Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Big 35!

35!  Yikes!  When did that happen?  It feels like the big 4-0 is really sneaking up on me fast now.  Oh well, 35 is the new 25, right?  Right?  Come on, please agree with me here.  Oh well, my husband and kids did a good job celebrating me, and I know I am a lucky lady to be so loved.  I am always thankful that my birthday falls around a long holiday weekend which usually doesn't involve any major requirements to celebrate.  Labor Day may just be my favorite holiday.  Haha!  My birthday (and my birthday twin blogger Natalie's too) fell on Saturday this year.  It has been a rainy, cloudy September so far, and my birthday weekend was not an exception.  We just enjoyed a very relaxing, low key weekend together.  The boys took me to our now traditional birthday feast at The Cheesecake Factory.  Since it was on a Saturday and their busiest time, we decided to try eating outside since we could be seated right away.  Luckily, the rain held off, and it was cool and pleasant for outside dining.  It just started to drizzle when we finished our meal, but we had decided to just buy a whole cheesecake and take it home with us.  I think that was a perfect plan so we may replicate that next year.

 photo birthday7_zpstt2kauu1.jpg
I left Mattie's birthday banner up, and my sweet husband bought me some pretty birthday flowers. They were lovely and lasted a long time, but they didn't smell the best. 

 photo birthday11_zpselikk2rq.jpg
And a birthday balloon which has me seriously wanting a margarita which I have not gotten yet.  Sigh. 

 photo birthday12_zpsxtc7k5lx.jpg
Nope, still haven't gotten my adult beverage. 

 photo birthday8_zpsjpegxkps.jpg
Pretty flowers with some blooms not yet open.  

 photo birthday9_zpscvv103vr.jpg

 photo birthday1_zpswoa51f9j.jpg
Since I didn't get my cake at the restaurant, my multi-talented husband plated my cake like they do at the restaurant and wrote my name in chocolate sauce.  Ha!  Yep, he even put a Godiva chocolate on top.  

 photo birthday2_zpswpjzqmow.jpg
Yep, you know what kind of cake I picked.  I think the boys all thought it was way too sweet. 

 photo birthday4_zpsigeu5xwi.jpg
No, I wouldn't let them inundate my beautiful cake with 35 candles. 

 photo birthday3_zpsrk8t4kam.jpg
Me and my sweet little birthday gifts.  No picture with the husband though.  Boo!

 photo birthday5_zpstkyuhjuo.jpg
Caught blowing out the candle.  

 photo birthday6_zpsxhtp2loc.jpg
Mattox was wondering where his cake was. 
 photo birthday10_zpsbtqohtzr.jpg
My boys digging in!


  1. Happy birthday to us! I cannot even tell you how much I love that we found each other in this great big world and that we actually SHARE a birthday. Even three years later I can't get over it.

    Your birthday at home sounds lovely. I alternate between wanting to be really busy and doing a ton of stuff and wanting to just stay at home. You did one and I did the other this year.

    I also have always really loved that my birthday falls around Labor Day. It's a great no commitment holiday. And actually, Michael's birthday is May 30th, so we have always liked that his birthday launches summer with Memorial Day and my birthday ends it with Labor Day. Ha ha. And next year (leap year) our birthdays will be ON Labor Day. Woo hoo.

    Eddie did a great job with your plate. Honest, when I saw the first picture I thought, "um, I thought she just said they brought a whole cheesecake home, why did they eat a piece there?" He fooled me!

  2. Happy birthday friend! Your boys did a great job celebrating you. And I totally think 35 is the new 25...but, that might be because I'll be there too in a few weeks. =)

  3. I hope you had a great birthday!!! And 40 is definitely the new 30 because then I'm only 33! Ha ha ha!!! Most days that's how I feel :) And Eddie did an AWESOME job of that cake. I totally thought you went somewhere professional for dessert.


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