Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Memories

Oh May!  Where did you go?  It seems like I was just writing about April and now here we are in June.  Sigh.  It was a busy month with Evan finishing up second grade, both big boys finishing up baseball, and exploring our new community every chance we could.

 photo May17_zpsyk8hjfzv.jpg
I changed out my beloved bunny banner for our Spring one. 

 photo May52_zps1lchn6dc.jpg
Brody and I added some fun window clings to our decor.  Since we don't have a glass screen door at this house, we decided to decorate the inside mirrors where we can see them.  Brody loves saying things are awesome so this one was for him.  I put one on their bathroom mirror that says You are my sunshine.  Of course, all of these window clings were from the dollar bins at Target. 

 photo May1_zpsyrh5i7oy.jpg
We began the month with our fun trip to Discovery Place Kids for Brody's birthday. 

 photo May2_zpsk3iq3vyf.jpg
Both boys made cards to send to their cousins back in Charlotte.  I thought Brody did a good job on his.  I wrote the message, but he colored it in and put the animal stickers on it. 

 photo May3_zpsm7df3dhr.jpg
He also traced all of their names. 

 photo May4_zps5bgqfjpv.jpg
And his own name. 

 photo May5_zps64311scv.jpg
We spent many evenings at the ball fields with big brothers. 

 photo May6_zpsgvdbchcb.jpg
Our backyard had a lovely rosebush in bloom.  I think there are at least three varieties of rose bushes intertwined in this one bush. 

 photo May7_zpsv56b3mmg.jpg
The boys met the cow at our local Chick-fil-a. 

 photo May8_zps5tawxth8.jpg
And gave him high fives. 

 photo May9_zpsvhjanqkh.jpg
I can't believe I actually got a picture of Brody with the cow.  He is not usually a fan of costumed characters.  

 photo May10_zps7hfdrsfq.jpg
I enjoyed lots of snuggling with this little guy. 

 photo May11_zpsf9znablu.jpg
He enjoyed hanging out in his seat. 

 photo May12_zpscpry0d4k.jpg
Just looking cute as usual. 

 photo May13_zps9omyz4ne.jpg
I had a bit of a traumatic incident one morning rescuing this poor baby bird from the craziness of our dog.  I did put him back in his nest in our rose bush, but I didn't have the heart to check and see if he lived.  
 photo May14_zpsfr67kyyl.jpg
I made myself a yummy chocolate strawberry banana smoothie.  Yum! 

 photo May15.jp_zpsskwzay2l.jpg
This kid had his first taste of iced coffee, but he didn't actually drink much of it.  It was actually given to us free one morning when we stopped at the Krispy Kreme drive thru.  I guess it was a mistaken order.  I think the people behind us had ordered a vanilla one, and this chocolate one was made by mistake. 

 photo May16_zpslfthaheq.jpg
Silly boy thought it was a milkshake.  

 photo May18_zpssrsf4xxp.jpg
Mr. Mattox got to attend a little work social with Mommy and Daddy one evening, but there are no photos of Mommy and Daddy to document.  

 photo May19_zpsysis16w8.jpg
Brody sporting his lovely green teeth he "won" with his tickets at Adventure Landing. 

 photo May20_zpsszz3hbyl.jpg
Daddy and Mattox enjoying some special time after work. 

 photo May21_zpsbnngh0rn.jpg
My little snuggle bear. 

 photo May22_zpswtrogu3b.jpg
Mattox also enjoyed his first swim in the pool. 

 photo May45_zps8u6iu1zb.jpg
And he was all ready to watch big brother Brody's last t-ball game, but it got cancelled. 

 photo May46_zps0xtufcth.jpg
These boys have enjoyed using the pool in our new neighborhood.  Evan is just sad it doesn't have a diving board. 

 photo May47_zps6c60inwb.jpg
I did buy Brody a big float to play with in the pool. 

 photo May48_zps59ig2yrx.jpg
He quickly picked right up where he left behind last year with his swimming. 

 photo May49_zpsfcpfsmdp.jpg
Little fish. 

 photo May50_zpsqj5dr6cg.jpg
And Evan is still a proficient swimmer and is making lots of new friends at the pool. 

 photo May51_zpsphngovni.jpg
Sweet Mattox getting warmed up after his pool time. 


  1. I am so excited for our first pool visit. For some reason, it hasn't happened yet...

    Also, I miss Chick-Fil-A. We only had one meal there but it was very memorable.

  2. We finally had our first swim of the summer, but it was in Houston. We need to go where we live. =) I love all of these May memories. This is always such a fun post.

  3. It was a busy month but definitely not as busy as March or April. I think May finally brought you a little room to breathe and relax. That's always a good thing. All of the pictures of the boys are darling. Well, except the one of Brody's green teeth. Ha ha ha. That one is just freaky.


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