Friday, June 12, 2015

Brody's T-Ball Season {2015}

Brody continued to enjoy a fun season learning the game of baseball.  He was so cute out there and really did well.  He grew a little attached to having Daddy on the field with him, but at one of his last games when Mommy had to take him by herself, he did great playing out in the field by himself.  He started picking up the pace and running faster too.  We were very proud of how he advanced in the sport this year and look forward to many more years watching him play sports.

 photo tball10_zpsammz1yjn.jpg
My pretty little ball player. 

 photo tball11_zps4inws4nv.jpg

 photo tball12_zpsfezi4atd.jpg

 photo tball13_zpsfwoaacw0.jpg

 photo tball1_zpsdu3ki39s.jpg

 photo tball2_zpsn0ilhd9v.jpg

 photo tball3_zpsaypxh2r2.jpg

 photo tball4_zpsu9npwq57.jpg
He was all smiles as he ran the bases. 

 photo tball5_zps8bck3pno.jpg
He's our #1!

 photo tball6_zpsrivo2eki.jpg
He made it to first. 

 photo tball7_zpshiyoqxkq.jpg

 photo tball8_zps1dgsnoco.jpg
Running home! 
 photo tball9_zpskaxfjhj2.jpg
I loved the way he would jump onto home plate.  So so cute! 

 photo tball14_zps6fi99lrz.jpg
Ready to bat.  He hated that chin strap. 

 photo tball15_zpsrgoa4vv3.jpg

 photo tball16_zps84ve33zo.jpg

 photo tball17_zpsgyrv4xpt.jpg

 photo tball18_zps8mnjnggh.jpg

 photo tball19_zpsn9wzhhrb.jpg
He's safe!  Go Brody! 

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