Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Brewster's Adventures {2015}

Oh, Brewster the Elf on the Shelf.  If I had known how much work you would require the entire month before Christmas, I am not sure if I would have caved to the pressure to start this little traditional.  I know you are so fun for the kids and that they have grown quite attached to you in the last few years, but there are so many late nights/early mornings when I had some regrets.  We powered through this year, and you gave the kids many smiles and laughs over some of your crazy antics.  Some days you were extra creative and ingenious, but many days you were just too lazy to even move.  I guess we will call it a successful year for you.

 photo Brewster1_zpsxn91shy6.jpg
Brewster arrived with a little flare with a message written with some sweet tarts from the boys' Halloween candy and a special letter. 

 photo Brewster2_zpstfegq2yh.jpg
Then, he was up to some mischief when he swiped our stockings and replaced them with our underwear, even a diaper for Mattox. 

 photo Brewster3_zpssymokwlm.jpg
He also toilet papered the tree AGAIN.  There was more toilet paper, but Brody pulled some off. 

 photo Brewster4_zps6lxp4u0t.jpg
Then, he built himself a rocket to make his trip to the North Pole faster and more efficient. 

 photo Brewster5_zps3ooiueco.jpg
He sweetly reminded the boys of the real reason for the season with coloring sheets for Jesus' birthday. 

 photo Brewster6_zpsmwmomnwe.jpg
Brewster's coloring skills are pretty phenomenal considering he has no fingers or opposable thumbs.  

 photo Brewster7_zps4rgjsyqp.jpg
Brody and Evan both did an excellent job on their coloring sheets. 

 photo Brewster8_zpsn0nhpdtc.jpg
Brewster built us a snowman again.  This time it was out of toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. 

 photo Brewster9_zpsdxdh1txz.jpg
Brewster was a trickster when he put his name on all of our stockings.  

 photo Brewster10_zps4cl6illk.jpg
He either hung himself or was trying to be a superhero again and flying from our dining room light fixture. 

 photo Brewster11_zps3nldarle.jpg
Wearing his special B superhero cloak. 

 photo Brewster12_zpswifcimjh.jpg
Ready to cheer the Panthers to another victory in their almost perfect season.  Sigh.  We gave up our perfect season in last week's crappy loss to the Falcons after we had just defeated them in a blowout game of 38-0.  Sigh. 

 photo Brewster13_zpsilu0cbep.jpg
Brewster decided to throw his hat into the ring and run for President.  I think he has a good chance on that platform of free hot chocolate and candy canes for everyone.  

 photo Brewster14_zpsrxdsrpp3.jpg
Or maybe he will do better as a psychiatrist.  He borrowed this idea from Lucy from Peanuts after the boys had just seen the new movie. 

 photo Brewster15_zpsvf8qpnyn.jpg
He sweetly reminded the boys to write letters or draw pictures for their sweet sister.  

 photo Brewster16_zpsc157nt3w.jpg
Brewster's sweet letter to Mattie

 photo Brewster17_zpsv0x4mzmz.jpg
Brody did such a great job with his letter and pictures.  

 photo Brewster18_zpsio6qeei5.jpg
Evan's angel drawing was excellent, and his sweet letter makes me cry. 

 photo Brewster19_zpssuhk1jmz.jpg
Daddy also wrote a sweet letter to his favorite girl. 

 photo Brewster20_zpsyxr7hrgd.jpg
Brewster had a little fun "snowball" fight with his superhero friends.  
 photo Brewster24_zpsn0db42vi.jpg
Brewster made his very own little Christmas tree. 
 photo Brewster21_zpsalqyvmro.jpg
Chef Brewster was ready on Christmas Eve to bake Jesus' birthday cake. 

 photo Brewster22_zpslkjl2lou.jpg
And he was waiting on Christmas morning with a letter from Santa and the empty cookie plate to see what the boys got on Christmas morning. 


  1. "Brewster's coloring skills are pretty phenomenal considering he has no fingers or opposable thumbs." This line made me laugh so much!!! You're hilarious!!!

    And I'm glad our mensches only require eight nights. I find that hard enough and I didn't even do anything with them this year -- it was all Dave.

  2. I share the exact same sentiments about the whole elf. The kids LOVE him, but dang does some work go into his scenarios every night. You had some good ones that I'm going to pin so I can remember them for next year. I checked my Winston board at least 20 times this year.


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