Monday, August 24, 2015

Fuquay-Varina Splash Pad

I have always been a little sad not to have a splash park closer to us in Charlotte or here in Holly Springs.  We were very excited to learn that the neighboring town of Fuquay-Varina was putting in a splash pad this summer and couldn't wait to try it out.  With this only about a 10 minute drive from our house, we will take it!  And it's free!  After a nice day spent with daddy on Friday (we love when he stays home from work to spend a day with us), we picked Evan up from school and headed to the splash pad for some fun.

 photo splash3_zpshsmyx4oi.jpg
A rainbow arch greets us at the entrance.  I love all the brightly colored accessories. 

 photo splash2_zpsgtlmdibr.jpg
Running through the spray. 

 photo splash1_zps8n7fqrxg.jpg
Brody was fascinated by this little train crossing sign.  He didn't realize it was the control button for turning the water on and off to the park.   

 photo splash4_zpsrfrdtgou.jpg
Waiting to get a big bucket of water dumped on their heads. 

 photo splash5_zpsxj11opw6.jpg
The spills weren't always very big because it would only dump some of the water at a time and not the whole thing.  We like the ones at the beach that dump gallons of water out all at once.  Ha! 

 photo splash6_zps6afrjiib.jpg

 photo splash7_zpstmbmynda.jpg

 photo splash8_zpspgibxafq.jpg

 photo splash9_zpszpyrkhj7.jpg

 photo splash10_zps4jsk7xq8.jpg

 photo splash11_zps45fiepms.jpg
Brody wanted to stand under this tall pelican and let it spill water on him, but lots of big kids were crowding it.  

 photo splash13_zpstzxxluit.jpg
Of course, my boys' favorite part was the water shooters. 

 photo splash12_zpse3zxa2gp.jpg

 photo splash14_zpsk1cwy7aw.jpg

 photo splash15_zpsxzkxxs4l.jpg
Even Mattox enjoyed playing in the water.  There was just enough water and shade in this spot for him. 

 photo splash16_zpspx04zhcx.jpg
So cute in his little sun hat. 

 photo splash17_zpszrlrs2rp.jpg

 photo splash18_zpsmwsqcwmr.jpg
Evan shooting little brother. 

 photo splash19_zpscihc4zs8.jpg

 photo splash20_zpsbwzp02ky.jpg
Brody got on the other gun and shot back. 

 photo splash21_zpsxddmntqk.jpg

 photo splash22_zps1sodymcp.jpg
Mattox and Mommy having fun getting sprayed. 

 photo splash23_zpsh2nybues.jpg
He didn't mind the water as much with his hat on and loves being held up in the air. 

 photo splash24_zps5jdje9la.jpg
That face says it all. 

 photo splash25_zpsxex5ahl5.jpg
Too too cute! 

 photo splash26_zpsz43wccmk.jpg

 photo splash27_zpshkwimp99.jpg
Mommy and her boys cooling off on a hot August day. 

 photo splash28_zpswq8msewc.jpg
Waiting for a big spill. 

 photo splash29_zpsp34ttnhk.jpg
Making Daddy get in on the fun. 

 photo splash31_zpshzvyjvx8.jpg
Evan can't wait to get dumped on. 

 photo splash30_zpszcegcld7.jpg
There it comes. 

 photo splash32_zps24mr68ad.jpg
Brody would run and turn the shooter/sprayer all the way around shooting everyone in his path. 

 photo splash33_zpsdjkcjxe1.jpg
Silly boy! 

 photo splash34_zps1dsjmtq1.jpg

 photo splash35_zps5k7zcma8.jpg
Karate kicking the water.  I think he learned these moves from his big brother.  

 photo splash36_zps0r8w2gsk.jpg

 photo splash37_zpsjxzjnyp6.jpg

 photo splash38_zpseuyjysrj.jpg

 photo splash39_zpsx0i3cjas.jpg
One final shot of me and my rainbow under the rainbow.  

 photo splash40_zpsq2dcqeaf.jpg

After the kids had their fill of the splash pad, they wanted to hit the pool so we picked up some Chick-fil-a for dinner and spent the evening at the pool.  What a great way to spend one of the last evenings of summer!


  1. The boys seem really good at working all the different equipment. Glad you all had fun. :)

  2. Yay for having a splash pad close by. Even though I grew up in Tucson I had never been to one until I had my kids. I really don't think they existed until recently. But now I can't even imagine life without a splash pad.

    The pictures of Mattox are adorable, as always. He is a really water loving baby.

  3. That splash pad looks awesome! Our splash pad days seem so far away - even though school only started last week. ha! Glad ya'll have one close to you.

  4. Oh Sherry -- these pictures are great and that sounds like a really good day! My kids have just recently gotten into going to the splash pad, although I haven't had a chance to take them this summer. They mostly go with Dave's parents.

    And Sam and Rachel like doing ninja moves at the water but hate getting dumped on by the bucket. They just like watching the other kids get dumped on!

  5. And I LOVE your new header. It's beautiful!


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