Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meadow Lights {2015}

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is looking at all the festive Christmas lights.  Our neighborhood has some good little displays that we have enjoyed this year.  One of the new traditions I hoped to start since moving back to the Raleigh area was to go see an amazing light display about 30 minutes outside of Raleigh located in a very small community close to where Interstates 95 and 40 intersect.  It's easily accessible location has made it quite the destination with people coming from all around in recent years to see the lights.  The light display started like most do with just one man's love for decorating with lights for his family.  Through the years the display grew and then became a much larger Christmas enterprise with a country store, trains to ride, snacks, and a carousel.  Years ago before Eddie and I were married, I lived in the neighboring town of Selma where my dad pastored a church while I was in college.  Our church loved going to see these lights as a group, and I had wanted to take my kids to see them for a long time.  I always see my Facebook friends from the area post pictures every year.  I was so glad we got to experience this as a family this year.

 photo Christmas.collage27_zpstd6mgvo4.jpg

 photo Christmas.collage28_zpsohlfmfbu.jpg
Eddie refused to get in a picture with the boys.  
 photo Christmas.collage29_zpsegfbcvcl.jpg
You board a little train to ride through the light display which takes up several acres.  The lines are usually long, but they move fast because they had three trains running.  The train ride is only $2 a person so it is very reasonable.  I like that many of the light displays appear to move like Winnie the Pooh being thrown into a honey pot.  

 photo Christmas.collage30_zpsidat5woy.jpg
The rocking horse rocked and the candles flickered.  I love the big candelabra with the poinsettia wreath. 

 photo Christmas.collage31_zpso5jg7jnx.jpg
Brody thought the big building was a castle.  It is hard to tell it was supposed to be a candy cane factory.   The snowflakes appeared to move in an arch across the path.  The jack-in-the-box popped up out of his box. 

 photo Christmas.collage32_zpseomzef1o.jpg
I loved the flag.  The boys loved the race car.  

 photo Christmas.collage33_zpskfkddb0v.jpg
Gingerbread men and houses, old timey car, and toy soldiers.  Evan thought it was so cool that the toy soldier really shot the cannon.  You watched him light it up and then the cannon ball exploded out of the cannon and you could see the balls path as it flew across the sky.  

 photo Christmas.collage34_zpsdbu58deb.jpg
Another cool motion one was the elves playing tennis.  You watched them hit the ball back and forth.  Brody and I loved the teddy bear.  Of course, Santa and his reindeer were present. 

 photo Christmas.collage35_zpstrsmeuhl.jpg
Mattox enjoyed the show from a big window at the back of the train.  He had a great view! 

 photo Christmas.collage36_zpsshzkeg24.jpg
These two loved their carousel ride.  It was a smaller carousel so Brody didn't seem as scared.  

 photo Christmas.collage37_zpstn1xflke.jpg
After our train and carousel rides, we enjoyed browsing the yummy candy and treats at the little country store.  Evan and I picked out some chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered pretzels. 


  1. This looks like a fun light display. Our city has a pretty good one but nothing like this!

  2. That's really cool. There is a neighborhood in Tucson where all the houses decorate and you can walk around and look at everything. There's not a country store or a carousel though! This is definitely the start of a fun family tradition.


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