Monday, January 25, 2016

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday {2016}

Although January has been a slow month as usual for us, we do have to make a bit of a big deal about our Daddy's birthday right after the Christmas season is over.  I always note how guilty I feel that we don't do more to celebrate Daddy's special day that follows so close behind the busiest and most celebrated season of the year.  Daddy is so special to us and is definitely number one in our eyes, and we want him to feel special on his day.  Last year, we made him a football cake and made him a special picture frame for his office with all his babies' pictures in it.  This year, I wanted to attempt a little art project from the boys that Daddy could also display in his office at work.  The boys also wanted to make Daddy some special cards, and Brody helped me make him an "almost" homemade cake.

 photo birthday.collage2_zps0blbpttw.jpg
We decorated a little, made a cake and homemade cards, and spent most of the day making our art project.  It was my first time painting on canvas.  Definitely not "professional," but Daddy really appreciated it.  I marveled at how big Evan's hand looked next to Mattox's.  He is really becoming a big kid/almost teenager.  

 photo birthday.collage1_zps4sno8em5.jpg
Brody helping me stir the batter and lick the icing.  It was a really yummy icing with just cocoa, sugar, butter, and a little water.   

 I was actually going to make his cake purely from scratch, but I found this great new boxed mix from Pillsbury that is just the simplest dry ingredients with no unnatural additives.  We added the butter, eggs, and wet ingredients, and it made the fluffiest and lightest batter.  
 photo birthday.collage3_zpskexluhqu.jpg
Evan took pictures of me and Daddy.  Of course, Brody had to get in one of them. 

 photo birthday.collage4_zpsyhztidxf.jpg
We took Daddy to eat dinner at one of our new favorite Thursday night kids eat free places Rudy's Pub & Grill in Apex.   They always do a lot for kids that night with a magician and balloon artist and televisions in some booths to watch cartoons.   Daddy even got a free birthday sundae with a candle. 

 photo birthday.collage5_zpsxyv02sk6.jpg
Mattox enjoyed some special time with Daddy while the big boys watched Sofia the First.  Haha!  I was laughing at Evan for watching a "girl show," but Brody actually really likes that show too.  I am okay with that because it is a fun show for both boys and girls. 
 photo birthday.collage6_zpspygphgwa.jpg
After dinner, we came home to enjoy some birthday cake for dessert.
Happy Birthday to my darling husband and the love of my life!  I hope you enjoyed your 38th, and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together.  Hopefully, some of them will be more exciting than this one.  I love you more and more every day and year as we continue to add to our stock of memories together!


  1. He is one lucky guy! Happy Birthday :)

  2. Seems like a delightful birthday to me. I think any 38 year old would be happy with this celebration.

    Great job on the art work. It really came out fantastic. I am not brave enough for such an undertaking, but you make it look simple and do-able.

    I never bake with cake mixes, but I might check these out if there is an occasion in which I want to make something not quite homemade.

  3. This does seem like a good birthday celebration for a dad of young kids. I like your present -- well done!

    Also, did you make your birthday banner or buy it somewhere. I LOVE it!


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