Monday, June 22, 2015

Lazy Summer Pool Days

We have been enjoying lots of pool days this past month.  Usually, we like to go to our neighborhood pool in the evening when Daddy is with us and when it is a little cooler and more shady so we don't have to worry about sunscreen.  I did brave the pool a couple of times in the hotter part of the day to have a swim play date or on the weekend with Daddy.  The boys love playing in the water.  Brody quickly picked up where he left off last year with swimming around well with just his arm floats and not being afraid to put his head under the water.  Then, just in the last couple of weeks he started jumping off the side of the pool by himself.  That was a pretty big deal for him.  I know Evan didn't do that as early, and both of them have a healthy dose of caution.  Mattox also seems to enjoy the water.  He immediately gets so calm and relaxed in the water and likes to be in his little float now.  He isn't quite sitting up on his own yet although he does well with just minimal support of his lower body.  He usually just likes to lie back in his little float and relax in the water.  He is so cute kicking his little feet.

 photo pool.collage1_zpsunuo278r.jpg
Playing with my littlest man in the pool. 

 photo pool.collage2_zps9knxzjyi.jpg
Water loving Brody

 photo pool.collage3_zpskjq2wabl.jpg
Those boys have so much fun.  Evan can always find someone to play with or throw a ball with.  Brody just loves doing his own thing. 

 photo pool.collage4_zps29is9mky.jpg
Brody loves letting Daddy throw him. 

 photo pool.collage5_zpsuuyes0cq.jpg
I just love watching these boys play together. 

 photo pool.collage6_zpsefwuqjqx.jpg
He makes getting thrown into the water look fun! 

 photo pool.collage7_zpszg95hdxa.jpg
Just keep swimming.  We have enjoyed meeting Brody's little friend, Eli, at the pool. 

 photo pool.collage8_zpsl6mkinvq.jpg
Fun for Mattox. 

 photo pool.collage9_zpszbvzb8ie.jpg
Evan practices jumping into the pool.  He misses the diving board. 

 photo pool.collage10_zpspvi1nx9p.jpg
And Brody started jumping in too!  

 photo pool.collage11_zpseeiv5qkp.jpg
Yes, Daddy and Brody let Evan practice jumping over them. 

 photo pool.collage12_zps6jsykjqi.jpg
Brody is getting so brave.  


  1. This post makes me really wish we had a neighborhood pool. It looks like you all really enjoy it. We found a community pool yesterday that we really enjoy. We already can't wait to go back.

  2. This post is mostly reminding me that we need to head to our pool -- STAT! Swimming lessons start next week and we haven't even been swimming as a family yet :(

  3. We are exactly the same. Even though we have a huge pool in our back yard, we rarely go swimming during the day. It's just too sunny and hot. We usually go every night after dinner when the sun is past the backyard so we don't need to apply sunscreen.

    I've said it before- but I love your photo collages. It's a great way to cram AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL the pictures into a post!


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