Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas in Holly Springs

Last year, we spent a very seasonably chilly day at the Thanksgiving Day parade in Charlotte.  It felt like a big city celebration.  This year, we are enjoying more of "small town" life although our small town is still close to a larger city.  Evan's Cub Scout troop was supposed to march in the Raleigh Christmas parade earlier in the season, but that day was so miserably rainy, we didn't want to subject him or the rest of us to those conditions.  The Holly Springs parade was on a nicer and warmer day and was just a much more pleasant experience for us all.  Brody enjoyed racking up lots of candy and treats while Evan and Daddy marched with the Cub Scouts.  Baby Mattox also enjoyed the parade and got a little treat.

 photo Christmas.collage11_zpsgy2u6pfv.jpg
Our local high school's band looked and sounded great.  I guess the Mayor has an anti-bullying campaign.  
 photo Christmas.collage10_zpsmcselqc2.jpg
Brody loved waving to the parade participants. 

 photo Christmas.collage12_zpsfvvczy9s.jpg
Brody loved Sparky the fire dog.   The real fire dog was also present although he wasn't a dalmation.  

 photo Christmas.collage13_zpsoggblwuk.jpg
I love the floats representing the real reason for the season.  

 photo Christmas.collage14_zpsmlqvc2og.jpg
Holly Springs Town Council and Citizen of the Year.  Brody loved those little race cars. 

 photo Christmas.collage15_zps8ih05hyj.jpg
I just loved these old cars.  They don't make 'em like they used to.  

 photo Christmas.collage16_zpshvpsq0dh.jpg
Some Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops were represented along with the Santa and Elf cows from Chick-fil-a. 

 photo Christmas.collage17_zpssdikdong.jpg
My favorite Cub Scouts!  Evan didn't see us at first and then was trying to dig some candy from his pocket to bring to Brody. 

 photo Christmas.collage18_zpsi2sjnnoh.jpg
More local school bands and some more floats representing schools and businesses. 

 photo Christmas.collage19_zps6aq3wpyh.jpg
Brody got his picture with the big tooth and toothbrush. 

 photo Christmas.collage20_zpsuy9h2yds.jpg
Speaking of kids needing to brush their teeth.  Yep, I am the bad mommy who let her baby eat his first candy cane.  
 photo Christmas.collage22_zpsjgwtyyx2.jpg
I think this float was my favorite.  What a neat Noah's ark! 

 photo Christmas.collage23_zpsf9ltjlts.jpg
Our church band was present along with another local school's mascot, a horse drawn sleigh, and another festive float. 

 photo Christmas.collage24_zpszb3jnsyn.jpg
Santa and his reindeer hitched a ride on a local fire truck. I just love those shots of Evan and Brody watching Santa together.  I am so glad Evan joined us right before the end of the parade. 

 photo Christmas.collage25_zpshca8byfo.jpg
After the parade, we took the boys to see the high school production of The Nutcracker.  Wow, there is some serious talent at that school, and they put a lot into this production!  Although they changed the story a little for the production, I think the boys still got a good idea of what the original is all about.  They didn't do all ballet in this production, and the dancing and costumes were so professional looking and fun.  

This Monday night, we all enjoyed our new church's big Christmas Eve service.  We have been attending the Holly Springs campus of Hope Community Church.  The Christmas Eve service is at the main campus in Raleigh/Cary area.  No, it wasn't technically Christmas Eve, but this church's program is such a huge production that it has to perform multiple services all week long to accommodate the crowds of people.  You also need to reserve seats online to insure you will have a seat at any of the services.  This year's theme was Hometown Christmas, and the area outside the worship area was set up like a cute and cozy little town.  The boys enjoyed playing in the toy store and drinking hot chocolate after the service.  The service was a wonderful reminder of the real reason for the season as we lit candles to represent Jesus as the light of the world.

 photo Christmas.collage9_zpsimtnnuip.jpg
They had a cute little backdrop set up for family photos before or after the service.  Of course, Mattox was knocked out, and we didn't want to disturb him.  I made Evan and Brody pose with their candles after the service before they blew them out. 

 photo Christmas.collage26_zpset2ubnag.jpg
The boys loved playing in the toy store before the service, and Evan listened to a Christmas story being read to him.  


  1. Our Christmas Eve service is crowded but I can't imagine having to reserve seats online. That's amazing that so many people want to go to church this time of year. I hope (wish) it would continue as a weekly habit.

    And seeing all these photos makes me sadder than ever that we never made it to a parade this year. And due to construction re-routing, both of our city's parades were only a few blocks from our house so we really have no excuse.

  2. I have never heard of a Christmas parade until this year. And now in the same year I've heard of something like four different people going to Christmas parades. It sounds like a lot of fun. We have one for the tree lighting that happens in early December so I guess that is close enough to the same idea.

    I also can't imagine having to reserve seats for church. We always go to 4:00 mass on Christmas Eve. It's the children's mass and usually it is packed, but there were lots and lots of empty seats this year.

    I like the little backdrop they did. Very pretty.


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