Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Return of the Monkey {Mattox}

This post title may or may not be especially for my blog friend, Natalie, who appreciates appropriate and creative post titles.  While my previous title may have been appropriate, it may have been a little lacking in the creativity department.  This one is for all of our Star Wars loving boys.  Ha!  And you may also remember that I do have an affinity for monkey themed apparel for my kids.  Mattox the monkey first appeared here at about a month old.  I apologize for all of the cuteness overload posts this week with the pictures of last week's 20 week photo session and now this week's 21 week monkey themed session.  I actually waited several months to get these pictures in this outfit, and he is really filling the little one piece sleeper out now so I am afraid to wait much longer.  It is actually a 6 to 9 month sleeper, but this little almost 5 month old is growing like a weed!  My blog friend (turned into real life friend this year), Natasha, may remember this outfit as I bought it when she was with me at Marshall's.  I had told her I just had to get it because I already had a little silky blankie lovey that matched it perfectly.  I had found the blankie at T.J. Maxx and had to get it because I was hoping to have another silky blankie lover like Brody.  Most of Brody's old lovies had been lost so Mattox definitely needed his own.  We just have to make sure Brody doesn't get a hold of them.  Anyway, you can imagine my delight at finding the perfect matching outfit, and the visions that immediately crept into my head of the fun photo opportunities.  Haha!  I think these pictures definitely captured those visions.

 photo Mattox33_zpsgafmspkz.jpg

 photo Mattox34_zpslag3drj6.jpg

 photo Mattox35_zpsnpgkayys.jpg
I just cannot get enough of those smiles!

 photo Mattox36_zpstatucqnh.jpg
Something about him looking up is so sweet to me.  I know he is likely just looking at the light or ceiling fan, but he just looks angelic. 

 photo Mattox37_zpshdjry81b.jpg

 photo Mattox38_zpsklesx9rm.jpg

 photo Mattox39_zpsrlpaxoyt.jpg

 photo Mattox40_zpsiy4e52uo.jpg
He was so playful on his tummy.  He loves tummy time and can roll onto his tummy from his back now.  That still surprises me after two boys who didn't care very much for tummy time.  I think Evan only liked rolling onto his back from his tummy, and Brody just wanted to sit up all the time.    

 photo Mattox41_zpsnfnmw7w6.jpg
Two cute monkeys.  And sock monkeys are definitely the cutest type of monkey in my opinion. 

 photo Mattox42_zpspbcerm9s.jpg

 photo Mattox43_zpstvrt0sbb.jpg
Big toothless baby grins. 

 photo Mattox44_zpsdwyywvka.jpg

 photo Mattox45_zpsgqwxipxb.jpg

 photo Mattox46_zpsalkuihv4.jpg

 photo Mattox47_zpstkzxwjgg.jpg
Do I see a best friend for life here? 

 photo Mattox48_zpsnbpryani.jpg

 photo Mattox49_zpszjlc2ppe.jpg
And those feet!  Can anything be cuter than sock monkey baby feet?  Yes, his feet are stretching the limits of this one. 

 photo Mattox50_zpsqfp24erh.jpg

 photo Mattox51_zpsrtzhlpjp.jpg

 photo Mattox52_zpspcp1nogh.jpg

 photo Mattox53_zpsve1g3hb6.jpg

 photo Mattox54_zpspseuyvkf.jpg

 photo Mattox55_zpszn9vskzf.jpg

 photo Mattox56_zpsigjtywcr.jpg
"It's mine, Brody.  You can't have it!"

 photo Mattox57_zpsywulmkmx.jpg
"I love it!  I really do!"

 photo Mattox59_zpsueeyr0ay.jpg
And again, I would be remiss if I did not post a shot of the cute little monkey face on his booty.  I mean, can anything really be cuter?  

 photo Mattox58_zpstiqaocpi.jpg
"I'll eat you up, I love you so!"  I think this quote from "Where the Wild Things Are" definitely sums up Mattox's new found affinity for his little monkey.  


  1. Oh, Sherry! He is PRECIOUS!!!!!! I love these pics and that sweet smile. It's crazy how fast our boys are growing. :) Lana

    1. Yes, they are growing way too fast. I am excited about that, but already miss this sweet little baby stage just a little. :-)

  2. OK. Just stop. Really, stop it. I think I speak for all of your blog readers when we say, " we can't handle the cuteness anymore!" I think my favorites are the third one down where he's looking right at the camera and has a sly little "I have a secret" smile and the first one of him on his back where he has that huge grin. Oh, and of course the booty one.

    Isn't it funny how we all have our little "thing" for our kids' clothes. I had a thing with crabs even though I don't live anywhere near the beach. And you have monkeys/sock monkeys. I wonder how our brains pick that thing, because I never cared about crabs on clothes before I had kids.

    That outfit is totally precious, BTW. I'm so glad you found it, bought it, bought the matching silky and planned this photo session for so long. It turned out perfectly.

    1. I blame Carter's and other baby clothes makers who seem to participate in these conspiracies to make us buy these cute themed clothes. I have an affinity for crabs and sharks too. And bunnies, of course. And you couldn't resist when Gymboree did all the beagle stuff. :-)

  3. Ummmm... OF COURSE I remember that night. That was the crazy search-for-bows night. And Target. I can't wait until we can do it again :)

    And Natalie is right -- it is cuteness overload on the blog this week. I can't even pick a favourite (or five!) from this post because these pictures are all so adorable.

  4. These pictures are so adorable!


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