Friday, June 12, 2015

Evan's Baseball Season {2015}

Evan finished up his fifth season of baseball very strong.  Although we were a little disappointed with the quality of the league he played on this year, we were very proud of how far Evan has progressed in the sport.  He was hitting very well throughout the season usually getting at least a single base hit.  He was also playing well in the field stopping ground balls and catching fly balls.  He seemed to play best at either second base or short stop.  One particular play that made his father and I very proud was when he stopped a fast ground ball on his knee and then threw the ball to first base from his knee for the out.  It was just awesome to watch!  I really hope Evan will continue to enjoy playing this sport because I think he definitely has a lot of skill.

 photo Evan.baseball_zpsqnisjeou.jpg
Your league never got their act together and had a photographer available so we took our own photos.  Daddy made the emblem for your official baseball picture, and we ordered your fridge magnet.  

 photo Evan.baseball24_zpsijrksaq4.jpg
Such a handsome ball player. 

 photo Evan.baseball22_zps2zhhn55z.jpg
Your team photo.  You had a good team with some good coaches this year.  We were a little disappointed in the uniform quality though.  

 photo Evan.baseball23_zps4lz7d7ji.jpg
A less behaved picture!  You all had a case of the sillies. 

 photo Evan.baseball2_zps31vo5zob.jpg
Go #27!  I asked you if you picked your number because it was your birth date.  You said you didn't so I guess it was just a lucky coincidence. 

 photo Evan.baseball3_zpsfl2akame.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball4_zpsjacjpdz8.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball5_zpsd5zykscz.jpg
Running to first. 

 photo Evan.baseball6_zpsazgtml0n.jpg
And you're safe! 

 photo Evan.baseball7_zpsptrflzsj.jpg
You played well in the pitching position.  Our team preferred to play coach pitch although we played against several machine pitch teams.  We were disappointed since you had played machine pitch the previous year and were ready. We had to constantly tell your coach to pitch the ball faster to you because you couldn't hit those slow balls anymore. 

 photo Evan.baseball8_zpsbgrkrup2.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball9_zpsiksjwhdd.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball10_zpsgkirndp3.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball11_zpstz7mu2se.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball12_zpsrjmzhn3o.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball13_zpsg3lboydq.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball14_zpscpatonnc.jpg
You played like a pro in the field. 

 photo Evan.baseball15_zpsjdhujmhf.jpg
And you always look ready and determined. 

 photo Evan.baseball16_zpsqmy8fvdd.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball17_zpsfq9hrgy5.jpg
You have a powerful swing. 

 photo Evan.baseball18_zpskboboflj.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball19_zpstk42t2dg.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball20_zpsdsdupxxo.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball25_zpsruptcguy.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball26_zps5s7lnocy.jpg
I love that look that shows you are giving it all you got! 

 photo Evan.baseball27_zpsjpyjgzqe.jpg
You like to play catcher although you didn't get to as much because you were more needed in the field as one of the stronger players. 
 photo Evan.baseball28_zpscz0crkye.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball29_zpsnj3ixwjv.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball30_zpspndj09se.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball31_zps9soprswm.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball32_zpsemavdhvc.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball33_zpsj6ruhg50.jpg

 photo Evan.baseball34_zpsigkcwwkj.jpg
You made it all the way to third base here and did score several runs throughout the season. 

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