Monday, February 22, 2016

Fields of the Wood Park, Murphy, NC

When I was looking for things for the kids and I to do while in the Murphy, NC area, I knew that our options would be very limited because of the winter weather.  When I saw this little park that I had never heard of before (it is crazy the stuff I have discovered this year in my own state for the first time), I thought it was worth checking out even though I knew it wouldn't be the same experience as during the summer months.  Mainly, the mountain would be covered with white snow which would greatly diminish the effect.  As we headed up the mountain outside of the town of Murphy, the snow really started falling heavy.  When we arrived, we were not surprisingly the only "brave" souls out on this very cold, winter day.  Yes, my motherly instincts were on high alert as I bundled my little ones up so we could at least take a few pictures.  It was so quiet and peaceful up on the mountain with the soft snow falling around us.  Even though I may not have gotten the full experience, I at least felt the peace and beauty of the site.  On a warmer day, you could easily spend a day here climbing the mountainside and enjoying the beauty and the Biblical messages inscribed all around.  There is also a cafe and gift shop.

From the website:

God’s Word is truly a gift to all men. Come visit us and experience just a small representation of His love and presence  as it unfolds through the use of beautiful marble and stone. From the top of Prayer Mountain to the valley baptismal pool; through the gigantic Ten Commandments spread across the mountainside; poured out through the All Nations Cross; God’s Word is presented and preserved for future generations. People of all races and religious beliefs are welcome to visit Fields of the Wood to enjoy the presence of God and to see the dramatic presentation of truth in a unique and revealing manner. Visitors are admitted without charge in order that all may freely receive the spiritual blessings awaiting them at Fields of the Wood.

 photo fieldsofthewoods_zps9yrrgz7s.jpg
The entrance to the park.  

 photo fieldsofthewoods2_zps6qwbmmhc.jpg
The huge ten commandments inscribed on the mountainside is definitely the largest feature of the park.  Of course, the snow covering made it more difficult to read than when it is covered with green grass.  I like the reminder above the commandments of Jesus' message from Matthew that the greatest commandments are to love God and one another.  If we truly do this, obedience to the other commandments from God should come naturally. 
 photo mountains23_zps8kmdsn5s.jpg
Here is what the ten commandment mountain looks like in the warmer months.  
 photo fieldsofthewoods3_zpseqiqouer.jpg
The little wall of Psalms was sweet.  I love reading Psalms as I always feel like David just understands so many of our human emotions and feelings.  Brody standing beside the beautiful 23rd Psalm. 

 photo fieldsofthewoods4_zpsgqqgxwmm.jpg
We didn't venture up Prayer Mountain, but it sure looked beautiful in the falling snow.  Those little red breasted Robins were the only other living creatures admiring the view with us. 

 photo fieldsofthewoods5_zpsupe10abq.jpg
Brody visited the recreated images of the three crosses on the hill and the tomb of Jesus. 


  1. I am so glad you included a picture from the summer months because there is just no comparison. I wouldn't have had any clue that's what it looked like because of all of the snow. It's very beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful place you discovered Sherry. It inspires my soul.

    Your posts about traveling through North Carolina are making me wish Ontario was a lot smaller so I could discover more of its hidden treasures. Unfortunately, it is just too big :( As are most of our provinces.


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