Monday, June 1, 2015

Evan's Last Days as a Wolf

Cub Scouts turned out to be even more of a blessing for Evan than we knew it would be when he started last Fall.  He enjoyed his days in his old Cub Scout troop in Charlotte and was so sad to leave his pals behind.  Moving to a new town was difficult enough, but we are thankful that joining his new troop here allowed him to quickly make some new friends even before he went back to school for his last two months of second grade.  He missed out on a few big events this year between changing troops, including both troops' big annual overnight trip and the well-known Pinewood Derby events, but he enjoyed some very fun times with both of his troops.  He loved going camping with both troops, going to a baseball game, and planting a garden.  He is ready to participate in more events next year as a Bear!  Daddy plans to be more active in his troop next year and assist with leading his Den.

 photo Cubscouts1_zpsdarbpwoe.jpg
Evan's archery skills have improved, and he was the only kid to score a bulls eye at the Spring camping trip. 

 photo Cubscouts2_zps2mfrfy30.jpg
He made a personalized leather bookmark.  I spy a dinosaur on his. 

 photo Cubscouts3_zpsw6gnqlur.jpg
Evan and some of his new troop buddies. 

 photo Cubscouts4_zpsaqbdlewd.jpg
The boys worked together on their Conservation Badge and helped plant a garden. 

 photo Cubscouts5_zpswtcnyhcq.jpg
Preparing the soil. 

 photo Cubscouts6_zpsxuqok4wg.jpg
Boys do love playing in the dirt. 

 photo Cubscouts7_zpsgvsat4pv.jpg

 photo Cubscouts8_zpsuskrekfy.jpg
Digging holes and putting in the plants. 

 photo Cubscouts9_zpsdsxuhgkc.jpg
Evan using the hole digger. 

 photo Cubscouts10_zpsmgwonlal.jpg

 photo Cubscouts11_zpsedwrmhzr.jpg
The boys all enjoyed some much deserved refreshments after their hard work. 

 photo Cubscouts12_zpsogu7u4fb.jpg
They had a little celebration at their last Den meeting. 

 photo Cubscouts13_zpszkhnuygl.jpg
And had a nerf gun shooting competition. 

 photo Cubscouts14_zpso8eslhty.jpg
Evan takes aim. 

 photo Cubscouts15_zpsyyaptacm.jpg
Cheering on their buddies.  Oh and Daddy got the wise idea to stand in the line of fire and let them shoot at the camera.  Haha! 

 photo Cubscouts16_zpsdoaomvky.jpg
Enjoying a little cake.  Daddy didn't get a good picture of the cake before it was mostly devoured, but it had their Wolf symbol on it. 

 photo Cubscouts17_zps7oqsihn1.jpg
Ready for the last pack meeting and awards presentation. 

 photo Cubscouts18_zpsedxfc8bz.jpg
Evan got his World Conservation Badge and his baseball beltloop. 

 photo Cubscouts19_zpsjz9zhror.jpg
He ended up with quite a few decorations this year. 

 photo Cubscouts20_zpss7kkbfpo.jpg
And is all ready to be a Bear next year! 


  1. Scouts look like so much fun. I really wish that we would have done them with our Evan now. I'm so glad that your Evan has enjoyed it so much.

  2. I'm glad that this has been such a positive experience for Evan and a great way to connect with people in your new home. Also, having spent a lot of today doing yard work (while watching our friends THREE boys nonetheless), I could use some of those refreshments! :)

  3. I really like the idea of them planting the garden together. We have a big raised garden on our side yard, but we've never done anything with it. I think now that Elliott is a little bit older we might be able to do a fall garden this year. Perhaps I should ask Evan for some advice.

    It will be nice for him to start with the same troop again next year and then be able to finish the year with them. I'm looking forward to reading about all of their adventures. I actually get a lot of ideas for things to do from reading these. Ha ha!


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