Friday, December 18, 2015

Santa's Wonderland {2015}

We took a little visit to Santa's Wonderland this year since we left our old Santa hangout behind in Charlotte.  I was really sad to leave the Santa we had seen every year since Evan's first year and was afraid it would be difficult to explain the different Santa to Evan.  I think he is just smart enough to know that all of these Santas aren't the "real" ones although he may still believe that Charlotte Santa is the real deal.  He was just that good!  In all truthfulness, I am perfectly okay whenever Evan is ready to discuss the fact that Santa may not be "real."  He knows the real reason for Christmas so I don't think it will ruin anything for him.  Santa is just for fun! If he is like I was as a child, he will just continue to play along as long as possible because he enjoys it.  When the time comes, I have this pin on Pinterest to help me explain why we pretended to be Santa for him.

The Cary, NC Bass Pro Shop is actually quite the popular Santa destination around here, and I had actually seen several Facebook friends from different parts of the state post about going there.  I decided to try it on a weeknight hoping it would not be too busy.  We were in luck!  There was absolutely no line, and they got lots of one on one time with Santa and his Mrs.  Santa even joined us at the coloring table for a chat and to see the boys' work.  The decorations and fun activities were all excellent, and the price of the photos was reasonable too.  I think this may be our new Santa destination.  We have actually been lucky to see Santa a few times this year, but this was definitely a great experience.

 photo Santa5_zpsjrfeqjty.jpg
I forgot our camera on this adventure so please excuse the poor quality cell phone pictures.  Sigh.

 photo Santa23_zpsynq6sgzd.jpg
After Mattox threw a fit about sitting on Santa's lap, we all got in the picture.  Santa and Mrs. Clause even graciously gave us their seats. 

 photo Santa22_zpsgmsufchc.jpg
Yes, Mr. Mattox, you absolutely must sit on Santa's lap at least once your first Christmas.  It is a rite of passage so get over it.  He has a serious case of stranger anxiety!

 photo Santa1_zps3ntxt3a3.jpg
The boys loved all the festive decorations at the big Bass Pro.

 photo Santa2_zpswii3g1xi.jpg
And Evan loved this new ATV and wondered if it was too late to add it to his Christmas list.  Haha! 

 photo Santa3_zpswladykjs.jpg
Mattox even found one his size. 

 photo Santa4_zpslegvcg5f.jpg
Oh man, he just looks so big sitting on this little four wheeler. 

 photo Santa6_zps0puztvst.jpg
Evan's favorite part was this shooting gallery.  He is a natural born sniper.

 photo Santa7_zpsyab7os11.jpg
Shooting a crossbow at the duck targets.

 photo Santa8_zpsbqzot7si.jpg

 photo Santa9_zpszqtfjc2p.jpg

 photo Santa10_zpscrfcjg9s.jpg
Brody loved the fake snow scenes.

 photo Santa14_zpsnfgyegj9.jpg
Coloring pictures for Santa and writing him letters.

 photo Santa15_zpskvbt9nlw.jpg

 photo Santa16_zpsutsu6baw.jpg
A little trip to the North Pole.

 photo Santa17_zpslm5b30sy.jpg
Brody putting his letter in Santa's mailbox.

 photo Santa18_zpsnlormnjz.jpg
And driving the choo choo train.

 photo Santa19_zps9f1hadim.jpg
Of course, it isn't a trip to Bass Pro without checking out the huge fish tank.

 photo Santa20_zpsns7oxmbz.jpg
Mattox loved watching the big fish. 

 photo Santa21_zpsn9mwv4ja.jpg
Tap Tap Tap.  Hey, fishy!  {like the crazy girl from Finding Nemo}

 photo Santa11_zpscces44mw.jpg
I always love the beautiful nature scenes in these stores.


  1. How much fun!!! I want to go to our local BPS, but I'm not sure when we can fit it in.

  2. Bass Pro Shop really does put on a beautiful winter wonderland. Michael's parents took the kids in November, but they were wearing t-shirts and shorts in the pictures and there is no way I could let those be the official pictures. Does your store have a carousel too? That is always one of our favorite parts.

    I'm glad you got a nice family picture, but the one of Mattox crying is hilarious. All babies need that photo in their archives!

  3. I love that Mr and Mrs Claus gave up their seats for you. Also, it makes me laugh that the Bass Pro Shop is the place to go to visit Santa! I don't think we have them here.


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