Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fun in Holly Springs

Since we stayed home more in July, we got to experience our first summer in our new hometown. Holly Springs is a flourishing little town, and its growth is just astonishing.  When I tell people where I live, they tell me they remember just a few years ago driving through there when it was just the "middle of nowhere" country setting between the two towns of Apex and Fuquay-Varina.  Now, we have plenty of shopping and restaurants with more coming.  I for one cannot wait until we get our new movie theater which is now being built because I hate driving all the way to Cary or Apex to see a movie.  Plus, those theaters are always so crowded so I know it will help to have this theater as an option.  I would also like some new restaurants, but I love several of our local options like Mason Jar Tavern and Bass Lake Draft House.  There are plenty more great restaurants in the neighboring towns of Apex and Fuquay-Varina as well.  We have several beautiful parks and a brand new baseball stadium for our new collegiate level minor league team, the Holly Springs Salamanders.  Sadly, we haven't been to a game yet, but I know that will be fun.  We have enjoyed some fun kid-friendly events at the Holly Springs Cultural Center which is a new complex which houses our local branch library, an indoor performing arts theater, an outdoor stage, and much more.  We have enjoyed our visits to the library this summer as well as some fun events for kids.  They have hosted summer movies here all summer although we haven't been to any of those.  Holly Springs has ranked on several local and national lists as the top area in North Carolina to raise a family, and I am beginning to see why.  I look forward to seeing where this little town goes in the next few years.  With the whole Raleigh area constantly receiving national accolades for being the best area in which to live in the country, you can imagine why people from all over seem to be flocking here.

 photo HollySprings1_zpsasih5khp.jpg
Welcome to Holly Springs!  

Harris Lake Park

 photo HollySprings7_zpsan96b4or.jpg
This county park is just to the south of Holly Springs and very close to our neighborhood.  It is located on the Harris Lake Reservoir which is the water source for our local nuclear power plant.  It feels like we moved from one house with a nuclear power plant in view to another house with that view.  In Charlotte, we lived close to one of the two nuclear power plants that served that area.  Now, we could see the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant from our house if it wasn't for the trees.  

 photo HollySprings8_zpsqvo2jq58.jpg
Scary being this close to the cooling tower.  I jokingly told the boys Cocoa would turn green and become radioactive from swimming in this water.  Haha! 

 photo HollySprings9_zpswfoygmwg.jpg
Cocoa loved her first experience swimming.  

 photo HollySprings10_zpsbjm8kfka.jpg
These boys enjoyed playing together on the playground.  Even Mattox got in on the action. 

Bass Lake Park

 photo HollySprings2_zpsdlmbzkow.jpg
These boys loved going fishing.  Brody caught four catfish, and Evan caught a catfish and a brim, I think.   Evan kept jerking his rod up too soon so the fish were stealing his bait without getting hooked.  Brody would wait too long to pull his hook up so his fish would get hooked too deep.  One that Eddie threw back didn't make it and was floating near the surface close to us.  I hated watching it suffer.  

 photo HollySprings3_zpskus4i4uf.jpg
The flags were flying at half mast in honor and memory of the four Marines and one Navy sailor who were killed in Tennessee.  It is just sad that our military are less safe at home than they are when they are on tour in other parts of the world.  

 photo HollySprings5_zpsltblwxxn.jpg
Cocoa enjoyed her time outdoors while the big boys fished.  Mattox and I just enjoyed watching.  I did take Cocoa for a walk around the lake to get her some exercise.  

 photo HollySprings4_zpsplvs5eqv.jpg
Brody was very proud of his fish, but he didn't want to touch it.  Catfish have sharp spines that can hurt. 

 photo HollySprings6_zpsu8658wzm.jpg
Mattox and I enjoyed sitting on the porch and rocking while we enjoyed the lovely view of the lake.  These little birds came to visit with us.  First, one landed right in front of us and then his friend joined him. 

Holly Springs Library and Cultural Center

 photo HollySprings11_zpse9mfsj7r.jpg
The boys enjoyed getting to meet some knights. 

 photo HollySprings12_zpsxjdk5beb.jpg
Their armor looked very hot.  I loved the little older lady who enjoyed sword fighting too. 

 photo HollySprings13_zpsk62wh1gn.jpg
The little older lady was a tough cookie.  There was also a teenage girl and a younger boy in the show. 

 photo HollySprings14_zpsuhb7yg7i.jpg
It was fun watching them fight.  

 photo HollySprings15_zpsecm4n6vx.jpg
Then, Evan got to give it a try.  He was a pro! 

 photo HollySprings16_zps0wqtm8nk.jpg
Brody loves his library story time where he learns a new letter, dances and sings, and hears several books read.  He also never fails to visit with this little statue in the library.  

 photo HollySprings17_zpsfffk73cz.jpg
We took Evan to his story time after his first day of school.  The learned about animal preservation and then made a cute little creature topper for their pencil. 


  1. I am sure that this is going to be the first of many posts about all of your "firsts" in your new town and new home. I can't wait to read each one of them- fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, etc, etc.

    Your new town sounds great. Number one, I love the name Holly Springs. It really is right out of a movie. But that might just be because it reminds me of Radiator Springs. Ha ha ! It's especially nice that it is expanding to make it even more accommodating. You're going to love when the movie theater opens. I wonder what you'll see first?!

  2. What a great town to live in! I'm glad that you all are really loving your new town. I love the parks at the lakes. That looks like such a relaxing place.

    We have several little towns and not so little towns that are blossoming around here too. It's so neat to see. We also have a few towns that have rejected any opportunity for growth. I always think that's kind of crazy, but I'm sure their city leaders have their reason.

  3. I'm so glad I got to come visit you in your new town :) Although I wish we could have gone to some of the places you have discovered since we were there... Next time, okay?!?!?


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