Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Brody's 2nd Soccer Season {2015}

Brody played his second season of soccer for our town's recreational league.  In this league, U6 doesn't start until age 5 so Brody played in their intro to soccer league.  Much like his experience with the YMCA last year, he learned the fundamentals and basics of the game and played some scrimmage games.  Unlike his experience with the YMCA, they were separated into teams for the entire season and had different colored team jerseys.  His team was named the tigers.  He did well in performing the basic skills of the game, including dribbling and overhead throwing, and really wanted to get out on the field and get the ball.  He just has not yet reached the point of wanting to fight for the ball.  He gets upset easily if someone takes the ball from him and then he would just give up and not want to play anymore.  It was a bit of a challenge to get him to take part in the games.  I recall that we had some similar issues with Evan not be "aggressive" enough at this age when he played his first year of U6 soccer, and it was a totally different story the next year when he was five and played his most aggressive offensive season then.  We hope that Brody will continue to give the sport another chance because I believe he will really love it.  He sure was cute out there!

 photo soccer.collage1_zpslxwh4mfy.jpg
Some of my shots of our little soccer player during picture day.  We did purchase the photographer's pictures mostly to just get a magnet because we have a tradition of filling up our refrigerator with our kids' sports magnets. 

 photo soccer.collage2_zpsvrxbxijv.jpg
Daddy helped coach his team.  Brody was pretty excited about playing that day.  He was practicing a little before one of his first games. 

 photo soccer.collage3_zpsplqugopp.jpg
He was a little too attached to Daddy during his games. 

 photo soccer.collage4_zpsnkox9t1m.jpg
I think this little guy will love soccer one day too! 

 photo soccer.collage5_zpshegnozsl.jpg
Coach Daddy in action and our little #7.  Go Brody! 

 photo soccer.collage6_zpsja8kzri2.jpg

 photo soccer.collage7_zpsl9votla0.jpg
Trying to get the ball from his coach during practice and doing some soccer passes and goal kicking. 

 photo soccer.collage8_zpsoeuxnqha.jpg
One of the boys on his team, the coach's son, was a good "teacher" in showing Brody how to fight for the ball.  Brody kept getting mad at him for taking his ball.  Haha! 

 photo soccer.collage9_zpsbdnpiwfd.jpg
They played a game during practice where they were crabs trying to steal the ball.  

 photo soccer.collage10_zpsidlze4t8.jpg
Go Tigers! 
 photo soccer.collage11_zpsucg8unv0.jpg
Brody was very proud of his little trophy!  His last game was completely rained out last week, but he did get his trophy from his coach.   
It has rained for over a week straight here, but today the sun is officially out, and we are headed to the beach tomorrow! Yay!


  1. Wow, that is just amazing that Brody plays sports. I'm so proud of him...and of you too mama! :)

  2. Go Brody! I think it's always important to remember that much like education, team sports are progressive and build on themselves year after year. Nobody ever just picks up a book and reads at an adult level. That takes years. And nobody starts playing on their first (or second) soccer team and have the skills of somebody going to the world cup. I constantly remind myself that when I feel frustrated about my kids' skills.

    I agree that he looked totally cute out there on the field in his uniform. And I totally want you to do a post about all of these magnets!

  3. That is so great that Brody had such a good time. And like Natalie said, "the rest will come."

    "One of the boys on his team, the coach's son, was a good "teacher" in showing Brody how to fight for the ball. Brody kept getting mad at him for taking his ball. Haha! " I LOVED this description! Ha ha ha!!!


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