Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mattox's Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

I haven't had the best of luck with my kids' Spring birthday parties and the weather.  Spring in the Carolinas can be a roll of the dice, and you just never know what you will get from one day to the next.  For the first few years, the parties I planned for Evan were always messed up by rainy, yucky weather.  For his first birthday, I scheduled (and paid for) a shelter at a local park in Charlotte.  The weather all that week was so pretty and Springlike, but the day of his party dawned cool and rainy.  Luckily, we could dress a little more warmly and still have his party outside between some light rain showers.  For Evan's second birthday, I had planned a fun little Diego safari adventure at an animal park, but again, the weather didn't cooperate, and we had to change to a lunch at a restaurant and then some fun at an indoor bounce house place.  Evan's third dinosaur birthday party was the first one that the weather actually cooperated a little better although the forecast still called for rain.  I had planned to have the whole party in our backyard, but in case the rain didn't hold out, I set up all the food and tables inside.  He had a big turn out to that party with lots of his old daycare friends so it got pretty crazy inside.  The kids were able to play outside on his new play set though.  His big fourth birthday Carolina Panther party was another weather disappointment.  We had actually paid for a really fun experience at the Carolina Panther's football stadium with the party being held in their kids' play area with a pretend football field.  Unfortunately, the weather that day was so cold and windy that it would have been miserable in that play area so we had to hold the party in the basement of the stadium.  We did get to meet Sir Purr and get a personal tour of the stadium though.   After that, I gave up on outdoor birthday parties for a while.  Evan's 5th birthday party was at a bowling alley.  We felt cursed again when the day of Brody's birthday party in early May was rainy and cold again.  Sigh.  Brody's 1st birthday party was in our home.  So probably the first outdoor party that I was able to host successfully outside was the boys' shared 6th and 2nd birthday party at the Lazy 5 Ranch.  It was actually hot that day in mid-April.  I held Evan's 7th birthday party indoors at a bowling alley again because it was his favorite location, and I held Brody's 3rd birthday party at an indoor kids' play gym.  In the spirit of all this weather disappointment, I learned my lesson and planned Mattox's first birthday party for inside our home.  I figured with an early March birthday, we definitely didn't know what we would get.  We could even get snow!  However, maybe our weather related bad luck has ended because Mattox's party day was actually quite nice, and we ended up going to the park after his party.  We had so much fun celebrating this special little man!

  photo party.collage_zpsll5pmqdx.jpg        

 photo party.collage2_zpssisvh44s.jpg
Of course, we had to have a rainbow party for our little rainbow.  Plus, his birthday is so close to St. Patrick's Day.  

 photo party.collage3_zps4i1hx8fz.jpg
We attempted some birthday pictures in his special shirt and hat.  Since he wouldn't sit still, I had to buckle him in to his seat.   I did these pictures by myself. 

 photo party.collage4_zpsgqr4mt3f.jpg
We attempted more pictures before the party when I had a few more hands to help.

 photo party.collage5_zpsgbirgkyz.jpg
I just love this little guy.  

 photo party.collage6_zps3a3u6opi.jpg
Little man in his rocking chair.

 photo party.collage7_zpswzcjyzvp.jpg
We attempted some pictures outside, but the wind was really whipping those balloons around. 

 photo party.collage8_zpss4hkvrmr.jpg
I decorated with Mattox's first year weekly pictures in the shape of a 1 and his monthly pictures made a colorful rainbow display on the mantle.

 photo party.collage9_zpsgbmpvnab.jpg
Lots of rainbows made with streamers.  I added some fun 1st birthday party cutouts for high chair decorations, and I colored the special rainbow picture with the words from "Somewhere over the rainbow."

 photo party.collage10_zpsyi91bwtc.jpg
My attempt at cake baking and decorating.  It wasn't professional quality, but it tasted good and looked cute.  It was pretty simple white cake with soft and light whipped icing.  I made the rainbow with M&M's and wrote his name with the icing I colored for his smash cake.  Favors were some pots of gold chocolate coins. 

 photo party.collage11_zpsprnqiec7.jpg
I kept the food simple with some Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, a chicken salad sandwich platter, chips, and rainbow fruit and veggies. 

 photo party.collage12_zpssuvkfeea.jpg
We all enjoyed lunch, and then a few guys enjoyed a nap after lunch. 

 photo party.collage13_zpspjunb3ke.jpg
After his nap, this little guy was all ready for cake...a rainbow for a rainbow.  His big brothers were there to help blow out his candle. 

 photo party.collage14_zpstqd8dbfp.jpg
At first, he seemed to think his cake was for finger painting instead of eating.  Haha!

 photo party.collage15_zpscazhovwt.jpg
Then, he seemed to prefer using a fork like his big brother Brody.

 photo party.collage16_zpsszbybrsk.jpg
Gotta love that face!

 photo party.collage17_zpsgo1ruvqt.jpg
Yum!  Want some?  He shares! 

 photo party.collage18_zpsxcvolrip.jpg
His family enjoyed the cake too.  Cousin Grady even put down his trains for a few seconds to eat which is a big deal!  Papa got in the fun and even wore a birthday hat with the boys. 

 photo party.collage19_zpssmcku42s.jpg
Who wants to kiss this adorable baby?  Only Aunt Naomi was up for the challenge. 

 photo party.collage20_zpsi5dmwqgk.jpg
After cake, Mattox got to open a few presents.  First, he took his new ride for a spin.  He loved beeping the horn and driving.   Now to pick up some chicks in the neighborhood.  Haha!

 photo party.collage21_zps0iqv1qxb.jpg
We didn't want many presents since these boys already have plenty, but Grandma and Aunt Naomi bought him a new outfit and some more cars for his little car track he got for Christmas.  He also got a special book of classic children's stories from his other Uncle and Aunt and cousins.  

 photo party.collage22_zpsrajmdbjp.jpg
After the party, we headed to Raleigh to spend an afternoon at Pullen Park and to ride the train.  I knew our little train lover, Grady, would love it. 

 photo party.collage23_zpslhcxsunc.jpg
First, he checked out the big red caboose. 

 photo party.collage24_zpsmybwpejo.jpg
Then, the boys waited with excitement for the train to arrive.  Mattox first rode this train almost a year ago when he was only two weeks old.  

 photo party.collage25_zps3tvcwqmg.jpg
He was a bit more aware this time.  He also wanted to take a selfie with the selfie stick. Ha!

 photo party.collage26_zpsho7zmalc.jpg
Grady and Brody rode the boats together. 

 photo party.collage27_zpsczjqqngn.jpg
Grady loved it and loved ringing the bell. 

 photo party.collage28_zpszuuuwjr5.jpg
And Brody was a goofball as usual trying to touch the water and being extra silly. 

 photo party.collage29_zpsifsfenfh.jpg
Mattox loved riding the carousel this time.  He rode Mommy's favorite...the giraffe. 

 photo party.collage30_zpsl5qgusau.jpg
Well, I do love the rabbits too, and Grady and Brody rode those.  Evan rode his usual ostrich.  He loves an ostrich because he thinks they go the fastest.  Haha!

 photo party.collage31_zpsfgmbuocx.jpg
And these two enjoyed playing on the see-saw together.  It was a perfect day! 


  1. Oh baby...he is so cute! Glad you all had fun.
    Your new blog look is lovely! :)

  2. Well OF COURSE you finally got some good weather for a birthday party. #1. You planned it to be inside so logic would dictate that it be a perfect day. And #2. It was a rainbow theme! You can't have a rainbow party with actual rain. That would just be silly. Ha ha!

    I am so impressed with all the little and all the big details. You definitely didn't miss a thing. The backdrop for all the pictures was spectacular, I love the cake and the favors were just so cute. Oh, and I love all of the pictures. They came out so great and it makes it so worth all of your effort to include them in the party.

    I don't think I will ever get the chance to do a rainbow party (maybe an art party though), but it's OK because I really feel like I did one just by reading your party. Ha!

    1. Oh yes, planning outdoor parties seems to insure bad weather. I loved planning and decorating for this party and still have some decorations up. But mostly, I am tired of having actual parties. I would much rather go somewhere fun. Most school kids just don't come to parties anymore anyway.

  3. Adorable first birthday bash! The kid had a picturesque evening. Gratitude for sharing these photographs here! On my daughter’s birthday we would be hosting a huge party at one of best event venue in SF. Eagerly waiting for her birthday!

  4. I love this!!! You know we did a rainbow theme for Miss Rachel's second birthday and I love all your touches. And of course, the time you plan an indoor party, it's gorgeous outside. You just can't win in the springtime as I discover every year around my birthday. Boo.

    Anyways, it looks like you had a great day celebrating your precious rainbow.


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