Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fun in New Bern {2015}

While we did a lot of educational and historical tours around New Bern, we also had a lot of fun while trying to keep cool in record hot temperatures.  New Bern had some great spots to help us keep cool, inside and out.  We enjoyed swimming in our hotel pool that overlooked the river and boat marina, and we also discovered a local splash park.  I think we succeeded in beating the one suffered any heat related injuries!  We also met up with some friends and learned all about geocaching!  Apparently if you don't know what this is, you are a muggle.  Haha!

 photo vacation1_zpscubbg3qs.jpg
The pool felt so nice in the evenings after a hot day exploring.  Evan made friends with a couple of boys in the pool and played catch and Marco Polo.  He never shies away from asking someone to play and is definitely more of an extrovert like his daddy. 

 photo vacation2_zps8vohxifo.jpg
Sweet Brody usually plays more by himself.  Definitely more like his mommy. 

 photo vacation3_zps8mfhqtyi.jpg

 photo vacation4_zpshifcz93n.jpg
He did try to get into Marco Polo, but when someone would say Marco, he would say Marco back.  Haha!

 photo vacation5_zpszrktvkxx.jpg
Evan was a little younger than these boys so he had a little trouble keeping up with their swimming.  

 photo vacation6_zpsdd9dgfjd.jpg
Sweet brothers having a special moment before bedtime.  Of course, it involves an electronic device. Probably some zombie killing.  Ha!

 photo vacation7_zpsfy51w6ss.jpg
Daddy feeding Mattox a bottle. 

 photo vacation8_zpsffp9t20r.jpg
Our hotel did not have continental breakfast so the boys and I had to go out for breakfast.  We had to take Daddy to his work meetings for the day anyway since we were staying in a different hotel.  Brody was really loving his chocolate chip muffin. 

 photo vacation9_zpsyrisdwso.jpg
We enjoyed spending a day with Mommy's old friend Regina and her son, Cooper.  Another red head! 

 photo vacation10_zpsfltufjqi.jpg
Regina taught us to geocache, and we found our first one at the John Wright Stanly house.  Very cool!  Geocaching is like a real life treasure hunt with treasures hidden all over the world!  When it started many years ago, people would need actual GPS units and the coordinates of the caches to find them, but now there is an app for phones that does it all and keeps track of all the caches you find. 

 photo vacation11_zpszramopqi.jpg
Evan tried to reach it. 

 photo vacation12_zpsjvgjxh31.jpg
Opening the "treasure" chest. 

 photo vacation13_zpstavmlufc.jpg
Cooper and Evan at the site of the first geocache find.  This one was a more official one that has been placed with permission at historic sites all over the state. 

 photo vacation14_zpsfc5z7ouu.jpg
After lunch and a little geocaching, the boys enjoyed swimming in the pool together.  We had a little scare with Brody when we arrived at the pool.  Evan had just jumped in the pool because it was so hot, and Brody thought he could just follow him.  He didn't realize he needed his arm floats.  He was sinking when I turned around and saw him.  I hadn't even put the baby or our stuff down yet.  I yelled for Evan to grab him and ran to the pool to pull him up.  Told you this kid was going to give me a heart attack!  When I asked him what happened when he jumped in without his arm floats on, he calmly said he was sinking.  He was right back to jumping in the pool again after that so it definitely hasn't deterred him. 

 photo vacation15_zpssy0cx66t.jpg
Cooper jumping in. 

 photo vacation16_zpskzvip9ok.jpg
He got some good height with his jump. 

 photo vacation17_zpsbtzbkvia.jpg
Brody's jumps always scare me a little because he does more of a step than a jump and doesn't always jump too far from the side of the pool. 

 photo vacation18_zpscnxwwbb4.jpg
Spreading his legs for that jump.  Little dare devil! 

 photo vacation19_zpsbqy8sqia.jpg
Just looking cute in the hotel room with his silky and teddy bear...or teh-y bear as he calls it. 

 photo vacation20_zpsri83mqxu.jpg
On the hunt for more geocaches in Cedar Grove Cemetery. 

 photo vacation21_zpsbyafu0iz.jpg
We actually didn't have to walk across the cemetery and could have parked right by the geocache.  We didn't find one that we were looking for, but we did find the other one.  I think the other one had disappeared.  This does happen over time if the geocache gets moved or accidently destroyed by a "muggle."  Non-geocaching people are muggles, and you are supposed to try to keep them from suspecting what you are doing.  

 photo vacation22_zpsufe40swb.jpg
The cache we found.  GPS coordinates lead you to the general vicinity and clues are often given to help you locate it.  This was a more unofficial one someone created with just a rubbermaid container.  There is usually a log (piece of paper) inside you are supposed to sign and often people leave a "treasure." This one was covered up by a rock. 

 photo vacation23_zps9btc0btt.jpg
Evan is demonstrating the geocaching technique using my phone app.  It has a built in compass or radar that directs you to the spot.  Of course, if your signal is spotty, it might get confused.  

 photo vacation24_zpsylf0ooak.jpg
The treasures inside.  We just added one of the "business" cards Eddie made Evan for Cub Scouts because we had some in the car. 

 photo vacation25_zpsr4aldqar.jpg
We didn't get to spend too much time with Daddy, but we enjoyed eating dinner with him and the teachers. 

 photo vacation26_zps7cxg3pib.jpg
Brody picked out a little New Bern flag from a gift shop and waves it proudly. 

 photo vacation27_zpsumkigxdo.jpg
We found another geocache in a cool spot in Union Point Park.  We found this one with some other geocachers!  
Cooling Off at the Splash Park

 photo vacation28_zpsslhzuxxz.jpg
We decided to hit up this Splash Park on our last day while we waited for Daddy to finish up.  While on the way, we passed a little church where lots of people were congregating around a minister, and a news crew was across the road.  I knew something must have happened.  That just seems to be the theme of the day.  While the kids played in the water, I sat in the car feeding Mattox and looking for the news on my phone.  Sadly, the news of the day was the horrific shooting that occurred in a church in Charleston, SC during a prayer meeting when the young man entered the church, sat with the congregation through the service, and then opened fire and killed 9 people.  My heart instantly hurt for them.  Yes, this was a racial crime.  The church was a predominantly African American church, and the young man was white.  But this was also an attack on Christians and an attack on my fellow Americans.  However, in the days that followed, I was proud of my fellow Southerners of both races who stood together, cried together, mourned together, and prayed together.  You didn't hear of uprisings, lootings, and other inappropriate retaliation.  The news tried to stir some of this up, but it didn't work.  I will always remember those events because as I sat at the splash park watching my boys playing with their African American playmates, I couldn't help but hope that they would keep their innocent colorblindness as they grew up.  There was nothing at all strange to them about being the only "white" kids playing that day.  They were just American kids playing with other American kids.  

 photo vacation29_zpshwhjmzzp.jpg

 photo vacation30_zps1wygy9hj.jpg

 photo vacation31_zpszhglf7ct.jpg

 photo vacation32_zpsw25v7gnq.jpg

 photo vacation33_zpspeyhdj9d.jpg

 photo vacation34_zps3erdyp2k.jpg

 photo vacation35_zpsa1eehfco.jpg

 photo vacation37_zps9snad4tz.jpg

 photo vacation38_zpsjxv0q92h.jpg

 photo vacation39_zps4ncgoklw.jpg

 photo vacation40_zpsmpyqsa6u.jpg

 photo vacation41_zpscsxep2sv.jpg
Brody waiting for the water to dump on his head. 

 photo vacation42_zpsqfoojpmp.jpg
Direct hit! 

 photo vacation43_zpsc1qaborb.jpg

 photo vacation44_zpsuw5ciwiw.jpg
I don't think any kid loves water as much as this one.  Evan was done way before Brody was! 

 photo vacation45_zpsbshr4btq.jpg
Definitely in his element! 

 photo vacation46_zps0pjt5u9b.jpg

 photo vacation47_zpsbvvcnu29.jpg
Evan getting dumped on. 

 photo vacation48_zpslcmanquq.jpg
This is what Evan does all the time.  Karate kicks.  I need to sign him up for martial arts! 

 photo vacation49_zpslnllgo2y.jpg
Brody loves letting the water go up his shorts.  Haha! 

 photo vacation50_zpsnam9pest.jpg
I guess it feels good on his booty. 

 photo vacation51_zps4lsthmis.jpg

 photo vacation52_zps1hixlbu3.jpg
Baby Mattox and I only got in the water a little bit.  He was not much of a fan of being sprayed.  He likes the calmer water of the pool better. 


  1. It looks like y'all had a great time! I have wanted to try geocaching and this gave me the motivation to give it a shot. I think the girls would LOVE it! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  2. I've heard a lot of great things about geocaching and I am excited to try it out at some point. I think we could really enjoy it.

    I love what you wrote about the church shooting in South Carolina and how the people of Charleston reacted. They are such an example to all of us.

  3. I think we are going to have to try geocaching too! I think Evan would love it. My free spirit, Addi, might not enjoy it quite as much though. lol. Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. I think we'll try some geocaching when it cools off a little bit. I know lots of people that do it and they always have fun. I'll add that to the fall break to do list.

    What a totally cool splash pad. I like ones that have big and that have lots of different things that pop and spray. It makes it easier when there is a big group of kids. They're not bumping into each other so much.


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