Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Adorable 20 Week Photo Shoot

Mattox still hasn't been to a portrait studio or had "professional" pictures taken, but I think we are doing just fine over here capturing his cuteness.  I take Mattox's pictures every week, but I guess my OCD just loves nice even numbers so 20 feels kind of special.  Since he is finally liking to be on his tummy and is just so full of smiles now, I wanted some special pictures.  I took similar pictures of Brody at this age in just his diaper, but I thought I might as well get a little more use out of the diaper cover I made for Mattox at Easter.  I just love the sweet simplicity of these pictures that just seemed to capture so much of what Mattox is doing now like playing on his tummy, playing with his feet, and finding and following me with his eyes wherever I go.   He is just growing up way too fast!

 photo Mattox1_zpslbjfuox8.jpg

 photo Mattox2_zpstzzinkif.jpg
I always love the simplicity of black and white pictures. 

 photo Mattox3_zpshwyeii35.jpg
Always with eyes wide open so he doesn't miss anything. 

 photo Mattox4_zpsf5513mxj.jpg
Sweet little smiles. 

 photo Mattox5_zpscusdm3pp.jpg

 photo Mattox6_zpsbjfgnjkh.jpg

 photo Mattox7_zpsadohq1d2.jpg

 photo Mattox8_zpskpc1e6nc.jpg

 photo Mattox9_zpsspn2xn44.jpg

 photo Mattox10_zpsnl7rwzhr.jpg
He has so many sweet expressions, but ones like these make me laugh.  He definitely has some funny ones too. 

 photo Mattox11_zpsvebsin46.jpg

 photo Mattox12_zps0kzg2bq4.jpg

 photo Mattox13_zpsdlibp45l.jpg
So thoughtful. 

 photo Mattox14_zps9odsqwzb.jpg

 photo Mattox15_zpsihjncesn.jpg

 photo Mattox16_zpsjjy8cubj.jpg

 photo Mattox17_zpsllgaagmw.jpg
"Yay!  Toes!"

 photo Mattox18_zpsawaki5em.jpg
Gorgeous blue eyes!

 photo Mattox20_zpsr8tv5r5o.jpg

 photo Mattox21_zpsznexmznc.jpg

 photo Mattox22_zpsurjdbrbj.jpg

 photo Mattox23_zpsljxhes9k.jpg

 photo Mattox24_zpswsu7byxt.jpg
"Ooops, did I say that?" 

 photo Mattox25_zpsqgygogut.jpg

 photo Mattox26_zpswbvl5wlw.jpg
I made this diaper cover, and darn it, if I am not going to get a picture of his booty in it.  Haha! 

 photo Mattox27_zps901wxfhx.jpg

 photo Mattox28_zpstpxhd9oi.jpg

 photo Mattox30_zpsf9c0tmra.jpg

 photo Mattox31_zpskpiamemj.jpg

 photo Mattox32_zpsrrhqnzzr.jpg

As usual, stay tuned for more cuteness!


  1. Well if ever there was an accurate blog title, this would be it! Total adorableness. I'm so glad you didn't put any of these in photo grids too. While I really like the photo grid thing it's nice to have big pictures so you can see all of the different details. Because each picture has its own little charm. I think my favorites are the one above the one captioned "did I say that"? He just looks so cute. And then all of the "booty" ones. It's great that you got to use the diaper cover again too. Good job putting that OCD to good use!

    1. Accurate, yes. Creative, not much. Haha! I tried to do better with the next post for you. Yes, I like the photo collages to squeeze lots of pictures in, but I didn't want to shrink these so small I couldn't see all his cute little details. Yes, I am glad I made that diaper cover bigger. The ones I made before he was born are all way too small now. Sigh.

  2. Oh Sherry, the adorableness, sweetness, and cuteness of this is almost overwhelming. What a complete sweetheart you have! And I love the booty pictures!

    Also, it's weird, but seeing the detail of the crochet is making me excited to wear my awesome scarf again :)

    1. Yep, made with the left over yarn from your project! ;-) Ya'll can match!


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