Friday, August 28, 2015

Mattox's 6 Month Portraits

We had planned to find a photographer in our new area to take some beautiful new portraits of Mattox and our family to match the portraits we had made of Evan and Brody at about the same age.  We love the photographs we had made by our favorite Charlotte photographer, and these portraits were expensive but worth it to us because they are so priceless.  I am a bit OCD now about trying to have similar pictures capturing all of my children's baby years, and these portraits were some of the most important.  We have a large family portrait from both Evan's and Brody's first year, and I hope they will cherish those always.  I want to have a similar piece for Mattox too.  I also have professionally printed beautiful 8X8/8X10 albums for each baby with about a dozen images capturing them and us together.  They are beautiful heirloom quality portraits in black and white, and I just love the natural look of these simple, timeless portraits.  I just did not think I could get these portraits replicated by another photographer here in our new area because I have really never seen anything comparable.  Plus, these portraits have cost us over $1,000 (we pay for them in smaller monthly payments to make them more affordable), but now that we are raising a family on one income with more mouths to feed, it just didn't seem feasible to pay that again.  Since we have invested in our own more professional quality camera and have tried to perfect our photography skills, we decided to try to take these photographs ourselves.  We used our Canon DSLR camera, regular 18-35 mm lens, an attached flash, a tripod, and a camera remote for the family pictures.  I also decided to take the advice of the professionals and shoot in RAW format because they say it drastically improves quality because the camera will lose some of the quality in compressing images in jpeg format.  I don't know if this is true, but the RAW images are way way a whopping 30 MB each.  Yikes!  That will fill up a camera card quick so I had to upload pictures halfway through our session.  We found a site where we can order the same type of album online for about $100.00.  I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to capture the beautiful photographs I wanted, but all we could do was try.  It took us a few hours with breaks in between for the children, but I really could not be more pleased.  With soft, natural light and similar editing techniques, I really think these portraits are very similar to the professionals.  Whew!  Thank goodness.  This really puts my mama heart at ease!

 photo Mattox.Collage_zpsobdomchr.jpg

 photo Mattox19_zpswkdvrube.jpg

 photo Mattox20_zpslotoxheb.jpg

 photo Mattox22_zpsanccmbrb.jpg

 photo Mattox21_zpsyccrygve.jpg

 photo Mattox1_zpsttepasyr.jpg

 photo Mattox2_zpskxmsifws.jpg

 photo Mattox7_zps4pgy0hbc.jpg

 photo Mattox8_zpstw1apf0w.jpg

 photo Mattox9_zpswenwbkvw.jpg

 photo Mattox10_zpssqsxhhh1.jpg

 photo Mattox11_zps0z2smbsg.jpg

 photo Mattox12_zpsdlfuetlx.jpg

 photo Mattox18_zpse2ijpfdo.jpg

 photo Mattox17_zpsrzjkcndt.jpg

 photo Mattox24_zpseve3lzbx.jpg

 photo Mattox23_zpswyml05hj.jpg

 photo Mattox25_zpsbpz19jdh.jpg

 photo Mattox26_zpsbjavnr1f.jpg

 photo Mattox28_zpsdhjo18qa.jpg

 photo Mattox27_zpsargi8kwe.jpg

 photo Mattox29_zpsqffgudjb.jpg

 photo Mattox30_zpsv33k4fyl.jpg

 photo Mattox31_zpsi6eajfg3.jpg

 photo Mattox32_zpsahlj3dtg.jpg

 photo Mattox34_zpswo16w1cx.jpg

 photo Mattox33_zpsxnsaymr5.jpg

 photo Mattox5_zpsnv5ncdm8.jpg

 photo Mattox6_zpsshhrohke.jpg

 photo Mattox3_zpsdpnv3eur.jpg

 photo Mattox4_zpskaynppsb.jpg

 photo Mattox43_zpsxsomo79z.jpg

 photo Mattox44_zpsopuvkzlv.jpg

 photo Mattox14_zps5bodjbp4.jpg

 photo Mattox13_zpspkj2yexe.jpg

 photo Mattox15_zpsys1ja0yw.jpg

 photo Mattox16_zpsw7cg4qme.jpg

 photo Mattox35_zpsxcimhdhg.jpg

 photo Mattox36_zpsqqyz0vnu.jpg

 photo Mattox37_zpspba7rmrc.jpg

 photo Mattox38_zpsx54xwo3h.jpg

 photo Mattox39_zpssvl5aytx.jpg

 photo Mattox40_zpsvazqhr84.jpg

 photo Mattox48_zpsqramk3ga.jpg

 photo Mattox47_zpsl815l8uw.jpg

 photo Mattox41_zpsemkvjulc.jpg

 photo Mattox42_zps1hnmczr0.jpg

 photo Mattox45_zps1cva4zke.jpg

 photo Mattox46_zpszi5pbkgt.jpg


  1. Slow clapping. WELL. DONE. YOU!

    These are magnificent. If you hadn't told me that you took them yourselves I would have believed it if you said they were professional. Seriously. I don't know how much editing you did and how much was just the quality of the camera and setting up the shot, but they are incredibly good.

    I also hear you on just not being able to justify that price. Professional photography can be ridiculously expensive. There were other factors as well, but price is definitely one of the reasons we didn't do newborn pictures with either of our kids. I don't really regret it either.

    I can't tell if you are wearing a top or a dress, but whatever it is, I like it. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks! We are both OCD about getting the same pictures of our kids (locations, outfits, etc). These were special, but I am so glad we could get something comparable for way less money. The editing was cropping to a square for an 8X8 album and adding a softer frame and white vignette to them and then converting to black and white. The longest part was going through the Raw images and converting them to jpeg on the computer. Not sure it was worth the extra step to not just shoot in jpeg format. The outfit was actually two different shirts. The first one I tried, I didn't like because I can't button any of my old shirts over my chest right now. Sigh. Mommy problems. I don't like the extra cleavage shots but it is what it is right now since all of my clothes seem to fit that way now. I changed to a cotton blouse without buttons that I had worn in Brody's baby pictures. It was a little better. :-)

  2. Awesome job! What a beautiful family. :)

  3. Yay for saying no to professional photography. You did a great job. These are so cute and so thoughtful! :) You are the best little mama!

  4. These are great! You did an awesome job!

  5. These are amazing! I agree that if you hadn't said they weren't professional, I wouldn't have been able to tell. They are just so beautiful!


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