Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Photography Project ~ 30 Years in the Making

I pinned this pin to my photography board on Pinterest as inspiration for wanting to put together a similar photo project for our family.  I finally put one together for us through this past year so now hopefully I can keep this up for another 18 years.   I laugh at that inspiration pin because in most of the shots, the family members are not smiling and do not look very happy.  Hopefully, our family looks a little more happy in the pictures I chose.

In color:

 photo us_zpswoovkncm.jpg

In black and white:

 photo us.bw_zpsa0o5k9tv.jpg


  1. I remember when you pinned that! I'm so glad you're really doing it.

    How are you saving it? In a word document or something? Photo editing program? Do you plan on ever printing it? You could re-print it once a year so it could be displayed. That would be pretty awesome!

  2. This is a really cool project. I love it!


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