Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fun in Asheville

After all of our more educational explorations, the boys and I enjoyed a few more ordinary fun excursions.  First, we headed back to Biltmore Estate for one more day of fun in the more kid friendly areas around Antler Hill Village.  There is a fun little area with a less expensive outdoor counter service restaurant, a mercantile shop, blacksmith shop, and stables to explore as well as a playground and barnyard with animals to play with.    The next day we headed into downtown Asheville to eat lunch and play in the water in Pack Square.  On our last day, Daddy joined us for some putt-putt.  We had to find a place since the boys had been begging for a game of putt-putt during all of our travels.


 photo Asheville.collage1_zpsvs91rldp.jpg
It was pretty hot on this little playground so we didn't stay here long.  We did manage to enjoy it a little when the sun went behind some clouds from a quickly approaching storm. 

 photo Asheville.collage2_zpsw84nr5ja.jpg
Mattox enjoyed the swings a little. 

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These boys love to drive anything.  Tractors are cool!

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Brody loved driving this little horse drawn wagon, and he and Evan both discovered the joy of some old-fashioned toys here too.  They played for a long time while Mommy sat and fed Mattox in a nice shady spot with a rocking chair. 

 photo Asheville.collage5_zpsqks3dyfu.jpg
The boys loved petting chickens and goats. 

 photo Asheville.collage6_zpshy3nqwii.jpg
Then, we enjoyed one last drive through the estate.  It really is such a beautiful place, and I would love to explore more of it. 


 photo Asheville.collage7_zpszlwmhkms.jpg
Playing in a cool splash park in the center of the city. 

 photo Asheville.collage8_zpst0mirfhd.jpg
I love Brody's faces when he is playing in the water.  Evan has really started to act more mature during these times.  He will still act silly and pretend he is a ninja often, but sometimes, he will prefer to play it more cool.  This may or may not happen when girls are around.  Ha!

 photo Asheville.collage9_zpsfagxeejs.jpg
The boys wanted to pose by this marble replica of the two main government buildings in Pack Square.  Most of Asheville is a very unique and trendy place with lots of little local shops and restaurants.  It is a young town, and a lot of its citizens enjoy a very "green" lifestyle.  I liked the obelisk structure in town.  It was built in 1897 and is 75 feet tall.  It is a monument to Civil War officer and two-time governor of North Carolina, Zebulon Baird Vance, who was also an attorney and citizen of Asheville.  

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There is a beautiful Veterans' Memorial in Pack Square.  The statue of the woman sitting in the center of the monument is really touching, like a woman waiting for men to come home from war. 

 photo Asheville.collage11_zps5tot62dx.jpg
While we were having fun, Daddy and the teachers were getting lots of forestry lessons as they toured some local timber mills and forest products industries in the area.  They always practice safety first and are given hard hats to keep by Eddie's organization. 


 photo Asheville.collage12_zps8k0cifsr.jpg
Yay for putt-putt!  It was my turn to play with the boys while Daddy watched Mattox.  He was able to walk the course with us though and keep Mattox in the shade.  This course had a mostly safari theme with some island theme holes mixed in.  

 photo Asheville.collage13_zpsluyb0tag.jpg
Brody called the skull "Skull Rock" from his favorite show "Jake & the Neverland Pirates."  He also wanted to hit his ball through the volcano.  

 photo Asheville.collage14_zpsan6cqlg9.jpg
Brody has really improved in his game and let me help him grip his club correctly.  

 photo Asheville.collage15_zpswt0zj01q.jpg
The boys and I visited Papa in Charlotte on our way home at the end of the week.  We enjoyed stopping by our old home to see it one last time and eating lunch at our old favorite Mexican restaurant that has our favorite white sauce.  Oh how I wish we could find that around here.  Sigh. 


  1. The splash park looks fun! :) Glad you all are doing well.

  2. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. We love the Biltmore and usually spend our Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas there. All the best.

  3. You can go to the Biltmore with ME next time!!! And I love that you got to play mini golf. I should probably be planning other vacations but I really just want to come back to North Carolina and do everything you just wrote about. (I say that every blog post you write lately, don't I?!?)

  4. Finally! Putt-putt! It's not a Reese summer without a good game of putt-putt. Maybe this will finally be the year that we take our kids when it cools down a bit. Didn't I say that last summer and the one before too?

    That is too funny about Evan starting to act more mature and a little less playful, especially when girls are around. I'm starting to see that just a tiny little bit with Spencer too. Thankfully he's still playful with mom at home. I don't know what I'll do when that stops. Cry and sigh and get it from his little brother, I guess.


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