg
On our drive through Florida and to the coast, we passed through the Florida towns of St. Petersburg, South Pasadena, and Daytona Beach on the way back home.  Brody loved when we got stopped for the draw bridge opening when we were leaving the island. 

 photo beach.collage1_zpslr5bzdd7.jpg
Sunday was a pretty pleasant day to spend on the beach although it was a little windy.  Mattox loved playing in the sand again.  He still wasn't a huge fan of the water.  

 photo beach.collage2_zpskowurha0.jpg
Our camera was having some issues photographing outside on such a bright day.  Maybe the white sand didn't help.  Evan and Brody enjoyed playing in the sand and also did a little boogie board surfing.  

 photo beach.collage3_zps5jfph1mn.jpg
Evan caught some waves.   They weren't very big waves. 

 photo beach.collage4_zpsijbuvyw4.jpg
Sweet brothers playing on the beach together.  They were definitely in their happy place. 

 photo beach.collage5_zpsynaskirt.jpg
Mattox had fallen asleep on me, but when I tried to lay him down in the tent, he was wide awake again.  Silly boy. 

 photo beach.collage6_zpsadjzks5b.jpg
He loved being cuddled while we listened to the peaceful sounds of the waves. 

 photo beach.collage7_zpsnveiskdp.jpg
I love the shots of all three boys playing in the sand together.  I hate that the camera was not cooperating for the picture of Daddy and his boys.  I think the lens was fogging up and made it look hazy. 
 photo beach.collage8_zpsw1dqzzvg.jpg
Another disappointment was that it was too cloudy for a decent sunset.  I had hoped being on the Gulf coast facing west, we would get to see a decent sunset over the water like the ones we loved in Hawaii.  We don't get sunsets over the ocean on the east coast, and it is usually too early to enjoy sunrise. 

 photo beach.collage9_zps6x72jpsi.jpg
Some not so great family selfie shots at dinner that night.  The shots of the boys and Daddy were much better, but I love them all. 

 photo beach.collage10_zpssldqd4vc.jpg
Me and my sweet little man advertising for the little beach cafe where we ate dinner. 

 photo beach.collage11_zps2kvgzxv5.jpg
Feeding the fish on the pier outside the restaurant.  Whoa, that's a lot of fish.  I am pretty sure they would have eaten those boys if they had fallen in.  Yikes!

 photo beach.collage12_zps1g4atuoj.jpg
Just a couple of party-loving monkeys.  Haha!


  1. You look gorgeous in that blue sparkly top/dress with Mattox. The beach therapy was definitely good for you. A great way to unwind after being at theme parks for sure.

    1. It was nice but way too short. Oh and I thought for sure you would compliment my nice monkey boobs. Hehe!

    2. I noticed your monkey boobs :) Very nice!

  2. Even though the camera wasn't cooperating it looks like you had a lovely day at the beach. I'm so sad we likely won't have any beach time this summer. Boo.


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