Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Neutral November {2015}

November was definitely one of those months that seemed like it was over before it really even began.  It was a pretty low key month as Evan finished up his last month of school before his month long winter/Christmas break.  As has been typical of this year (and last), we had many many rainy days.  We spent a lot of our time indoors and just tried to keep our sanity and enjoy our time together.  Eddie, of course, worked a lot which has been typical of his new job this year.  He really hasn't gotten a break or a vacation.  I hope that next year will be different, but it isn't looking very promising.  Mostly, November was a month we are thankful for as we counted our blessings all month.

 photo November1_zpsrhgbccao.jpg
These crazy boys had fun together, met a princess one night at dinner, had the cutest spaghetti faces, and enjoyed a breakfast donut date before school. 
 photo November10_zps1gernspi.jpg
After over a week of constant rainy, cloudy days, I was elated to finally see this blinding glare from the sun. I also enjoyed these beautiful shots of a full moon.  It kind of made up for missing out on seeing the big super moon eclipse earlier a couple months ago.  I also loved doing this Thanksgiving scripture writing plan.  It really helped me be more intentional about my Bible reading.  When I missed some days, I had to work extra hard to catch up, but I am pleased that I completed the plan.  I am now doing the Christmas monthly plan.  You can check that out and join in here.  
 photo November2_zps00maxzyo.jpg
I loved this passage from Thessalonians about respecting hardworking people.  Just something that doesn't seem to be done a lot in our current culture.  One of my thanksgivings this month is watching Mattox's first year picture frame fill up.  I am only a couple of months behind and have printed many of his first year pictures thanks to a couple of Shutterfly free prints deals.  I have even made a very good start on his first year scrapbook on Shutterfly.  
 photo November3_zpskcpnkxxx.jpg
Something else to be thankful for is seeing these two playing together more.  Mattox absolutely adores his big brothers and watches them or tries to get to them all the time. 

 photo November4_zpsc8ygikjb.jpg
We actually didn't read our P is for pumpkin book until the week after Halloween.  I find it difficult sometimes to find holiday themed books at our library because they all get taken pretty quickly and then have very long wait list.  We thought this book was quite cute and funny about a house that was "haunted" by a ghost that kept returning to get the perfect pumpkin pie.
 photo November5_zps6ocsz6zd.jpg
Oh, I just love this little blue eyed cutie.  And he is just extra snuggly and cuddly after his bath.  He just loves to sit in front of the mirror while getting dried off and lotion put on.  He makes the cutest faces in the mirror. 
 photo November6_zpsg076dokk.jpg
We spend a crazy amount of time in our pajamas around here.  What else do you do on rainy days?  Yes, my four and a half year old is hanging out in the baby bassinet.  
 photo November7_zps9chfryfw.jpg
Evan and Brody have really been enjoying playing with their Lego sets together.  Brody has really advanced to playing with big Lego sets now.  Mattox was shaking his little monkey booty to some fun Laurie Berkner Youtube videos.  

 photo November8_zpszvcn9dwi.jpg
Mattox has been feasting on yummy meals like this butternut squash and chicken feast. 
 photo November9_zpsuf0ircim.jpg
Reading progress:  I finally read The Girl on the Train on the kindle.  Brody and I read some more P books and other books we found at the library.  We enjoyed finding another Otis book.  I tried to read the Little Roja Riding Hood book (partly in Spanish) to Brody at the library, but he was being a little difficult. 
 photo November13_zpsubdenzq8.jpg
I liked this verse that popped up in my scripture writing plan.  It was reminded me of my husband's profession as a forester. 

 photo November11_zpscnkj21el.jpg
We really enjoyed our adventures with our littlest man this month.  He is just becoming such a big boy now.  He loves eating fruit like mango from his mesh feeder.  I made the little prince a crown at lunch one Sunday with some aluminum foil.  He is still just so precious sleeping and snuggling with daddy in the bed. He will crawl/scoot himself over and lay his head down on us. 
 photo November12_zpsu2qxpbdk.jpg
Brody showing off his artwork one night at dinner when I took the kids by myself to eat dinner at one of our favorite kids' eat free places, Carolina Ale House, in Cary.  Brody also likes the big red British style telephone booth inside the restaurant.  Brody was not as happy when I made him model this Yoda coat at Target.  Ha!  He has definitely started embracing his duties as big brother more playing with little brother and holding him for a few seconds at his doctor appointment.  

 photo November15_zpszguiwtt3.jpg
Mattox army crawls all over the living room.  He was only scooting backwards and would get himself into some tight spots like under the entertainment cabinet.  Now, he can scoot forwards, but he has gotten himself into ever worse spots.  He tries to follow me out of the room and gets his head stuck where I have the furniture barricading him in and the dog out.  Ha! 

 photo November16_zpspzdcdlx7.jpg
I made this little pumpkin puzzle for Brody to work on his number recognition skills.  He loved it! 
 photo November18_zpss4m9cvl5.jpg
We learned our letter Q for queen this month too.  We didn't get nearly as far in the alphabet as I had hoped.  I had hoped to be finish up our letter lessons by the end of the year.
 photo November17_zpsdi7rmkio.jpg
Brody makes me gifts all the time like this little charm for my necklace.  He is my sweetheart! 
 photo November14_zpsxx4sohfe.jpg
The boys have really enjoyed getting ready for Christmas.  They looked so cute all dressed up for church in their cute sweaters/sweater vest.  The boys delivered their little Operation Christmas Child gift in honor and memory of their little sister.  More on how we filled our box coming soon.  Mattox new favorite sleeping spot is under the tree.  He is actually doing that right now as I write this.  He plays his little heart out on the floor until he just falls asleep.


  1. I love the one of Brody in the bassinet...so cute!

  2. Well, you might have been stuck inside but you certainly had a busy month. I've had The Girl on The Train on my kindle since the summer but I still haven't even started it. Ugh! Where is my motivation?!

    It's too funny that Brody didn't like the Yoda sweatshirt. I think it's cute! And I never saw it in the store. That's weird!

    Mattox sleeping under the tree is my new favorite picture. Ever.

  3. I love the pictures of Mattox and the mirror post-bath.

    Also, it's so great to see all the pictures of all the siblings interacting. Watching (Hearing!) Sam and Rachel play together is still one of my favourite things ever :)


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