Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sensational September {2015}

Oh September, where have you gone?  You were a sensational (and unusual) month for a couple of reasons, namely that Evan was home from school all month and that we had a little trip to the mountains.  And although the month ended with over a week of no sunshine and lots of rainy days, we still think we managed to enjoy you and make some great memories with you.  Here is a little taste of how our September days were spent:

 photo September1_zpsslsl5j1i.jpg
Brody and I started the month right with a doughnut and iced coffee date at Dunkin Donuts. 

 photo September2_zpsvqxveiyu.jpg
Then, we studied the letter L and read the cute book "The Great Lollipop Caper" about a disgruntled and jealous little caper who wanted kids to love him like they loved lollipops.  

 photo September3_zpsnjmj3yfc.jpg
To start Evan's first day of his almost month long Fall break, early school dismissal, and the start of my birthday weekend, we picked up Daddy from work for kids' eat free lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe.  Oh my goodness, it was sooooo good!  If you have one of these near you, I simply must strongly recommend that you try it for a "special" meal although it is a little pricey for a regular family dinner out.  The kids' eat free special was a win win for us!  

 photo September4_zpsfa0p5nss.jpg
This was as yummy as it looks.  I had the nutty fried chicken with southern gravy, sesame asparagus, and kale slaw, and we all enjoyed the yummy biscuits with fresh honey and blueberry jam. 

 photo September5_zpshmj9uikd.jpg
The boys have been loving all of the extra Star Wars stuff at Target these days.  

 photo September6_zps1rexrs2d.jpg
Brody loves drawing me pictures on his kindle.  He drew me this rainbow (I think I started it for him), and he wrote his name.  I allow him to do a mix of capital and lower case letters in his name for now because it seems to work for him. 

 photo September7_zpsdcm9bvwt.jpg
Oh how I love snuggling this sweet baby boy!  Sometimes, a selfie is needed to capture these sweet moments!  I think that is what the flip photo option on cell phone cameras was designed for. 

 photo September8_zps7xdjknoz.jpg
The boys loved going to help Daddy get the Expo site ready and getting to climb on the big equipment.  

 photo September9_zpsl2vopaol.jpg
Just taking some church dressed pictures on the first Sunday the boys all wore their jeans. 

 photo September10_zpsnnzonspj.jpg
We took Evan to one of his library story times the week of 9-11 and Patriot's Day so Evan enjoyed reading about historical fires and making a fireman's hat. 

 photo September11_zpseuhjwwcv.jpg
Daddy and Mattox having a moment at lunch after church. 

 photo September12_zpsjjfcmhiy.jpg
Just admiring the newest additions to the boys' fridge magnet collection.  Evan has a magnet from all of his years playing baseball and soccer, and Brody has started his collection with this year's t-ball and soccer pictures.  

 photo September13_zpsfpmhg1ov.jpg
Brody got a special DQ treat one night after dinner while big brother was at Cub Scout meeting. 

 photo September14_zpsqo6afxhq.jpg
I took the boys for a special lunch date at Chick-fil-a one day.  They love trading their toy in for ice cream. 

 photo September15_zpswia1oyrw.jpg
Then, we headed to the park to enjoy a pretty day.  Brody loved that Mattox joined him in the tunnel. 

 photo September16_zpshkkxz5hx.jpg
Evan mostly played football with one of his soccer teammates while Brody tagged along with some other kids who had found a caterpillar and were just mesmerized with it.  Only a couple of kids would touch it, but that poor caterpillar was dragged all over the playground.  

 photo September17_zpsayjat74v.jpg
Mattox had a big month sitting up by himself and getting those first two teeth.  
 photo September18.jp_zpsyrgofmrh.jpg
Evan enjoyed having big brother join him for a "school" lesson where they made their own M monsters.  Brody cut out his own M and decided on how many eyes he wanted and what colors he wanted on it.  Evan basically made his own.  

 photo September19_zpszjb0wekq.jpg
Brody also learned that M is for wooly mammoth and Mommy.  The book "this Orq.  (he cave boy.)" is the cutest book.  I highly recommend it for all little boys to read.  It reminded me of Brody and his pet, Cocoa.  His Mommy wasn't too happy with letting the wooly mammoth pet in the house because he was tearing up and chewing up stuff (sounds familiar) until the mammoth came to the boy's rescue.  Then, Mommy loved him too!  

 photo September20_zpsrustaxlc.jpg
The boys and I also had a fun lunch and shopping date at Panda Express, Rita's, and TJ Maxx/Home Goods.  

 photo September21_zpsce10wcd2.jpg
We all loved cheering for big brother Brody in soccer.  Mattox is his biggest fan! 

 photo September22_zps7d5cfmt9.jpg
Lots and lots of cute and fun moments with our littlest man.  He is just getting so big! 

 photo September23_zpsvgl9fxc9.jpg
The boys met some of Holly Springs' firemen at Chick-fil-a and wanted a picture. 

 photo September24_zpsiwxvicrl.jpg
Yay for Fall...and my minimal decorations, which include a little burlap banner from the Target dollar bins, a couple of little wooden signs also from Target, and a silver pumpkin from Home Goods.  I love my sign that says "Home of the wicked witch & her little monsters."  Ha! 

 photo September25_zpsu6q8m4jw.jpg
Some more of the boys' library reads for the month.  Rude Cakes was a funny book for Brody.  Evan has read a couple of Hardy Boys books, and he seemed to like Arcady's Goal about a little Russian boy during the Cold War. 

 photo September26_zps1z73otyp.jpg
I don't know whether the boys enjoyed their milkshake or their wrestling match more.  Sigh. 

 photo September27_zpsxk06wljg.jpg
Of course, we loved our yummy doughnuts from Mr. Bob's in Marion. 

 photo September28_zps2fyirdrd.jpg
Just hanging out in the soda shoppe. 

 photo September29_zpsemrmygks.jpg
I just love these moments where all three of them are hanging out together.  

 photo September30_zps5bax6jqw.jpg
This boy!  He can be so sweet one minute and then so rotten the next!  He looks so sweet cuddling his teddy bear and sleeping, and then he is just so silly eating his yellow rock candy from the gift shop at Linville Caverns. He had yellow all over his face.  Ugh, I hate yellow #5.  Thankfully, he didn't eat much of it! 

 photo September31_zpsyyspotpm.jpg
We tried our best to capture the essence of the rare lunar eclipse "blood moon" Super moon.  It was just too cloudy. 

 photo September32_zpsv1y0ycwt.jpg
Evan enjoyed some extra time with Mattox this month. 

 photo September33_zpsqdbxfnlf.jpg
Brody and I took an opportunity for some selfies while waiting for lunch one Sunday after church.  Not bad, not bad. 

 photo September34_zpsfloxka4d.jpg
Then, we got silly. 

 photo September35_zpsznljlblw.jpg
And the rest of the boys did too.  We put a leprechaun hat on our little leprechaun, Evan.  Then, he tried on a dainty little yellow hat.  Brody and Mattox grew facial hair.  Daddy and Brody put on their big kissy lips. 

 photo September36_zpshgbxc16y.jpg
Brody said, "Look Evan, I'm a princess."  Haha!  He had his silky blanket wrapped around him.  He also took some artistic close up selfies. 

 photo September37_zpslahcc49p.jpg
Our little Cub Scout is a Bear this year.  He was practicing his whittling skills on a bar of soap with a wooden stick before earning the privilege to use a knife. 

 photo September38_zpssep0kqmn.jpg
Brody enjoyed going to some more library story times after a month long break.  He loved his train stamp for the letter T.  Mattox enjoyed sitting and listening to the story too. 

 photo September39_zpsx7wwn556.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my favorite HGTV show, Love it or List it, had come down from Canada to shoot its latest season here in the Raleigh area.  It took me by surprise one episode when I heard them mention a Carolina snowstorm.  Then, this episode showed this iconic mural of an oak tree on a building in downtown.  The Oak Tree is Raleigh's official tree.  I think it says a lot that the show chose the Raleigh area as the only U.S. area to film in outside of the Toronto, Canada area.  Raleigh is a very popular city to move to lately.  It has grown by leaps and bounds.  It used to not even come close to the size of the Charlotte metro area, but in the last few years, the area has really closed the gap.  It boasts many high paying jobs and a highly educated populace with several large universities that entice a lot of people to relocate here.  

 photo September40_zpsqxu3vp88.jpg
Mattox loves having his big brothers to play with. 

 photo September41_zpszbu2g8v5.jpg
The boys loved this red British style telephone booth at a restaurant and decided to take a trip to the Ministry of Magic.  

 photo September42_zpsk30bon0s.jpg
And now, the boys are super excited to see all of the Halloween decor in the stores and in our neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is having a little Halloween decorating contest, and there are some good contenders.  It should make Halloween night a fun experience.  
 photo Whale Shirt.comparison_zps3pfwpcqi.jpg
I made this little comparison for my blog pal and twin, Natalie, to show our "twin" boys wearing the same whale shirts at about the same ages.  


  1. Such a great post! You are really making me feel inadequate. LOL Looks like y'all had a super busy, but fun month. Ace got his first tooth this month too and he is sitting up like a champ. If only I get him to love tummy time. ;) Hope your October is off to a great start! :)

  2. This is so cute! Glad you all had a great month.
    We've been making letters on the bathtub wall with shaving cream and Lance really likes it....we just have to keep up with which letter we are :)

  3. Yay for so many things in this post. The delicious looking dinner, the donuts, the new teeth, the firefighters (maybe mommy wanted to take that picture too- ha ha!), the boys in jeans, the awesome family pictures in front of the great blue door, and of course the comparison collage of all of our boys in the whale shirt. You totally have to add Mattox in the middle in about two years.

    Oh, and Mattox looks like a real baby in those blue and white striped footy pajamas playing on the floor. Keep that up!

  4. Gah. I left a whole comment and it didn't save. Blah. You had a busy September. I love the pic of Mattox and Brody in the tunnel. You know I want to visit that soda shop now! It was cloudy here for the major moon event :( And I hope your Hallowe'en was good. I think that was the gist of the comment. Argh.


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