Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Sweetest Gift Under the Tree {Mattox}

In 2011, I did a sweet little photo shoot with Brody for his first Christmas where he was sitting in a Christmas wrapped box.  I dreamed of trying this with Mattox for so long.  Mattox was definitely our family's favorite present this year!

 photo Christmas39_zpsyewzkvs6.jpg

 photo Christmas38_zpsic3dzvtb.jpg
He did manage to tear off a little piece of the paper.  He loves trying to eat paper. 

 photo Christmas37_zps32uqf5m0.jpg

 photo Christmas36_zps3c122pae.jpg
"Hey, where did my paper go?"

 photo Christmas40_zpsezaezuju.jpg

 photo Christmas41_zps4i5uutdj.jpg
Sweet little profile. 

 photo Christmas42_zpsqarjudrb.jpg
"Why am I in a box?"

 photo Christmas43_zpsobcjfffa.jpg

 photo Christmas44_zps0ggk38uf.jpg
"Hmmm, this looks tasty!"

 photo Christmas45_zpsrlmmmn31.jpg
"Nom nom nom!"

 photo Christmas46_zpsjbhogujw.jpg
I am surprised we got any photos where he wasn't eating the box. 

 photo Christmas50_zps0wfnmrry.jpg

 photo Christmas51_zpse3sbo7mj.jpg

 photo Christmas52_zpsebwfsoho.jpg
He did smile some, but mostly he was too busy trying to figure out how to get out of the box. 

 photo Christmas35_zpslickbekr.jpg
Sweet baby in a box.  What could be cuter? 

 photo Christmas53_zps01fopwhu.jpg
A little smile. 

 photo Christmas54_zpsd4qnmdt3.jpg

 photo Christmas55_zps05ejxh5n.jpg
"I know, I know, I'm cute!"

 photo Christmas56_zpsb8owwzq7.jpg

 photo Christmas57_zpstj4kszgx.jpg
Happy baby with his tongue hanging out.

 photo Christmas47_zpsmqvvqzij.jpg
Yay, I can make a break for it!

 photo Christmas48_zpsrm8pglb7.jpg
"Just a couple more mom, and I am out of here."
 photo Christmas49_zpsliwjp9lz.jpg

 photo Christmas59_zpsck9uciuw.jpg
"And I am out of here."
And of course, the comparison:

 photo Christmas58_zpsjamu0od2.jpg
I just love these babies. 


  1. I can see why he is your family's favourite present!

  2. Ha ha! Why am I in a box? This is so confusing.

    You can totally tell that he trying to figure out how his life took this weird turn where he ended up in a box.

    Cute baby. Cute photo session. You should frame one of them and put it out every year. With the Brody comparison of course.


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