Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet the Pack!

Go Pack!  We have to support the Wolfpack of N.C. State University around here since Daddy is a former wolf.  Probably his favorite part of being back in the Raleigh area is being in Wolfpack territory again.  Hopefully, this will allow more opportunities to go to sporting events.  While we miss being in our beloved Panther territory in Charlotte and getting to experience Panther Fan Fest at this time of year, I am glad that Daddy can share more of his love for the Wolfpack with his boys.  I foresee at least one of these boys being a future member of the Pack.

 photo NCSU1_zpshmubqsyq.jpg

 photo NCSU2_zpsczfzc4vh.jpg
Lots of red greets us at the gate. 

 photo NCSU3_zpsibasmf6g.jpg
Evan shows off his football throwing skills.  He stood back where the adults stand and made the pass on the first try.  He definitely has aspirations of being a future quarterback. 

 photo NCSU4_zps0hlwtuzm.jpg
Brody stood a little closer for his chance. 

 photo NCSU5_zpsgexo0ipt.jpg
He likely needs a little work on his throwing technique. 

 photo NCSU6_zpsnawe0hjg.jpg
But he got the job done and was very proud of the little football he "earned." 

 photo NCSU7_zps72obog6n.jpg
Getting stuff signed by the new head coach. 

 photo NCSU8_zpszknuq92z.jpg
The boys with the Coach. 

 photo NCSU9_zpsy0kw4ju6.jpg
Does this face say he prefers the Tarheels?  Haha!  To tell you the truth, we are just glad to escape the wacky South Carolina Gamecocks colors that often bombarded us in Charlotte.  We are North Carolinians, born and bred!  UNC or NCSU is okay with me...just no Duke fans for us! 

 photo NCSU10_zpsoe33yttj.jpg
Meeting the real "wolf."  And this was the sweetest and best behaved dog.  I felt so bad for him in that heat, but he handled it like a champ.  Tuffy the dog is the Wolfpack's live mascot.  The Wolfpack had a long history of failed attempts at trying to have a live mascot, but wolves are not known for their love of humans and did not do well in packed and loud football stadiums.  This "wolf" dog is a Tamaskan, a special mixed breed of German Shepherd, Alaskan malamute, and Siberian Husky that looks like a wolf.  

 photo NCSU11_zpsmdovpcj7.jpg
Evan is a more cautious animal lover. 

 photo NCSU13_zpsxmumpbpc.jpg
But Brody doesn't mind getting right down on the animal's level.  He loves dogs! 

 photo NCSU12_zpscfctyah9.jpg

 photo NCSU14_zpsm91r8sc0.jpg
Checking out the wolf mobile.  I am not actually sure what the car is called.    

 photo NCSU15_zps32odvhlx.jpg
Evan demonstrating his football throwing stance. 

 photo NCSU16_zps3jodvoue.jpg

 photo NCSU19_zpsn5saxnn7.jpg
Standing with the wolf statue in the stadium.  

 photo NCSU20_zpsgezlmjcu.jpg
Brody really wanted a giant finger.  Haha! 

 photo NCSU21_zpse5uyw3hj.jpg
He settled for a little one, and we did get Evan a new hat since Brody is wearing his old one. 

 photo NCSU17_zpsvscrjpbb.jpg
Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Wolf.
 photo NCSU18_zps6y4ekjo9.jpg
I had to jump in the shot. 

 photo NCSU22_zpsgxvmtkz1.jpg
And last week, we visited NC State's campus for another special treat.  NC State is known for being an engineering, tech, and agricultural sciences school with a prestigious veterinary school.  The school raises its own livestock and has a dairy farm which produces its own ice cream called Howling Cow.  You can purchase the ice cream in several locations around the school so we enjoyed visiting the newly rebuilt student center for a sweet, cool treat last Friday.  Of course, that Friday was also move in day for the students so it was fun and a bit crazy with all the students there.  I think Eddie realized he can no longer pass himself off as a traditional college student anymore.  Ha!   


  1. That looks like so much fun! Glad you got to have such a great day with your boys. My Evan would have loved to go along with you all. =)

  2. Ha ha! Michael and I were walking around the campus of the University of Arizona about a year or so ago and he was joking about the "good looking ladies". I pointed out that if he had been a teen father and had baby at 18, those "ladies" could be his daughter. That knocked him down a notch or two.

    When I went to graduate school in Greeley, CO, there was a program that had their own livestock and made their own ice cream. I'm sure I had it and I'm sure it was good, but I can't remember anything about it.

    This looked like a really good time, although I have to agree that Mattox is not a fan.

  3. I think it's great how big college sports are in the US. In Canada they are pretty much ignored, although since we have two universities about four blocks apart maybe we should try and go to the football game where they play each other -- it's a pretty big rivalry. For Canada, that is! Ha!


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