Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We're going on a Bear Hunt!

Bears...oh my!  As explained in my more historical posts of our explorations of New Bern, bears have a long history in this town.  The bear symbol was inherited from its parent city of Bern, Switzerland and from their shared flag.  With the celebration of its 300th anniversary in 2010, the Bear Town Bears, a nonprofit organization, recruited local artists to create hand-painted designs on life-sized bears to be placed all around town.  We really enjoyed trying to find as many of these bears as we could. There are supposed to be 50 of these bears.  Here is what we found:

 photo bears3_zpsymicj0oi.jpg
Flag Bearer - One of our favorites placed outside of Town Hall wearing the flags of the United States, North Carolina, and New Bern. 

 photo Bears5_zpsqaxovbiq.jpg

 photo bears7_zps2wlgn4bo.jpg
Not technically a Bear Town Bear, but I loved this little carved bear statue in front of the Bern Bear Gifts shop. 

 photo bears39_zpszqnjc8vy.jpg
Bearon DeGraffenried stands guard over Union Point Park dressed as the founder of New Bern. 

 photo bears15_zpsauj4grix.jpg
This bear was placed in front of the hotel where Daddy's conference was, but must be too new to have been on the poster listing all the bears.  I think it is pretty as it depicts a lot of the prettiest parts of the town. 

 photo bears16_zpswk2thtvp.jpg
This is more of an historical bear than a Bear Town Bear.  These bears protrude from the entrance to Town Hall.  These bear heads are actually made of cast iron.  

 photo bears1_zps4anrupuz.jpg
Travelin' Bernie

 photo bears2_zps0qkqz0lq.jpg
Beary E. Essential

 photo bears10_zpsf6xpyoco.jpg
Captain Black Bear'd

 photo bears6_zps4ofv7hyb.jpg
Bear-ly Legal Bear

 photo bears9_zpsl8ohd1p7.jpg
Another unlisted one that looks fun for kids. 

 photo bears14_zpspi5rxs9a.jpg
Piedmont Natural Gas bear is a new one. 

 photo bears18_zpszq4ynb63.jpg
Another unlisted one, but since it is outside a law firm, I assume it is an English Barrister.

 photo bears19_zps4gjlyeaz.jpg
Wise Bear

 photo bears20_zpsdzjk8arb.jpg
We discovered Colonial Bearman was located inside a local restaurant in downtown when we went to dinner one night. 

 photo bears21_zpsqqzybngc.jpg

 photo bears22_zps6m9sde0q.jpg
This giant carved bear is located in a little square in the center of town. 

 photo bears24_zpsm95gxfl8.jpg
Bearer of Rights - This one is holding the Bill of Rights sent to North Carolina by George Washington for ratification.  The original document was recently procured and brought back to North Carolina after some big legal battles.  It was found through the television show "Antiques Roadshow."  It was stolen from North Carolina's Capitol during General Sherman's march in 1865.  

 photo bears25_zpsp5o2j1iq.jpg
He is also draped with the American flag and holds the scales of justice. 

 photo bears23_zpsnfwqwlvu.jpg
The boys pose with Bearer of Rights bear. 

 photo bears17_zpsejsave6e.jpg
Wal-mart Bear.  No explanation necessary. 

 photo bears26_zps0a9k1icn.jpg
Bearon de Broker aka Super Agent - the boys loved this one which we found by accident when we stopped at a local branch of our bank.

 photo bears27_zpsn3e2bwfa.jpg
Coldwell Banker Bear

 photo bears28_zpsocjmte1o.jpg
Sailor Bear was Evan's favorite.  
 photo bears29_zpsgrqlsqlb.jpg
Dr. Bender Bear

 photo bears30_zps7dmggtup.jpg
Home Town Bernie

 photo bears31_zpsem3ulz60.jpg

 photo bears32_zpsb5gqa63n.jpg
I loved the "sticker's" all over this suitcase bear which depicted the special sites of New Bern. 

 photo bears33_zpseypcayhc.jpg

 photo bears34_zpskcaw0yoo.jpg

 photo bears35_zpspjhwocue.jpg
Spirit the taxi bear - I think he was supposed to promote not drinking and driving and calling a taxi if you have been drinking. 

 photo bears36_zpsk6pveu5d.jpg
Evan pretending to drive the taxi. Ha!

 photo bears37_zpscbmgvygw.jpg
Kare Bear

 photo bears38_zpssgighiz5.jpg
We care!  


  1. How much fun! Tulsa has penguins in the same fashion as the bears. The kids always love seeing them when we go. (I really don't know how penguins were picked for Tulsa, but we'll roll with it. ha!)

    1. Raleigh has wolves, but I guess theirs makes sense since NC State University is there and their mascot is the wolf. Not sure about penguins in Oklahoma. Haha!

  2. I love this! I would have enjoyed finding as many bears as I could. I think Toronto has moose but we've never gone on a moose hunt. Maybe we should...!

  3. This is awesome! I'd love for us to have something like this in Arizona. I can't think of anything that's even close. It's like the hidden Mickey's at Disneyland, only bears, and huge. Ha ha!

    I really like the patriotic ones that have some sort of depiction of the American flag. They are all pretty, but those are the prettiest I think.


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