Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Day at Camp Flintlock

I am so far behind in writing about our lives so this event was almost a month ago before we left for our little beach trip.  The day before our beach trip, Evan had a fun little school field trip.  They didn't even have to leave their campus for this one, but it was a lot of fun.  They experienced what life was like for a frontier soldier during the French and Indian War.  It was a fun day for them experiencing a part of American history.  They learned how to make candles, dress in period clothing, make handmade jewelry from bone and homemade beads, and watched real cannons being fired.  Mommy and Daddy and little brothers decided to join in the fun after lunch and surprised Evan with our visit. We all had a great time.

 photo fieldtrip1_zpsv160yhhn.jpg

 photo fieldtrip2_zpsbdsk34rf.jpg
Brody models with the camp's stars and stripes. 

 photo fieldtrip3_zpsf95f2xzq.jpg
The little soldiers were called back to camp after being on furlough for lunch. 

 photo fieldtrip4_zpsj8ucd1v6.jpg
Evan and the other little soldiers got their war paint on. 

 photo fieldtrip5_zpsrynehpds.jpg
Little brother joined big brother in the jewelry making tent. 

 photo fieldtrip6_zpsbc7un9he.jpg
Already learning to follow directions.   I can't believe he will be going to school with Evan next year (and by year I mean in July.  Sigh.)

 photo fieldtrip7_zpskgz1huaa.jpg
He did a good job threading his beads.  The thread which was supposed to be like the sinew the Indians made from buffalo kept coming apart and made it difficult to thread through the beads. 

 photo fieldtrip8_zpsmbo9lj1h.jpg
This beautiful blue eyed fellow modeled big brother Evan's necklace.  

 photo fieldtrip9_zpsdlmcwu5n.jpg
I loved listening to the drummer and flute player. 

 photo fieldtrip10_zpspqedpx2q.jpg
After a little trivia game where Evan and other kids were rewarded with little prizes for their correct responses from what they had learned, the day ended with a demonstration of firing the cannons.  The kids loved that.  

 photo fieldtrip11_zpsrqenojah.jpg

 photo fieldtrip12_zpsz4axwij4.jpg
One of Evan's teachers got to light the cannon. 

 photo fieldtrip13_zpsqfqw23w8.jpg
It made a good smoke plume.  Of course, it fired a blank charge, but it looked and sounded real. 


  1. What a great "field trip". It's awesome that the school was able to arrange such an educational but also really fun day for the kids. Maybe I missed you saying it, but were all the grades participating? I would imagine so, but I wasn't sure. And it's really cool that families were also able to come. It really does create communication and collaboration between parents and teachers to be included in events like that.

  2. This is a great field trip! Was it a demonstration which came to Evan's school or do they just always have this set up?

    And wh-WHAT?!?!? Brody will be start school in July?!? Craziness. Of course, by that time Rachel will be finished her first year of school which is also CRAZINESS.


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