Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mattie's 3rd Christmas in Heaven

 photo Mattie26_zpsyjaepspr.jpg

Dear Mattie,

Today, you would be exactly two and a half years old.  It has become a bit of a tradition that I write you this Christmas letter on your half year birthday which falls just five days after Christmas.  Christmas is always one of our favorite times of year as a family, and I know that you would love it as much as your brothers do.  You would run out on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought you.  I can't help but think about what you would ask for from Santa for Christmas or what cute outfits you would wear in our family pictures.  I can only imagine what an adorable little toddler/preschooler you would be and how much you would make us all laugh as you would terrorize your brothers and get into their toys.  I am sure you and Brody would have both loved his favorite Christmas present, a little playhouse/restaurant.  I know you would have loved playing with your new baby brother this Christmas as he has been crawling around.  I bet you would have helped him open his presents too because you are a wonderful big sister.  I would have loved seeing your little pile of girl presents around the tree on Christmas morning and seeing your face light up as you ran with your brothers towards the tree and the presents.  I am sure you would have some specific requests for presents this year, and I hate that I don't know what you would have liked.  Would you like Disney's Frozen characters and dress up clothes like most little girls these days?  I bet you would like Doc McStuffins and Princess Sofia like your big brother Brody.  Ha!  I know you would definitely be more into Christmas this year.  I do hope you enjoyed watching over all of us again this year as we celebrated with your new little brother.  I am sure you enjoyed quite a celebration in heaven too.  We did not forget you, our precious little angel, and we never will.  You will always be missed.  Here are some of the ways we remembered and honored you this Christmas:

 photo Mattie1_zpsvb86dldn.jpg
We took a Christmas wreath to decorate your special place.

 photo Mattie5_zps4fvktl5l.jpg
And our Christmas decorations wouldn't be complete without your little tree.

 photo Mattie6_zps7wqoxcbs.jpg
The little handmade stocking Brody and I made last year on our little stair banister banner. 

 photo Brewster15_zpsz3s2eezj.jpg
Brewster reminded us all to draw pictures or write letters to you to fill your stocking. 

 photo Brewster17_zps7wft2a9x.jpg
Brody did a beautiful job writing and drawing pictures for you. 

 photo Brewster18_zpsndscorlm.jpg
Evan drew a beautiful picture of an angel for our favorite little angel. 

 photo Brewster19_zpssqrz1ivk.jpg
Daddy wrote such a beautiful letter to you.  He loves you so!

 photo Mattie2_zpsllazcocw.jpg
We decided to prepare our Operation Christmas Child gift in honor of you for another little girl about your age.  

 photo Mattie4_zpszsjxb0vy.jpg
We all picked out some little gifts we thought you would like, including headbands and hairbows, socks, gloves, a little hair comb set, a toothbrush, some books, and a puzzle.  We also included one of your special bunnies that we hope another little girl will get to enjoy.  

 photo Mattie3_zpsfcxohksw.jpg
We wrote a note telling that little girl about you. 

Your Christmas Wardrobe:

 photo Mattie16_zpsniazzwwh.jpg
A little red dress would have been essential.  You would have looked so cute and stylish in a sweater dress and some leggings and ballet flats. 

 photo Mattie18_zpsas1dyfrn.jpg
Or this one with a little tulle skirt. 

 photo Mattie17_zpsniqmgdsu.jpg
I like this classic little black dress. 

 photo Mattie19_zpsnp4aezmy.jpg
And this little silver, sparkly dress with a tulle skirt. 

 photo Mattie20_zps4rvtstsz.jpg
Maybe a little Santa dress for fun pictures with your brothers and to sit on Santa's lap. 

 photo Mattie24_zpskuoth5c9.jpg
A cute little shirt. 

 photo Mattie25_zpsf6wigr0m.jpg

 photo Mattie21_zpsa0gurikm.jpg
And some Christmas pajamas. 

 photo Mattie22_zpsxkergwhk.jpg
These would be cute with the little matching tutu. 

 photo Mattie23_zpsmavlrxpp.jpg
And this little elf set would have matched your brothers' Santa, elf, and reindeer ones.  You and Brody would have been the perfect little elf duo. 

Some gifts for you:

 photo Mattie7_zps99zspu94.jpg
I am sure you would love dressing up like a princess, and you would probably like Princess Sofia. 

 photo Mattie8_zpss1qrqv8d.jpg
You may like your very own Elsa and Anna dolls from Frozen.  All little girls these days seem to. 

 photo Mattie9_zpsfskzqz11.jpg
And a Princess Sofia tiara.

 photo Mattie15_zpss9hjsfrc.jpg
Or maybe an Elsa dress. 

 photo Mattie11_zpshnflr8lm.jpg
You would likely watch Doc McStuffins with your brother Brody and may want your own doctor costume. 

 photo Mattie10_zpsa4oidc1w.jpg
Your big brother Brody had a Scout puppy that talked to him, and I am sure you may like his girl pal, Violet. 

 photo Mattie13_zpsqf9bfuss.jpg
Or a stuffed Princess Sofia doll. 

 photo Mattie14_zpsyokbtvff.jpg
Your brothers all love their Lego sets, and you would likely want your own. 

 photo Mattie12_zps9irb58up.jpg
Or a Doc McStuffins one. 
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas in heaven, and I hope you enjoyed watching our celebrations too.  We can't wait to celebrate together as a complete family one day.  Until then, we will go on remembering you and including you as best we can.  We love you, baby girl!  Merry Christmas!

Your Mommy


  1. Oh Sherry -- This brought me to tears. I so wish you could be celebrating all these special (and not so special!) occasions with your sweet girl. I'm so terribly sorry that you aren't.

    And Mattie would have had the best Christmas ever with all of you. I love you friend.

  2. This is so sweet!
    When I was working on my blog earlier I ran across the review I did for the book "The Question That Never Goes Away" by Philip Yancey...and I thought about you right away.
    Thinking about you and praying for you honey. :)

  3. I think it is so special the way you have the boys write notes to Mattie and do a Christmas Shoebox in her memory each year. Thinking and praying for you! XOXOXO

  4. What a very special letter for a very special girl! I'm so sorry that you weren't able to spend Christmas with your princess. You've done an excellent job of keeping her near during the holidays.

  5. A beautiful testament of your love and continued adoration for your little girl. It was lovely to read, even all these days after Christmas. Her graveside wreath is very pretty and all the little touches to include her in the holiday are so special.


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