Monday, March 7, 2016

A Short Trip to Wilmington and Carolina Beach, NC

Last month we added another stop on our tour of our state we have been accomplishing this last year. It is amazing how many wonderful things there are to explore "in our own backyard."  Of course, some of the places we visit in our own state take us as long to get to as something 5 states away.  We will be traveling to Orlando, Florida next week, and it will take us about the same amount of time or less to drive there as it did to drive to the mountains a few weeks ago.  Our trip to Wilmington, NC wasn't too bad and only took a couple of hours on the interstate.  Wilmington, NC really needs a longer trip to explore because it is full of historical gems.  I could have taken hundreds of pictures of historical markers alone with so many very old houses of historical significance.  Wilmington is another very old city on the east coast and is North Carolina's only real ocean port on the Cape Fear River.  The rest of our coastline is too dangerous for big ships with the barrier islands and the notorious Graveyard of the Atlantic off the coast.  I wish we could have explored a little more of Wilmington, but we were only there for one night for Daddy's work conference.  He attended the annual meeting of the Carolina Loggers Association which is closely affiliated with his Association.  He also works with all of the loggers through his Prologger program which provides yearly training and certification to our state's loggers to maintain their SFI (sustainable forestry initiative) standing.  Remember the logos you are supposed to look for on your wood product purchases?  So while Daddy was in his meetings, the boys and I went out to explore a little.  We headed up the road a little ways to see Carolina Beach which is a beautiful beach that makes you think fondly of old beach music and shagging.  They have a fun boardwalk that is a great place to hangout during the summer.  Eddie and I went with some friends one weekend the first summer we were dating, but we haven't been back since sadly.  The boys and I may have to go back this summer.

 photo Wilmington.collage1_zpsaots6tnp.jpg
We stayed at the fancy Hilton on the riverfront and enjoyed walking on the Riverwalk.  Across the river, you will notice the big U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship which we visited on Saturday.  Evan loves anything involving ships and planes right now. 

 photo wilmington.collage2_zpsvoniuk2v.jpg
Just a little sneak peek at the Battleship. 

 photo Wilmington.collage3_zpsfgj373r8.jpg
With Wilmington still being a thriving port city, you will see a lot of big ships along the riverfront.  Cocoa went with us on this trip, but she had to sleep in the car for one night since the hotel didn't allow dogs.  She enjoyed her walks with Daddy. 

 photo Wilmington.collage4_zpszklon0yg.jpg
A new Veterans' Memorial was erected beside our hotel. 

 photo Wilmington.collage5_zps1bfrlejs.jpg
There are so many old buildings, houses, and churches.  I thought the Jewish Temple was lovely, and I of course love the old trees dripping with Spanish Moss along the streets of the old city.  The old Cotton Exchange warehouse has been converted into trendy shops across from our hotel, and we explored that and enjoyed some yummy homemade ice cream. 

 photo Wilmington.collage6_zpsfoxwt3kj.jpg
The boys and I joined Eddie for dinner and dancing at the Carolina Loggers Association meeting in the hotel.  We attempted a selfie of our family, and Evan thought he looked cool in his shades.  Brody enjoyed kicking off the party and having the dance floor to himself.  He had some pretty serious moves!

 photo Wilmington.collage7_zpslsfwflbd.jpg
The boys and I loved visiting Carolina Beach, and the boys attempted to do some shagging on the stage. 

 photo Wilmington.collage8_zpsnnbnezn3.jpg
They loved posing for pictures in this fun little beachfront area.

 photo Wilmington.collage9_zpsfmg21oga.jpg
My cute sharks, divers, and surfer. 

 photo Wilmington.collage10_zpsl3w82xnv.jpg
Heading to the ocean of course.  It just beckons to us with its sweet, soothing voice. 

 photo Wilmington.collage11_zpsiozvcyky.jpg
We took off our shoes, and the sand felt nice and warm.  The sun was shining, the sky was a beautiful Carolina blue, and we found some nice seashells. 

 photo Wilmington.collage12_zpsobm5x4gd.jpg
I captured some beautiful shots of seagulls flying. 

 photo Wilmington.collage13_zpsddmwmgu4.jpg
The boys ventured into the water a little to rinse off their shells.  It was pretty chilly, but it was still probably warm compared to the west coast water in summer.  We just prefer our water temp to be more like bath water.  Ha!

 photo Wilmington.collage14_zps6jdsicgj.jpg
Selfies on the beach.  Loving my little $5 selfie stick. 

 photo Wilmington.collage15_zpskyldtm3o.jpg
My big "almost teenager." 

 photo Wilmington.collage16_zps1awbya3b.jpg

 photo Wilmington.collage17_zpsujrakoab.jpg
The boardwalk is such a nice place to hangout with swings to sit in and watch the ocean.  

 photo Wilmington.collage18_zpsstgdperg.jpg
The boys and I ate lunch at a little oyster bar.  No oysters for us.  I had fish and chips, and they had some chicken tenders. 

 photo Wilmington.collage19_zpswaq9riwg.jpg
Of course, the boys had to play on the tractor that was brought for the loggers meeting. 

 photo Wilmington.collage20_zpsxsdg5xkg.jpg
Demonstrating how big the tires are.  

Now, I have several more posts to catch up on from our trip to Wilmington, last month's activities, and Mattox's 12th month and first birthday before we hit the road next week for our big Spring Break trip.  Evan is also out of school for three weeks so that means these boys will be driving me up the wall.  Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it all!


  1. What a fun trip! I really want to go to the beach now!

  2. Well hello there. We seem to be switching and flip-flopping on who is behind on commenting. It's my turn now! I'm less than a month behind so I'm going to work hard to be caught up by the end of the week!

    This looked like the perfect little weekend get-away at the beach. Have I told you that we're going to Florida in June. Tampa, not Orlando though.

  3. This looks like a really fun trip! I love that you get to spend so much time with your boys and traveling around your state. I miss just getting to hang out with my kids.

    Although you are totally right in that three weeks with both of them would be a bit much. I hope it all went well for you. I'm looking forward to catching up (slowly!) on all your adventures.


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