Friday, March 25, 2016

Mattox's 12th Month

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Where did your whole first year go?  How is it possible you are now over one year old?  You are pretty much full blown toddler now on the move and getting into everything.  You are just so much fun, but you can be a handful too.  You are still the sweetest baby though, and you will always be my baby.  I can't wait to see how your little personality develops in the next year as you really begin to express yourself and your independence. 

Size:  We went to the doctor the week before we left for Spring Break vacation, and you weighed 19 lbs. 10.5 oz. (22 percentile) and were 28.75 inches.  So far, you are measuring the shortest of your brothers, but you are weighing heavier than big brother Evan.  Sadly, the week we returned from vacation, you had developed a high fever and were not feeling well for several days, and when we took you back to the doctor, you weighed 19 lbs. 4 oz so you had lost several ounces.  You are back to your usual happy self and eating well again so I am sure you gaining those ounces back.  You are wearing a lot of 18 to 24 months clothes and the waist of your pants are always snug so you aren't a skinny guy.  You have still been wearing size 3 diapers.  

Developmental Accomplishments:  You are still primarily crawling and cruising fast, but like your brothers, you are taking your time letting go so you don't fall.  You are also a climber and are figuring out how to get through my barricades.  It only takes you seconds now to scoot out through the end table and out of the living room when I put you down.  You have been saying lots of ma-ma-ma-ma and more consonant sounds in your frequent babbling, but you actually seem to be using more signs.  You sign "more" by putting your hands together although it is more in the clapping motion than just the fingers.  I have also seen you sign "eat" with your fingers to your mouth without actually putting your fingers in your mouth when you were fussing and wanting to eat.  You love to clap still, and Daddy recently taught you to give high five.  You also wave hello and bye-bye and love waving and reaching for your brothers or daddy or mommy when you want them.  You finally logged two more teeth for a total of six with two more on the way.   You love your big brothers.  The other day at the park you were so sweet reaching and waving for Brody when he would run off to play, and you were not happy until he came back to you.  You have learned to "drive" your cars now.  Evan taught you to "roar" back at him which is so sweet.  You are just a sweet little mess!

Sleeping:  You haven't slept as well this month since you got the little sick bug on vacation and were running a fever.  You have been having some sinus congestion issues at night that wake you up with trouble breathing.  It also makes you thirsty and want to drink.  I can totally understand because I always have sinus issues this time of year.     

Eating:  You will eat ANYTHING!  We breast fed until you were almost 13 months, but you were gradually weaning yourself with just the morning and night feedings.  When you got sick, you just weren't interested in nursing and that finally did us in.  I am thankful we were able to complete your first year.  You now get about two 8 or 9 oz. whole milk bottles a day in the morning and at night and then drink water, milk, or apple juice watered down during the day.  You still really love eating solids and eat more toddler meals now.  Your typical meals are either applesauce and oatmeal with strawberries or yogurt with strawberries for breakfast, a vegetable and meat combination like sweet potatoes and chicken for lunch, and another combination dinner like white potatoes, peas and chicken or beef for dinner.  
You have definitely been wanting to eat more these days.   

Favorites:  Cocoa (your dog); Cocoa's food bowl; food; Mommy's glasses and trying to steal them off her face; when Daddy gets home from work; playing with your big brothers; taking the track apart to your new car race track; blocks; cars; cups or bowls that have food or drink in them that you try to grab; spoons; bath time and splashing in the water; music and turning on the stereo (just like big brother Brody); your new teddy bear that tells you your brothers love you

And of course, more cute pictures from the month:
 photo Mattox.collage1_zpsvs220zvv.jpg
Guess who was our favorite little Valentine this year?  Yep, this guy!  He wore big brother Brody's old Valentine shirt.

 photo Mattox.collage2_zps3d8t3z9y.jpg
I took another cue from Brody's book and bought them heart balloons.  
 photo Mattox.collage3_zpsjknksjvw.jpg
The balloons really helped with this photo shoot, and we got some big smiles. 

 photo Mattox.collage4_zpseyj4pmt6.jpg
But he still tried to climb the wall and do his own thing. 

 photo Mattox.collage5_zpsrkkuga2i.jpg
Although he didn't have too many occasions to wear big sweaters this winter, I had to see him in another of my favorite old sweaters from Janie & Jack.  I don't know why J&J hasn't put out more cute stuff like this in recent years.  I wish you could see the little frog embroidered on this one. 

 photo Mattox.collage6_zpsbt5c6pgf.jpg
We have to get more creative with poses these days since he wants to do everything but sit still. 

 photo Mattox.collage7_zpssuokkerq.jpg
I tried to entertain him with a stuffed friend. 

 photo Mattox.collage8_zpstp9rpiol.jpg
Oh those faces and those big baby blues!  

 photo Mattox.collage9_zpsmwucb7nx.jpg
My sweet, handsome little man. 

 photo Mattox.collage10_zpslhsrau9h.jpg
But no, you aren't always happy.  

 photo Mattox.collage11_zpsgbzbmquz.jpg
Funny thing is you are pretty much as happy as can be when you are at the doctor's office.  You would think that would be your least favorite place, but you are all smiles and barely cry when you get shots.  Sweet, silly boy!


  1. It is unbelievable that he is one! I remember just waiting and waiting for the announcement that he was here. It seems like yesterday.

    I am going to give you a slow clap from afar for nursing until 13 months. From one nursing mom to another I will say that is a real accomplishment and you should be proud.

    Have you decided if you're going to continue with the weekly pictures and monthly updates? It'll be a little sad to say goodbye to them!

    1. I am going to try doing monthly pictures for the next year, but I will probably do like Brody's second year and just post quarterly updates. I get a bit lazy the second year. Haha!

  2. Oh I love his J&J sweater and his shirt and tie combo! He's getting so big. Craziness!


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