Saturday, June 13, 2015

Who Our Kids Really Look Like

It is always fun to talk about and guess who kids look like.  For me, it is even more special to see my kids look and act like me (sometimes) because being adopted, I did not always grow up with parents that I resembled.  My brother and I do look a lot alike though although I think he looks more like our biological father, and I look more like our biological mother.  I have always seen a predominant resemblance in my kids.  Evan has always looked so much like Eddie to me while Brody seemed to be my little twin in every way.  Mattox has been a bit more of a mix so far.  While I thought he mostly looked like Evan and Eddie, he seems to look more and more like me and Brody every day, mostly because of his head shape.  I thought it would be fun to use one of those look alike apps that are so readily available today.  Here are our results which do vary quite a bit from my personal observations:
 photo lookalike1_zpsaiy7g2fd.png
Big surprise #1.  Apparently, the app thinks Evan looks like me.  Interesting. Not sure why on this one.  I think if he smiles showing his teeth, he definitely looks like dad. 

 photo lookalike5_zpsnb2zj4pt.png
I tried different pictures of me and Eddie, and it went the other way.  Haha!

 photo lookalike3_zpswdoasrmj.png
Brody was no surprise here.  Looks like mom! 

 photo lookalike4_zpstrzqglia.png
Mattox was a little surprise, but I see it in his head shape and mouth and chin. 

Baby Look Alikes

I thought it would be interesting to see how the app rated us all on our baby pictures.  Interesting results.

 photo lookalike7_zpsvlnaay3j.png
It says Evan is way more like mom.  I have always seen dad in his baby pictures. I think the poor quality of our scanned baby pictures does not help. 

 photo lookalike6_zpseaxqefxz.png
Surprise again...It says Brody looks like Dad.  This face is definitely a mommy face!  

 photo lookalike8_zpsvxv7enp8.png
Again, it says Mattox is more like mommy. 

 photo lookalike9_zpsajzwxw7o.png
This one I agree with although not necessarily in this picture.  Mattie looked more like dad.  I see it in the shape of her eyes and face shape. 

 photo lookalike10_zpsjgyuigke.png
Another one of Mattox still looking like mom.  I think in these pictures he does because of his big open eyes that are more like mine in the baby pictures. 

 photo lookalike11_zpswaq5x5hy.png
Another says Evan looked like me even wearing the same outfit as daddy.  I think it is just their expressions that are different and that Evan's eyes are more wide open like mine.  

 photo lookalike12_zpsnjzhglsn.png
This time it did see Brody looking more like me.  I agree! 


  1. I think Evan looks just like his daddy, Brody looks just like you, and Mattie and Mattox are perfectly blended in their looks. =)

  2. I agree with what Tracy said. And even more so more having spent time with you all in person :)

  3. I have seen this floating around FB, but haven't tried it out. I think it's neat the way you put in the baby pictures b/c people are always asking me who I think Ace looks like.. Looks like your little guy is a perfect blend! ;)

  4. This is so fun! One time, a long time ago, I used a website to see what the babies would look like if Michael and I had babies together. Spencer was probably about 2 so I was able to compare the baby pictures to our 1 baby at the time. It was totally off! I'll have to try this sometime because I think that Spencer is daddy's mini-me and Elliott is my mini-me. I also agree with everyone above. Evan is daddy, Brody is you and Mattie and Mattox are a mix of mom and dad.


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