Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Celebrating Mattie's 2nd Birthday

We had a few celebrations this past week, but most important to our family was celebrating our precious Mattie's 2nd birthday.  She may be in heaven and not with us, but we still love her and want to celebrate her.  Brody most of all tells us all the time that he wants to do things for his sister like make her cake, make her presents and cards, and play with her.  We all enjoyed our little celebration together this year.  We just wish she was here with us to eat cake, open presents, and enjoy her special day getting to do whatever she wants.

 photo Mattie_zpsvfwarelg.jpg

 photo Mattie1_zpsyot9re2w.jpg
Mommy put up the decorations.  Brody doesn't think it's a real birthday without some decorations and balloons. 

 photo Mattie2_zpsgesrznpb.jpg
Brody also helped make her a special card.  He is just the sweetest boy. 

 photo Mattie4_zpsaihuqads.jpg
A big bouquet of pink balloons for our princess. 

 photo Mattie5_zpspytzbbni.jpg
And a special "2" candle. 

 photo Mattie6_zpsfc8scs1z.jpg
My big boys and I prepare to make a wish for Mattie and blow out her candle. 

 photo Mattie7_zpsd1zxdwb0.jpg
Our whole family together. 

 photo Mattie8_zpsszp2qfd4.jpg
Mattie's three brothers will help make a wish for her. 

 photo Mattie9_zpshplllesa.jpg

 photo Mattie10_zpsbrtwymcb.jpg
Mattie has the best brothers, and I know she is watching over them. 

 photo Mattie11_zpschh3m2gs.jpg
These three will always love you, Mattie. 

 photo Mattie12_zpsxcamupz4.jpg
Brody's face here makes me laugh. 

 photo Mattie13_zpsdozmtztq.jpg
So does Mattox's face here. 

 photo Mattie14_zpsyc2nkpzh.jpg
Finally, it's cupcake time!

 photo Mattie15_zpslmzv9g3y.jpg
The boys ate pink cupcakes for you, Mattie. 

 photo Mattie16_zpsb55ces8a.jpg
Silly Daddy pretending to feed Mattox a cupcake.  

 photo Mattie17_zpsoioat74h.jpg
He is so mean tempting baby Mattox. 

 photo Mattie18_zps9eehdwod.jpg
We visited Mattie and took her some new flowers. 

 photo Mattie20_zpspwqdtzbf.jpg
I just wish I could do more. 

 photo Mattie19_zpsprgxgzqu.jpg
Brody wanted a special picture with his sister. 

 photo Mattie21_zpss0bvxcbc.jpg
Our whole family.  It just doesn't feel complete without Mattie. 

 photo Mattie23_zpsuuo08j5s.jpg

 photo Mattie24_zps4vx2iuab.jpg
Mattie's three brothers with her. 
And so begins another year without you...


  1. Oh Sherry -- I'm so glad that you have ways to remember Mattie and that you do as much as you can to celebrate without her here on earth with you. You know how much I wish that you could be living life WITH her every day instead of living with her memory.

    But your princess is so loved and you do a good job of one of the hardest jobs -- being a mom to an angel.

  2. I love the ways that you keep Mattie so close. You have done such an amazing job of that. I really wish that you did not have to celebrate without her. Wish I could give you all hugs.

  3. What a wonderful and special birthday celebration for Mattie. I know you wish you could do more, but I really think you are doing a fantastic job of remembering her and of making special memories for the boys. They might not "appreciate" it now when they are young, but I absolutely believe they will be changed for the better by your efforts as they get older. They will be better able to share their feelings and to grieve and to also celebrate. And that will be the best tribute to their sister.


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