Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Watermelon Party

A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I decided we wanted a watermelon when we were grocery shopping.  It sounded like such a nice, cool summer treat.  I buy the kids and I about two or three different kinds of fruit a week, and we switch around a lot on what we like to get.  Strawberries have been a usual summertime favorite, and the boys like to eat them in their yogurt with a few chocolate chips.  I guess that sort of makes up for not getting our favorite Pinkberry frozen yogurt these days.  Our favorite yogurt is Stonyfield Organic Banilla which is just the right amount of creamy banana flavor.  This yogurt also makes a great addition to a smoothie.  I actually do not like Greek yogurt which I know is all the rage these days.  It is just too thick, and I don't like the taste either.  Anyway, I always forget about watermelon.  Evan is a big fan of canteloupe so I will get one of those sometimes and cut it up for us.  It usually last us about a week.  Eddie does not eat vegetables or fruit sadly.  Yes, this has been a major contention in our 15 years together.  Anyway, I decided that the watermelon treat was a great idea, and I decided I would use the opportunity as a way to have a little fun and get some cute summertime photos of my boys.  I took Mattox's pictures with the watermelon earlier in the afternoon when the lighting was a lot better.  By the time we ate watermelon after supper, the sun was setting, and it was getting a little cloudy so the lighting was not the greatest for picture taking.  Also, our camera's main lens has been having some big issues after being dropped or banged a few too many times.  It is having difficulty auto focusing so we have to do it manually.  It is sticking like it is jammed.  I hope we can find someone to fix it or either find a refurbished replacement lens.  Our other lens is a zoom lens so it is not optimal for everyday use since you would have to stand like 50 feet away from the photo subject to even get them in the frame unless you want a close up of their nose hairs.  Haha!  With a little editing, I still think the boys' pictures are cute.

 photo watermelon1_zps9qmy59xq.jpg
I used my little homemade summer bunting banner that I made last year as a backdrop.  Maybe it is only the case in the U.S., but I think red, white and blue are just the quintessential summer colors.    

 photo watermelon2_zpsx76blgyd.jpg
Mattox says he can't wait until he can eat some watermelon.  Next summer, he will dig right in! 

 photo watermelon3_zpstqrmrccp.jpg

 photo watermelon4_zpszmaecxdp.jpg

 photo watermelon5_zpsdtgj4tos.jpg
Trying to sit up as usual. 
 photo watermelon6_zpstrt1igxx.jpg
Becoming fascinated with his feet.  

 photo watermelon7_zpsqskqgljh.jpg
M is for Mattox. 

 photo watermelon8_zpsnhgxs47i.jpg
This little guy loves it outside. 

 photo watermelon9_zpsbios2xhg.jpg

 photo watermelon10_zpsbm5288tp.jpg
"Oh, toes!  I would really love to taste you!"

 photo watermelon11_zpsddbrk4cs.jpg
My sweet baby boys.  I put the big boys in their matching swimsuits so we could go for a swim afterwards and for easy clean up after eating messy watermelon.  

 photo watermelon12_zpsch2yplxf.jpg
Daddy doesn't eat any, but he was nice enough to cut it for us. 

 photo watermelon13_zpsd2dtuayp.jpg
He just doesn't trust me with the big knife.  

 photo watermelon14_zpsirxnupxd.jpg
Brody is ready for some. 

 photo watermelon15_zpskk0yptyw.jpg
My sweet Brody enjoying this summer treat. 

 photo watermelon16_zps4ycpwbon.jpg
Taking a big bite.  This might be my favorite. 

 photo watermelon17_zpsxsgoerjx.jpg

 photo watermelon18_zpsojgwpb89.jpg

 photo watermelon19_zpsjybw43on.jpg
And my sweet big baby, Evan.  

 photo watermelon20_zps1ejwqjrc.jpg
Big smiles for watermelon! 


  1. What a great idea for a photo shoot. It really is a great summertime idea. Hmmm. I might steal.

    I actually cannot keep fruit in our house. I buy like $40 of fruit a week and it lasts 4 to 5 days. We eat all sorts of berries and melons, apples, bananas, plums, peaches, figs, dates, pineapple, etc, etc. It's seriously crazy how much fruit we eat. Michael and I both eat tons of veggies too, Spencer quite a few and Elliott, like, none.

    I hope you make this an annual thing so I can see comparison pictures of all of them next summer. Especially big boy Mattox actually eating the watermelon!

  2. What cute pictures!!! We had some made like this last year.

    I have to keep a lot of fruit on hand at our house too. Karsyn is our resident fruit bat. =) I try to keep a bowl of grapes or strawberries in the fridge at all times for her.

  3. I love the watermelon pictures! They are so cute!

    I can't believe Eddie doesn't like fruit or veggies. That's crazy! It's like people who don't like to read for me :) Dave doesn't like watermelon at all but last summer, to help out Tim and Janice, he used to cut it up for them.

    And I don't like Greek yogurt either.


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