Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jovial July {2015}

As said often by Brody this month, "It's nice to be home!"  Apparently, Brody was trying to tell us he was a little exhausted from all the traveling and was very happy to be home.  I think he speaks for all of us.  It really has been nice to spend a less chaotic month at home.  Even with Evan starting back to school, we have still been able to relax a little and enjoy our summer at home.  It still feels like we stayed pretty busy, but I guess it was mostly good busy and not too stressful.  With sports and other activities starting back soon, I know these "lazy" summer days are about to be over.  The end of summer always makes me a little sad even though we still have some fun things to look forward to.  I also find myself getting excited about Christmas already.  Maybe it's the thought of how fun it will be with a crawling (maybe walking?) baby in the house or maybe it's just the thought of cooler weather.  As we close the book on another month of our lives, I am just thankful to still have so much to look forward to.

 photo July.collage1_zpskyg3fycm.jpg
I forgot to include pictures of my 4th of July decorations.  They were very minimal...just this little flag on the door, some window clings, and my summer banner inside.  

 photo July.collage3_zpsedyvcozp.jpg
Of course, we began the month with Evan going back to school.  He has been doing great.  His beginning of grade testing reveals that he is already well above grade level and has already met and exceeded all of his goals for the year as usual.  Sigh.  I know he still has a lot of fun things to learn, and I just hope he gets challenged as needed. 
 photo July.collage2_zpsfpfiawc5.jpg
Brody enjoyed going to see the movie Inside Out with Mommy and baby brother Mattox.  He looked like a little heart throb in these little heart shaped sunglasses when he was shopping with Mommy.  He was feeling extra silly one morning eating sausage with a plastic bag on his head.  After dropping Evan off on his first day of school, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute little bulletin board display of a beehive made out of egg cartons.  Teachers are the most creative! 

 photo Chickfila1_zpsiu0kzy37.jpg
Yep, we love "chikin," especially when its free! 

 photo Chickfila2_zpsag8grkhz.jpg
Dressing us all up for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a did not prove to be an easy feat this year, and Mattox was not happy about taking pictures.  He was still the cutest little "mad" cow.  

 photo Chickfila3_zpsqdtcfgij.jpg
Still, we captured some cute shots.  Baby cow's paci did help a little. 

 photo July.collage4_zpsmn8rcc9z.jpg
Our preschool lessons continued a little with learning the letter G.  We loved this true story of Ivan the gorilla. 

 photo July.collage8_zpstlc4qbqw.jpg
Brody has really been making big progress this month.  He decided on his own he wanted to draw and color a stoplight.  I helped him with the shapes, and he handled the coloring.  He has also been doing so well writing his name.  He hasn't quite grasped writing the letters in order on a line yet, but he can write the letters almost perfectly.  He also surprised me by drawing stick people.  He said this was, in order from left to right, Mommy, Evan, Brody, and Daddy.  I think baby Mattox must still be in my tummy since he did give me a big one.  Haha!  

 photo July.collage7_zps09ntbls9.jpg
The next week, we learned the letter H.  We picked out The Napping House at the library and then made a house from the letter. 

 photo July.collage11_zpspkjv5uix.jpg
We also did H is for horse and read another library book about horses. 

 photo July.collage9_zpsak1fdhlh.jpg
I love that Brody is drawing real pictures now.  He draws rainbows, suns with faces, spaceships, and other things.  We filled in his poster from the library reading program, and I loved his answers.  He wants to be a super hero who builds houses, loves his Bible, and thinks Mommy is his hero (although I was trying to explain what a hero was to him and I am not sure I did a great job).   He did a decent job writing his name at the top and coloring and decorating the poster.  Of course, he still loves preparing meals for me and planning and hosting cupcake parties. 

 photo July.collage12_zpsibw0haic.jpg
Brody has started being more interested in his baby brother.  He made me a crown and then declared me an evil queen (or a witch).  He also read a book to baby brother.  Beware, his stories are about poop.  Haha!  When I left the room to get something and returned in just a few seconds, he had crowned baby brother.  He and baby brother were the cutest dressed alike in their matching monster shirts. 

 photo July.collage13_zps7nxy0bjq.jpg
Last Friday, the boys and I enjoyed eating breakfast together at Chick-fil-a and then going to eat lunch with Daddy at Brixx Pizza.  Baby Mattox gives Daddy the best smiles! 

 photo July.collage16_zpsnxdjnyoo.jpg
But he gives Mommy the best snuggles. 

 photo July.collage14_zps80nllcpb.jpg
Days are just better with doughnuts and coffee.  Also, I needed to snap some new pictures of Cocoa.  We cannot keep beds for this dog because she chews them up and pulls out all the stuffing.  Sigh.  Also, we got a special visitor at our front door...a little black snake.  Yikes!  

 photo July.collage15_zps25zxqi71.jpg
I love that our yard has had some pretty flowering bushes that give our yard some beauty with little effort on my part.  

 photo July.collage10_zpsm0zdhlat.jpg
Evan and I found our first geocache in our town.  We also found another surprise during our search.  Yikes, a huge dead bird!  
 photo July.collage6_zpsjebtih0l.jpg
Yay for summer pool time! 

 photo July.collage17_zpswy1zjrx0.jpg
This cutie loves the water.  He still prefers to just lounge in his float and not splash or kick.  Luckily, he doesn't mind too much when big brothers splash him. 
 photo July.collage18_zpsilbf9aal.jpg
I love watching these boys playing together.  

 photo July.collage19_zpsnqs82sr9.jpg
It is very hard to get pictures of Evan in the pool because he is often underwater.  He loves practicing swimming underwater and diving down to retrieve objects from the bottom.  

 photo July.collage20_zpsqicfoswl.jpg
Our boys got to experience this fun VBS.  We have been checking out other churches in our area, but this church where Eddie's old friend pastors just feels like a good home.  I keep meeting people there I know from my past.  This Sunday, I met a lady whose parents were ministers and leaders in my old denomination.  My brother actually lived with them when he was in college until he got married.  They were so special to me that they were a part of my wedding ceremony.  It was so fun to catch up.  There are also tons of kids and lots of youth activities here.  We liked another church we tried out too so I am still a bit torn.  The boys did really love VBS, and Brody really wants to go back to his "new school."  
 photo July.collage5_zpskfwqwpbo.jpg
I will just end with this little graphic I made to remind me of this special song that the boys and I love.  I love hearing them sing it in the car.  


  1. Sounds like a fun and busy month! Didn't it just fly by? I lvoe that you all did the same VBS that we did. My kiddos are still singing the theme song. =)

  2. This looks like a busy month. I am still very impressed with what you and Brody do for preschool. You rock Sherry!

    And I hope that Evan finds a challenge in school. I worry about that for Sam and I hope that being in French Immersion will help with that.

    I like the flowering bushes in your yard. They are beautiful. And Yay! for not needing a lot of work on your part :)

    We need to get back to our pool. We've hardly been there this summer. There's just been so much to do. Blah.

  3. Oh my gosh! I too am already getting excited about Christmas. I'm actually excited about the whole chunk of time from Halloween to New Years. That is not any different from any other year, but I'm feeling it extra this year. I think because we already have some fun plans and there is a chance both of my brothers will be here for Christmas. Which means I will get to meet my niece for the first time!

    Yes, I agree that you needed some relaxing time at home after that busy traveling month. But you still managed to have a jam packed month, as is evidenced by all your photo collages. Some random thoughts: 1) I'm jealous of your blue door. The flag looks awesome hanging on it. I still want a red front door, but really any color just looks cool. 2) If I could without gaining weight I would have coffee and donuts like 3 or 4 times a week. It is one of the hardest things for me to resist, which is why whenever I have a sugar day, that's what I eat. 3) I loved your crown. 4) I love how chill Mattox looked in the pool.


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