Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Projects

I think most people try to make the most of January starting the new year off with lots of motivation to get their lives and homes in order after the busier holiday seasons have ended.  I always hate to take down our Christmas decorations at the beginning of January, but once they come down, I am happy to get my house clean and back to its more normal order.  Since the month is also a lot slower with less obligations, I also enjoy planning and trying to accomplish some tasks and projects that I usually have been putting off for months.  Some of these projects can really only be performed after the previous year has ended.  Although my to-do list still remains quite long with some big "projects" still needing to be completed (I'm looking at you messy desk/home office), it did feel good to get a few of these projects accomplished.

Project #1

Making and ordering our new Shutterfly calendar.  I like to utilize our yearly calendars as a little scrapbook summary of our lives.  I used to scrapbook years ago and had made a large family scrapbook summarizing mine and Eddie's lives before and after we were married.  In the years since having kids, I just didn't have as much time for this hobby.  Plus, digital photography made it so much easier to create digital scrapbooks or photo books.  However, I can't feasibly make photo books of everything so these calendar pages are an easy way to summarize our months and then the pages can go into our big family scrapbook.

 photo projects21_zpszi7xcpp5.jpg
I like to do some of our family "portraits" from the year as the cover. 

 photo projects22_zpsrsyqspc6.jpg
January memorializes our love of snow. 

 photo projects23_zpsw2m4yjzu.jpg
And the month of love. 

Project #2

So to complement project number 1, my second project was cutting the pages from our 2015 calendar (pictures from 2014) to add to our big family scrapbook.  It was a very simple project, but I think it is an important one.

 photo projects8_zpssdlq0q6u.jpg
Our memory scrapbook is a large three ring binder with sheet protector pages for inserting scrapbook pages. 

 photo projects9_zpsuxtln8qq.jpg
I foresee having to start a new binder very soon. 

 photo projects5_zpspqhfjer4.jpg
Our family picture from 2014 taken in Washington D.C.

 photo projects6_zps3iqtigdl.jpg
How the pages look in the binder. 

 photo projects7_zpsiqjfikim.jpg
Memories of our Spring Break trip to Washington D.C. and Mattie's first birthday celebration. 

Project # 3

I have been planning to make Brody's little silhouette picture to match Evan's for years.  I finally got a pack of cardstock with the colors I needed for another project so I decided to give this one a shot.  Evan's silhouette was made by a "professional" artist at a little street fair in Charlotte, but I always thought I could do Brody's myself using a picture.

 photo projects25_zpseadv3d4j.jpg
Evan's silhouette at about 15 months of age.  

 photo projects4_zpsyhealj6m.jpg
This was the first silhouette I attempted of Brody at his current age of almost 5.  I wanted to show his long eyelashes and the little cowlick of thick hair on the crown of his head.  However, I decided I wanted to do one of him at about the same age as Evan's.  

 photo projects24_zpsn4kfv9kl.jpg
So then I made this one from a picture of Brody's profile at about 15 months of age.  I tried to show his longer and tousled looking hair before his first hair cut as well as his very thick, long eyelashes.   

Project #4

 photo projects1_zpsdsndoagn.jpg
Of course, you already saw this project for Eddie's birthday present from me and the kids.  
Project #5

So the canvas I made for Eddie's present came in a two pack so I knew I wanted to do something with the other canvas.  I have adopted a special saying for both our blog and our life in recent years, and I wanted to have it displayed in our home in a special way.  I have wanted to make a little gallery wall display for a while and just wasn't sure what I wanted.  I decided to attempt to paint this saying on the canvas and then try to build a gallery wall around it.  Much like my other art projects, it definitely isn't perfect, but my OCD is going to try to live with it for a while.  I had wanted Eddie to get me some reclaimed wood to paint the saying on, but that did not happen.  Here is what I was able to capture:

 photo projects2_zps1i13tdq0.jpg

Then, I just needed to decide what else I wanted in the gallery.  I knew I wanted it have a theme around our love story and family.  I put one of our wedding photos and the framed heart I had made for our Valentine's picture last year.  I wanted a letter R for our family monogram as well so I found a burlap one on sale at Kirkland's.  I also wanted to make a little print that I had pinned on etsy a long time ago with all of our family's important dates on it.  So here is the finished wall gallery for now.  It may change a little over time as I find other things to add to it, but I think that is the point of these displays.  They are supposed to speak to you personally.

 photo projects19_zpsvivbaqqe.jpg

Project #6

Here is the close up of the little art "project" that I hand lettered with our family dates on it.  And yes, you will undoubtedly learn my middle name from this post.  Ha!

 photo projects20_zpscenwmjzf.jpg

Project #7

One project we have wanted to complete since moving from Charlotte is to make a growth chart for the kids because Eddie was marking the kids' growth on a door frame in their old room.  Sadly, we couldn't bring the door frame with us, but we marked the measurements on a piece of wood for the time being.  I discovered this chalkboard growth chart at Kirkland's on sale, and it was perfect for what we needed.  I decided to just put the kids' yearly measurements on it because it will be filled up when Mattox's measurements are added.

 photo projects10_zpsxexdpk8o.jpg
For now, the measurements are written with a chalk pen, but I will likely go over them with a permanent paint pen to make them more permanent.  

 photo projects11_zps70j5zflu.jpg
I especially love how you can tell how much taller Brody was each year than Evan.  There measurements do seem to be getting closer together now though. 
Project #8

 photo projects17_zpsic1xaoga.jpg
I finally got a matching frame from Michael's for Mattox's picture to be added to this wall. 

 photo projects18_zpshidjelso.jpg
And I added this Family Rules canvas to the kitchen wall which was one of the gifts we picked from Eddie's family Christmas. 

Project #9

Putting up a few minimal Valentine's decorations.

 photo projects13_zpsqnpcyqfi.jpg
Just our Love banner and little Valentine sign from Target. 

 photo projects14_zpsz1m5jxd9.jpg
And some Love themed window clings. 

 photo projects15_zpszja9k0ze.jpg
Brody wanted to get these doughnuts and cupcakes. 
Future Projects

 photo projects12_zpsli9otbpm.jpg
I hope to get a frame for our new large family portrait with baby Mattox which I will probably put where this one with Baby Brody is now.  I will probably just move this one to another spot.  I love all of our family portraits with each of our babies, and I hope they will treasure them always and inherit them when they are grown and move away. 

 photo projects16_zpsj74tiwk4.jpg
I also hope to special order a frame and special matting for his newborn photo collage like his big brothers'.  I just have to wait until another good frame deal from Michael's.  
I also hope that I can tackle some much needed organization projects in our "home office" and my crafts that are scattered between the garage and Mattox's closet right now.  But this list does make me feel a little accomplished for now.


  1. Hi Sherry!
    It has been awhile since I have checked in at your blog (even longer since I have blogged). I don't think I have been here since your little one was born! He is a cutie! Your family is so precious!! Love how you share your family outings and events! Take care!!

    1. Thank you for checking on us again, Piper! It has been a crazy year, including moving across the state after Mattox was born. :-)

  2. OOOOOH, I just love me some projects and organization in January. There is something so satisfying about starting the year out by getting stuff DONE.

    I think we did a lot of the same type of organization in January with the pictures and what-not. I really like the idea of the calendar pages and adding them to an album. Simple, but very effective.

    I'm going to Michael's this weekend to buy a new scrapbook for our family/group portraits. They are buy one get one free if you want to look. I'm sure your Michael's has the same sale.

    You've also motivated me to finally do Elliott's silhouette. We also have one from when Spencer was three and I've always wanted a matching one for little brother. He'll just have to be a little older. Spencer's frame also broke, so I need to buy a new one for both of them. I'm gonna do it! Thanks for the push.

  3. Oh, I also wanted to mention that I really want to do one of those date frames too. I'm not brave enough to do the hand lettering though. I might try to look for some fancy paper that will help to hide the fact that I printed it.

    And I love your middle name!

  4. You got so much done in January. Very impressive Sherry. And doesn't life feel so much better once a good chunk of projects is done?

    Keeping my desk clean is a never ending task as it is the drop place for all the mail which comes in and for all the school papers. I try to clean it off at least once a week, not very successfully either.

    I LOVE our Shutterfly calendars and I really love the idea of having them in a binder which was can look at. I just save them all in a file box downstairs.

    I need to make a growth chart for our kids. They don't have one and I think it's lacking in their lives.


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