Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The First Snow Days of 2016

I am not sure if this is all the snow we are going to get this year.  After a week of very cold temperatures and a little ice and snow storm, we have been enjoying some nice almost 70 degree days this week.  We live in the south where the temperatures can fluctuate from below freezing one day to almost summer-like the next.  And since Mr. Groundhog didn't see his shadow today, we are hopeful of an early Spring.  Of course, our heaviest winter storms usually arrive in February and even March so who really knows except God.  We just take what we get and make the best of it.  So when last weekend started with an ice storm on Friday, we all enjoyed an unexpected day at home together cuddling on the couch and catching up on some Walking Dead marathons on Netflix.  Zombies go perfectly with snow days, didn't you know?  Then, Saturday finally brought us a little snow to play in.  We only got maybe an inch on top of the ice, but it was fun while it lasted.  The ice did make for some rough driving conditions for a few days that made it necessary for our schools to remain closed until all of the ice could be cleared away.  Many folks did lose power from downed trees and power lines, but we were fortunate to not suffer any of the bad side effects from this winter storm.  We just enjoyed some much appreciated time together making some fun memories.

 photo snow.collage1_zpstbu9kn0s.jpg

 photo snow.collage2_zpsccbkhaaw.jpg
Of course, it was Mattox's first experience with snow, and I think he approved.  He even enjoyed a little sledding.  He is our first baby to get some snow his first winter.  Evan and Brody both had to wait until they were almost two to see snow.  
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On Friday, I just got out to take some pictures of the lovely ice coating everything after a day of steady sleet and freezing rain. 
 photo snow.collage4_zpsw23nsehe.jpg
I did like how the ice coated trees sparkled like crystals and diamonds. 
 photo snow.collage5_zpsqvixknx5.jpg
Cocoa was not impressed with the ice as she looked for a spot to go potty.  She kept trying to squat in our backyard where some taller grass was coated with prickly ice that kept stabbing her.  Evan and Brody came outside with me for a few minutes. 
 photo snow.collage6_zpseonqn2sm.jpg
A mound of ice looked like snow as it built up outside our front door.  When we first saw the house last winter, it was after a much heavier winter storm, and there was a huge pile of snow in front of the door.  I assumed someone must have piled it there.  Now, I know it apparently drops off the roof there and collects in a big pile.  
 photo snow.collage7_zpssodkahxs.jpg
Brody was very excited to show off his icicle. 

 photo snow.collage8_zpslxzwfa7g.jpg
The boys had a mini "snow" fight. 

 photo snow.collage9_zpsdanavi65.jpg
And Mattox just watched it all from inside the first day. 

 photo snow.collage10_zpsn9mgyiwm.jpg
The next day after we got a little snow, we bundled this little guy up so he could experience it.  At first, he was not happy about having to wear a hat.  We put the old 2T snowsuit on him (I wasn't going to buy a 12 month one for the off chance we may get some snow).  It was so cute on him as he crawled around in it.  I put some of Evan's old snow proof mittens on him that were kind of big.  We joked that he looked like Skipper the penguin from The Penguins of Madagascar when he is turned into the monster penguin with the lobster claw hand.  Haha!  

 photo snow.collage11_zpseiwgyhhl.jpg

 photo snow.collage12_zpsmpccpnre.jpg
Mattox really loved getting to crawl around outside on the snow.  He doesn't get to crawl around on the ground outside since it is usually a wet muddy mess. 

 photo snow.collage13_zps1k0t9gef.jpg

 photo snow.collage14_zpsysh4t7eb.jpg
Getting to sled a little.  They just went down the very small slope of our driveway.  Eddie pretty much had to push them the whole way. 

 photo snow.collage15_zpsfnow2lno.jpg
Mattox was crawling faster than the sled was moving.  Haha!

 photo snow.collage20_zpszj2hgebr.jpg
Uh oh, Brody is about to get someone with a "snowball." 

 photo snow.collage16_zpsxqn2vvlx.jpg
We actually sat Mattox on top of Eddie's car for these pictures.  It looks like he is on a little snow covered hill.  

 photo snow.collage17_zps9jtnb0np.jpg
And of course, we had to pose for a family picture in the snow. 

 photo snow.collage18_zpsnsbhwcd1.jpg
We tried for some funny face shots.  Apparently, Evan is too cool to be silly anymore.  Sigh.  

 photo snow.collage19_zps7gvhmjyp.jpg
Mommy and Daddy love our little snow bunny...or penquin monster.  Ha!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Although I do have to say that just reading this post made me cold. Ok, it's probably a combination of seeing all the snow and the fact that it is genuinely really cold here right now. We got hit with a winter storm for a few days, but it'll be close to 80 by the weekend.

    The first time that Elliott saw snow, #1. It was fake snow. But #2. He hated it and refused to touch it.

    I'm glad that Mattox had a much better time and hopefully you get a few more snow storms this season.

  2. That was so funny about Mattox crawling faster than the sled...lol!
    I don't watch TWD series, but you might like the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy if you like that sort of thing... :)

  3. I love that you get so excited about snow. We did get a pretty good dump yesterday and I was thinking about making some snow cream. Then Rachel threw up three times and now I'm not sure if it will work. Bummer.


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