Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brody's Story: A Sheep's Tale

Brody likes to "read."  And by read, I mean he likes to look at the pictures and make up his own stories.  His stories are usually pretty funny, and yes, sometimes they are about poop.  Sigh.  This weekend, I enjoyed listening to him "reading" a story with his daddy, and I really wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget it.  So I guess this is Brody's first published work of literature.  One day when he is a famous author, this little piece will be worth some money.  Ha!  

{The illustrations that sparked this story were from this little baby board book which I had been reading to Mattox.  I worked on my baby and children's book collection a lot after I had Evan.  This one is very sweet and tells babies how much mommies love their babies.}

 Once upon a time, there was a sheep eating grass on the mountain. 
{This is the picture from the book that started the story}
Then, the mountain went a booming, and the lights went out.    

A Shepherd came and took the sheep to the beach.   

They went surfing. 
{Yes, yes, I did actually google search and find an image of a sheep surfing.  Google is amazing!}
  Then, a monster came and chased them on their surfboards. 
{Hey, he didn't specify what kind of monster.  Yes, I must thank google again for finding this surfing Cookie Monster.  Ha!}
Then, the lights went out again, and the monster could not find them.   The monster found a flashlight and chased them all the way back to the mountain.   

The Shepherd and the sheep went into the mountain where they found a diamond.   

The Shepherd gave the diamond to his wife.   His wife took the diamond to town and got cash and then got a smaller, but bigger, diamond.  

The End.

We are very proud he told a whole story with no poop in it!  


  1. Good story, Brody!

    I'm not sure what I like the most- his inventive story that bobs and weaves and goes all over the place before wrapping up nicely at the end OR the fact that you found a surfing sheep in Google images. I think I'm going to have to go with the sheep. It's just too good.

    And what is up with the poop humor? My kids are totally into it too. Especially Elliott. It must be that age.

    1. I think poop is just a big part of family conversations at this stage. I mean, we are constantly asking or reminding them to poop in the potty. Plus, with a baby in the house, we deal with a lot of poop. We just adapt and try to make poop sound fun. Haha!

    2. And yes, the surfing sheep was my crowning achievement in this post (maybe in my entire blogging history?). Haha!

  2. This story is awesome! And your surfing sheep really makes the story even better :)


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