Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mattox's 6th Month

 photo Month6_zpsnrrdrocm.jpg
{Taken Thursday, September 3, 2015}

 photo Week22_zpshkrkcweu.jpg
{Tuesday, August 4, 2015}

 photo Week23_zps9aehk3kq.jpg
{Taken Tuesday, August 11, 2015}

 photo Week24_zpsgcfa94de.jpg
{Taken Tuesday, August 18, 2015}

 photo Week25_zps264vrudi.jpg
{Taken Tuesday, September 1, 2015}

What a big month for you!  Sitting up, rolling over more, playing with your toys, getting teeth, and eating lots of yummy food has really made this an awesome month for you.  We are so proud of our big, healthy, happy little boy!  

Size:  Even though I am a week late writing this post, you still haven't been to the doctor for your six month check up.  Bad Mommy!  Since we know that on August 13th you weighed an astounding 15 lbs. 13 oz. (30th percentile), we expect you are closing in on or have surpassed the 17 lb. marker and are above the 30th percentile now.  Big brother Brody weighed 17 lbs. 13 oz. at this age and was in the 69th percentile.  You have officially moved up to size 3 diapers, and I cleared your drawers and closet of all the 0 to 3 month and most of the 3 to 6 month clothes.  I only left a few light warm weather clothes to last you these last few weeks of Summer.  Most of your Fall wardrobe consists of 6 to 9 month clothes.  

Developmental Accomplishments:  You are still very happy and give us lots of big baby grins and giggles.  You have also been cooing and making baby talk a lot more, and it sounds like you will have a lot to say.  You have been rolling over onto your tummy since last month, and just this last week you really started being able to sit up on your own for very extended periods of time.  Before that, you were able to do so for only about 10 seconds.  The neurosurgeon at Chapel Hill was not worried at all about torticollis and was not really concerned about your larger than average head size that really grew a lot in the last couple of months putting you in the 90th percentile for head size.  Your head felt normal to him and is still following a good growth curve.  You definitely have mommy's head shape which is wider on the sides.  I say that is to accommodate our very large brains.  Haha!  Your favorite toys now are these little soft rattles that were your big brothers' favorites too.  One is shaped like a sun with a smiley face and little silky tags around it and a mirror on one side.  You love seeing your face in the mirror.  Teeth - you have cut your two bottom teeth just this week!  They are both popping through and showing more and more every day.  You are now long enough to fully touch the bottom of your exersaucer and can turn yourself around to face whatever toys interest you.  I put you facing one side and within a few minutes you have worked your way around to the opposite side.  You sit in it and happily play for a long time.  I caught you putting your head down and almost falling asleep in there the other day.  

Sleeping:  You are back to basically sleeping all night.  Yesterday morning, you let me sleep until after 8:00!  Sometimes, we give you a little extra formula at bedtime and that seems to help you sleep longer.   This month, the reality hit me that you will probably be outgrowing your bassinet soon and be needing to sleep in your crib in your room.  We often wake up to find you sleeping with your little feet sticking up over the sides of the crib.  You are getting so long!  It makes me pretty anxious to think of putting you in your own room even though I have the Angelcare monitor system.  I just can't imagine not having you next to me at night.  Sigh.  Hopefully, Mommy's anxiety will lessen in the next couple of months.

Eating:  You are doing so great with eating and are still primarily breast fed.  You still average about 4 oz. at each feeding.  We were giving you a 4 oz bottle of breast milk with cereal and a 4 oz. bottle of formula with cereal a day in between direct breast feedings, but lately, you don't always want the formula bottle during the day although you will be hungrier at night and will supplement an additional 2 oz. of formula then before you go to bed.  You definitely don't spit up like you used to.  You are still loving eating solids and have really been doing well with every food you have tried.  Like with Brody, we are making your food and follow the Baby Bullet feeding system and guidelines which seem to work well.  You have now tried avocados, peas, squash, apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, and peaches.  Peaches were on the Baby Bullet guides recommended list for 7 months, but I didn't see any reason to try them now while they were in season at our local grocery store from local growers.  You loved them!  We have just started mixing some oatmeal or rice cereal into your food to add some texture and thickness, and you love that too.  You definitely seem to prefer a thicker texture to your food.  We still do a fruit in the morning and a vegetable in the afternoon.  I have been thinking of adding a third feeding to get you on a breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule, but I am afraid that would keep you from drinking as much milk so I have been holding off.  So far, I haven't really seen any negative reactions to any food we've tried.  

Nicknames:  Mattox Pattox (Mommy's nicknames for your brothers are Evan Pevin and Brody Pody so yours goes with theirs); Matt Matt; Matt Patt; Matty Patty.  Also, we call you "Squealie Pig" because you love to shriek and squeal really loud, sometimes happily and sometimes when you want to get our attention.  I love my little squealie pig!  

Here are some of your cute pictures from this month.  I just love taking pictures of you!  

 photo Mattox.collage1_zps9qwzhdt3.jpg
I love those big smiles! 
 photo Mattox.collage2_zpsmue4gh9q.jpg
Sweet silly boy! 

 photo Mattox.collage3_zpslejxa0un.jpg
Of course, I had to get pictures wearing his little hat.  He doesn't wear hats unless we are going to be in the sun a lot. 

 photo Mattox.collage5_zpsapdfvjws.jpg
We also tried pictures in the chair in our room, but he wasn't quite ready to sit up yet. 

 photo Mattox.collage6_zpsxyzk9esb.jpg
Trying some pictures in his crib that he doesn't use yet. 

 photo Mattox.collage7_zpsp4t0eozf.jpg

Looking just like Daddy wearing his outfit!
 photo Mattox.comparison2_zpsai8phteg.jpg
I love seeing all of my boys wearing the same outfit.  Thanks, Grandma, for saving this one! 

 photo Mattox.collage8_zpscrbbcvit.jpg

 photo Mattox.collage9_zpsl89nub1c.jpg

 photo Mattox.collage10_zpsfcthfpzp.jpg

 photo Mattox.collage11_zpsewyb5b2c.jpg

 photo Mattox.collage12_zpsadisskzx.jpg

 photo Mattox.collage13_zpsb4yvgpor.jpg

 photo Mattox.collage16_zpsrz6lbanf.jpg
For posing, I usually just go with whatever he likes now.  Obviously, he likes being on his tummy so those make the best shots. 

 photo Mattox.collage17_zps14pzbqtk.jpg
I thought he just looked like such a little man in his polo shirt and plaid shorts so I gave him his toy hammer as a prop.  He'll be quite the handyman someday. 

 photo Mattox.collage19_zpsuv7d7lbm.jpg
I could not resist trying this new outfit on him.  I mean, how could I wait a whole year for him to wear this cuteness?  It is a 12 month outfit, but it really didn't look that much too big on him.  These outfits are made to be a little loose.  I just hope he can still wear it next summer.  The other new smocked outfit we got him was 18 months. 
 photo Mattox.collage20_zpspfjekyxs.jpg
He sat up by himself for some of these. 

 photo Mattox.collage21_zps99jmy3qx.jpg
I thought the doggy on his outfit called for pictures with his doggy.  I would have used the real dog, but she is still a bit too crazy.  I bought this stuffed chocolate lab for Eddie on our first trip to NYC because he always dreamed of having a chocolate lab.  He didn't get the real one until last year, of course. 
 photo August.collage33_zpsbcy8ewwl.jpg

 photo August.collage41_zpsbj0hxkwe.jpg
Big brother Brody has really come a long way in showing you love.  He asked to push you in the swings at the park.  He is sneaky about expressing his affection though.  He sneaks you little hugs and kisses while you are watching him play games on the computer and shows his love in cute little ways.  Just this morning, we awoke to find your little elephant stuffed toy tucked into the foot of your bassinet.  No one else could have put it there in the wee hours of the morning except your big brother Brody.  He didn't deny it when we asked him about it.  He obviously wanted you to have your little toy to sleep with.  
 photo Mattox.collage4_zpsoaxf4sa2.jpg
I am a fat happy baby after I eat my food, and sometimes, I don't want to give up the spoon.  No, I am not naked in the middle picture although I know it looks like it.  

 photo Mattox.collage15_zpshbm368ck.jpg
I just loved the way you looked outside one evening at big brother's soccer practice.  Your eyes just sparkled and you were giving me these cute looks. 

 photo August.collage37_zps7sjgjhvy.jpg
Evan is more outwardly affectionate and loves to hold you.  He thought it was fun to put you on his chest one evening before bedtime. 

 photo August.collage32_zps0gnnzhzh.jpg
Like big brother Brody, you love your exersaucer entertainer.  You can now move around to all the different toys.  I usually put you on the side with the little giraffe and pandas, and you will quickly turn until you are facing the little bird on the opposite side.  You love all your little "friends." 
 photo Mattox.collage18_zpsa5zfzwkt.jpg
Talking to your lion puppet and looking so grown up. 
 photo August.collage31_zpsko2cycd5.jpg
We are getting you ready for soccer a bit early, but you enjoy cheering for your brothers at their games.  Apparently, it does tire you out though!  
 photo Mattox.collage14_zpsvtgrqfh3.jpg

 photo August.collage17_zpsjmdoayuk.jpg
This is the last month of the year we will be enjoying our neighborhood pool.  You love the water as long as it isn't too chilly. 

 photo August.collage18_zps7rwqinhv.jpg
Mommy just loves you! 
 photo Mattox.comparison1_zpsm1cwv9ib.jpg
I wanted to do a comparison of all three boys riding in the laundry basket because I know I did this with all of them.  I mean how else do you do laundry and care for a baby?  Mattox wasn't very happy with his ride.  I could not seem to find the picture of Brody for this one which upsets me of course.  I swear I took his picture like this.  Sigh. 


  1. He's getting so big! And now I think, he looks just like you! Every time you post a monthly update, I always swear he looks like someone else in your family. This time, he couldn't look more like you. For the longest time, I thought that he was going to be Evan's twin. I wonder who I think he'll look like next month. =)

  2. Cute, cute, cuteness! I recognize that smocked outfit in the first picture from a previous post. You totally didn't wait until next year. Ha ha. Busted! But I can see why you couldn't wait. It's darling.

    And I agree with Tracy's comment above. Even from picture to picture it's different who he looks like. A little different lighting or a different angle and he looks like you more or Eddie more. It's pretty cool.

    Glad to hear about your good sleep and I LOVE all of his nicknames. That's a great little thing to remember. I know I had nicknames for my kids as babies that I don't use any more.

    1. Oh Natalie, I was hoping you wouldn't be coming here commenting until I had the chance to finish the rest of my collages. I mean, you knew that couldn't be all the pictures I shared of him. Haha! Yes, I couldn't resist putting the smocked outfit on him already. Who could wait a whole year? I added more pictures of him in it for you. ;-) Yes, he has my head shape and most of Daddy's and Evan's facial features. And I just have the silliest nicknames for my kids. I still occasionally call Evan and Brody by there's in my best silly voice. Haha! You may recognize their nicknames from the little song name game..."Brody Pody Bo Bodie, Banana Fana Fo Fody..." :-)

  3. He has changed so much this month. He just looks like a little boy more of the time rather than a baby. I love the comparison of all of your boys in Eddie's outfit.

    And I think he is starting to look a lot more like Brody this month, especially in the pictures you took of him at the soccer game. Crazy how they change, eh?!


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