Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our Cozy Christmas {2015}

I am definitely a very traditional Christmas decorator.  A beautifully lit evergreen tree filled with sentimental ornaments from years gone by, fresh green trimmings on the mantle, and personalized family stockings hung by the fireplace are my style.  In past years, I have always used white Christmas lights on our tree.  But truthfully, I am a colored light person.  I just think the warm glow of multicolored lights feels so warm and festive.  I have such fond memories of our brightly colored Christmas trees when I was growing up.  I think the colored lights do go best with a traditional tree filled with traditional ornaments.  I went simple this year with the colored lights and a simple burlap bow on top, and I love it.  It is definitely my favorite of all of our past trees.

 photo tree.collage1_zps3m9hk3va.jpg
I attempted some fancy shots of the tree this year, and this was my attempt at Christmas light bokeh.  I just love the blurred effect of the colored lights. 

 photo tree.collage4_zps1dwoxwel.jpg
I love our little tree with lights that look like multicolored glittering jewels.  I also love all our stockings with the addition of Baby Mattox's and his big sister Mattie's.  Mattox's stocking has an airplane on it.  

 photo tree.collage3_zpss3w0dnvk.jpg
The boys did a great job helping decorate this year.  Mattox just loves sitting and looking at the tree. 

 photo tree.collage2_zpsfwssg7xc.jpg
Putting on some of their special ornaments. 

 photo tree.collage5_zps9gwmjfkz.jpg
I personalized our tree a little with a monogram ball ornament from Kirkland's and some little chalkboard wooden ornaments from Target with our names written on them with a paint pen.  I like the "rustic" and old fashioned feel of the burlap and wooden ornaments. 

 photo tree.collage6_zpsdjcyi8cj.jpg
Mattox's stocking and Mattie's Christmas tree are still some of my favorite decorations this year. 
 photo tree.collage10_zpsssr28hau.jpg
The nativity is always a special part of our decor.  I just loved this saying that I wrote on a little chalkboard, but I want to paint it on a large canvas to display every year.  
 photo tree.collage11_zpsgj9v2li2.jpg
The rest of our decorations were minimal.  I put up our Christmas countdown, a little Santa countdown where we added to his beard every day, my old star banner and a simple table centerpiece, and the little stair banner the boys and I made the last couple of Christmases. 
 photo tree.collage12_zpsphay5d9t.jpg
I always love the boys' little tree that they carefully decorate themselves.  This year, they decided to use most of their handmade ornaments from over the years.  Their colored lights went out so they had a white light tree this year.  
Our most treasured decorations are our yearly Christmas ornaments.  I love the memories that these ornaments invoke.


 photo tree11_zpszsg7jvav.jpg
My parents bought us this ornament the year we were engaged. 


 photo tree10_zpsehcnohea.jpg
Our first Christmas after we were married.  We decided on a classic Lenox China ornament. 


 photo tree12_zpspuvajy4n.jpg
Our second Christmas together depicted just the two of us dancing inside a little snow globe. 


 photo tree13_zpst5fqcqid.jpg
The year we purchased our first house. 

 photo tree14_zps4azt6g5y.jpg
The year we were expecting our first little chick, Evan. 


 photo tree9_zpsd1qxmmwe.jpg
Evan's first Christmas. 


 photo tree15_zpsvwraky5x.jpg
Evan's second Christmas symbolized by a fun little jack-in-the-box gingerbread house. 


 photo tree16_zpsdxos7hfq.jpg
Santa for Evan's 3rd Christmas. 


 photo tree17_zps0lobiub5.jpg
In 2010, we were expecting our little Brody.  We all wrote our letters to Santa to put in this mailbox, and they all include our wishes for a healthy baby. 


 photo tree8_zpsp44ncpqi.jpg
Brody's first Christmas. 


 photo tree18_zpsldmkeitd.jpg
A special Mickey ornament for our first trip to Disney World with the kids. 


 photo tree5_zpsky1bi3jk.jpg
Mattie's first Christmas. 


 photo tree19_zpsyxql7ygz.jpg
Mattie's second Christmas and expecting our little rainbow baby, Mattox. 


 photo tree3_zpsesvcu3q9.jpg
Our new family ornament depicting our little family of 6. 

 photo tree4_zpsg99bfnce.jpg
Mattox's first Christmas

 photo tree6_zpsrzddji2b.jpg
We also got some special ornaments like this one from Biltmore Estate from our travels this year. 

 photo tree7_zpswianihy1.jpg
And from the Cradle of Forestry. 
 photo tree.collage7_zpsuiag1q9v.jpg
My husband did a great job decorating the outside of the house.  Our new neighborhood is pleasantly festive this time of year.  Since we live on a corner lot, my husband put colored lights on our backyard fence.  

 photo tree.collage8_zpspfhtwxng.jpg
Eddie is most proud of his candy cane tree.  Last year, we turned an old basketball goal post into a candy cane so this year, we used this little tree.   Can you tell I edited out Eddie's car in the picture with the garage?  I just hated having a car ruining my picture.  Ha!  

 photo tree.collage9_zpsktcgsrt0.jpg
I tried the bokeh blurred effect on the outdoor lights too.  We used all white lights except the candy cane tree and the bushes.   I think it was just the right amount of color. 


  1. Your decorations are beautiful!

  2. I love this post! Everything is so gorgeous. The decorations and the photography! I love the idea of using the paint pen on the ornaments. I might go snag some of those tomorrow. I go back and forth between the colored lights and the white lights. I like how the colored lights look, but personally for our decorations I think the white lights go better.

    I totally could not tell at all that you removed the car from the shot. Good job! You're a professional now!

  3. I love your tree and all the special ornaments. I also love the bokeh effect, especially with the coloured lights.

    We don't go overboard with decorations here either and I think yours are perfect!


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