Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa Baby {Mattox}

 photo Santababy1_zpsbkrxturw.jpg

Mattox's 9 Month and First Christmas Portraits
Taken by:  Mom

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 photo Santababy9_zpsawgeoshe.jpg

 photo Santababy10_zpsgjqyhvey.jpg

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 photo Santababy15_zpsrbzrk7nl.jpg

 photo Santababy16_zpsembnyg2d.jpg

 photo Santababy17_zps3cehdohw.jpg

 photo Santababy18_zpsjfryubrv.jpg

 photo Santababy19_zpsxgwlc8wt.jpg

I was inspired by this pin on pinterest that I have had on my board for a few years now.  The logistics of getting this photo shoot to work involved setting our camera's aperture as small as possible.  Apparently that is actually the trick to getting great photos of all Christmas lights.  I discovered that most of those cool shots of lights are taken with a wide angle lens with the aperture value set at about 1.8.  Since we don't have a wide angle lens, I just set my aperture as low as it would go on the AV camera setting.  The lowest my regular lens would go was 4.5.  I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would be good enough.  I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well these turned out.  They were taken in his room with the blinds open to let in the natural afternoon sunlight.  We just draped some pretty white Christmas lights on the wall behind him and around him and hung white sheers over the lights to soften them.


  1. Well, I don't know anything about any of the stuff you said with the technicalities and logistics, but the pictures look awesome. I hope you pinned this so that Mattox and your tutorial can go viral!


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