Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours! {2015}

Hello, friends!  I am hoping to get our Christmas cards in the mail today, but since I am running behind, some of you may not get them before Christmas.  Hey, at least they do say Happy New Year too!  I know Christmas card sending seems to be a dying tradition, but I just think there is nothing more personal than a card in the mail, and I don't want to stop this tradition.  I definitely don't get as many cards these days, but I treasure every one.  I love receiving cards (and especially pictures) from our family and friends in the mail.  I especially love getting cards from my special blog friends.  I just want to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 photo Christmas.card.blog_zpsjl7pcex5.jpg
I wanted our card to be a way to share some of our favorite pictures from the year.  It has been such a special year with our little Mattox with us.   In true "Sherry" DIY fashion, I made the cards myself and had them printed at Staples (way cheaper than Shutterfly).  Unfortunately, they did crop my card just a little in the printed versions, but it is still mostly the same.
 photo Christmas.card2_zpsngeggwmg.jpg
I wanted to do a little year in review summary on the back of our cards to share what our family has been up to.  What a year!

 photo Christmas66_zpsvbnxlgex.jpg
These sweet boys did all the "work" of setting up this photo shoot.  

 photo Christmas67_zps40l2aihz.jpg
They tried out different poses.  Eddie didn't like this one where he blocked too much of the tree.  

 photo Christmas68_zpsoxarzstp.jpg
What a special Christmas I am having with these 3 beautiful boys! 

 photo Christmas69_zpsnpewmajg.jpg
I just love them! 

 photo Christmas70_zpshr45loct.jpg
These two just adore one another. 

 photo Christmas71_zpse0uccwph.jpg
Picture perfection! 

 photo Christmas72_zpsay5ibue6.jpg

 photo Christmas73_zpsdhrb357d.jpg
Our Family ~ We actually forgot to get Cocoa in our family picture this year.  Boo!  I am glad Mattie's stocking is in the picture representing her. 

 photo Christmas74_zpsqka7x2gq.jpg

 photo Christmas75_zpss6rgbwii.jpg
And Mattox says this photo shoot is FINISHED!  Haha! 
 photo Christmas60_zpszabpell3.jpg
Christmas Fail #1 - Eddie and I both seemed to forget to get a family picture with this little cutie this year.  I guess wrangling three kids and a dog for a family picture was just too much.  Sigh.  I did get this picture of Cocoa with her stocking. 

 photo Christmas61_zpskezimb6o.jpg
Instead of the plain green stocking I made for Cocoa last year, I decided to use this one that was Evan's first stocking.  I painted over where I had written his name on the little star and wrote Cocoa's name.  I think it is much cuter. 


  1. Sweet! Very, very sweet! You totally need to give yourself a little slack on the timing of the cards and forgetting Cocoa. I will refer back to what I have said over and over this year. You had a baby and you moved. One of those would be difficult enough, but you did both. So that gives you two years before you can stop using them as an excuse.

    I love the little summary on the back of the card. I might steal that for next year.

  2. We still haven't sent our cards out. Ha! And I love your card, especially the summary on the back. I really like that idea -- it's so much less overwhelming than an entire letter/blog post like I did.


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