Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mattie's Hopes and Dreams for the Future

So you all may already know that Eddie's grandmother Mattie is one of my most favorite and inspiring individuals.  Is it weird to hold someone you never met in such high esteem?  I truly ache to have known her.  I feel that Eddie and I and our children were robbed by having this wonderful woman taken from our family by the evil of cancer.  I know that our lives would have been a lot different if she were still alive.  I read her words, and I feel like I truly knew her.  We are so lucky that she was such a thoughtful lady to write her memoirs for us.  I didn't have too many inspiring personal role models growing up so this lady became one of mine when I read her words.  I guess a lot of people are inspired by great writers and thinkers that they never personally knew so it isn't that unusual.  I want the world to know a little more about this great lady.  I hope you enjoy this thoughtful list she wrote of some of the things she hoped would happen in the next ten years.  It has been a lot more than ten years since she wrote it, and I think she knew the likelihood that most of these things would come to pass was slim to none, but she also knows that we can never give up hope.  We have to remember that God is in control no matter what.

"I have never tried to foretell the future in any way.  In ten years, I will be 74 years old and probably gone to be with the Lord.  Some of the grandchildren will be married with families living and working in far away places.  I would like to see:

  • Peace in every land among all religious and ethnic groups. 
  • All children around the world cared for, loved, have enough food and clothing and good shelter and never to experience abuse. 
  • The Word of God continued to be presented abroad and at home freely. 
  • T.V. and computer programs which are appropriate for children and adults with no violence, abusive language or pornography. 
  • Schools with children experiencing innovating educational programs for all regardless of learning styles or abilities.  
  • Family illiteracy decrease and all children come to school with experience to become good readers. 
  • Medical science find a cure for more cancer, disease and addictions. 
  • Environmentalists still working hard to educate the populace to save our natural resources and to prevent pollution of air, soil and water. 
  • Space scientists exploring space and maintaining space station colonies for experimental and recreational purposes.  
  • Government to be fair and representative of all people. 
  • Trials, treatment and rehabilitation of criminals for betterment of society. 
  • All Christians still looking for the return of Christ."


  1. Have I ever told you that my grandmother wrote her autobiography and had it published? I've read it three times (before getting married, after getting married and after having a baby) and each time it meant something entirely different to me. I should send you a copy of it. She died right after Elliott was born so you were not a blog reader when she was alive and being "featured" in my blog, but she was a real spitfire.

    Mattie wrote an inspiring list here, one that I agree with and wish for wholeheartedly.

  2. Wow! This is an amazing list. I can see why she inspires you, even after her death. And it is not weird at all to be inspired by people you have never met (and this side of heaven, will never meet).


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