Monday, November 30, 2015

We are Thankful

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday here.  As our new pastor said on Sunday, Thanksgiving is probably the only holiday that cannot be over commercialized these days.  It is a holiday that places more emphasis on those around us than on ourselves.  It is a chance for families to get together and express gratitude for the really important things.  While I think it holds a lot of significance for Christians, I also think it is a holiday that everyone can and should appreciate.  Of course, as Christians we express our gratitude for all of our blessings to God who bestowed them to us.  This Thanksgiving, we enjoyed our traditional gathering with Eddie's large extended family, and we enjoyed just being together.  It is still so important to me to be able to give my children the gift of family, and I am thankful Eddie's family is still so close.  Watching all of the great-grandchildren grow over the past 8 years has also been so exciting.  I love watching our kids playing with their many cousins.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Psalms 107:1

 photo thanksgiving_zps4tz8au2n.jpg

 photo thanksgiving20_zpsjfsjoiqx.jpg
We are so very thankful for this little family of ours.  They are my heart! 

 photo thanksgiving19_zpssmx2lysd.jpg

 photo thanksgiving16_zps1tqjwtly.jpg
And an extra special thanks for this little blessing!  

 photo thanksgiving1_zpsafylzqiq.jpg
Our family celebrating another Thanksgiving with Grandpa. 

 photo thanksgiving2_zps7gc4vodv.jpg
Great-Grandpa is happiest surrounded by many of his great-grandbabies. 

 photo thanksgiving3_zpscg9p0hhk.jpg

 photo thanksgiving8_zps2xdfkc0c.jpg
Aunt Dava's family 

 photo thanksgiving9_zpsotlk2ocb.jpg
Some of Aunt Homa's family

 photo thanksgiving10_zps1ba9axyo.jpg
Great-Grandpa with all of his children. 

 photo thanksgiving12_zpsjsrw7jor.jpg
Uncle Matthew's whole large family

 photo thanksgiving21_zpsc6fkf8s1.jpg
Just enjoying a beautiful Thanksgiving day outside. 

 photo thanksgiving22_zpsco1ccmam.jpg
Aunt Homa with her daddy. 

 photo thanksgiving23_zpsryjhfqeh.jpg
Cousins Hudson, Jason and Eddie enjoy catching up. 

 photo thanksgiving24_zpsw0sysqzf.jpg
Sweet Mattox found his Mommy taking pictures. 

 photo thanksgiving25_zpsacvkyy1a.jpg
Oh Brody!  He enjoyed terrorizing little Bella the dog while cousins Robert and Jacob watch his crazy antics. 

 photo thanksgiving26_zpsh2a5ve5f.jpg
Brody and Jacob had a lot of fun running around. 

 photo thanksgiving27_zpsxfgavoo1.jpg
As did Evan and cousin Robert. 

 photo thanksgiving28_zpswokljnhd.jpg
And little Grady was busy busy busy as usual. 


  1. Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving! I love all of the family pictures.

  2. What a great Thanksgiving. The family pictures came out great! And I love the little twinkle in Mattox's eye when he saw you taking pictures. You can just tell he's like, "I know you!"

    It's nice that the kids could run around so much and play with each other.

    Oh, and I love the outfit you were wearing.

  3. Since it's Christmas Day, I now have time to catch up on my blog reading! Ha!

    I love your Thanksgiving outfit. It's so pretty. And now I want a stripy dress :)

    Also, our kids had so much fun with their second-cousins a couple of days ago it turned into an impromptu sleepover. Large families are so great.


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