Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bass Lake Park, Holly Springs, NC

Bass Lake is one of the gems in our new town.  It has a very large recreational lake and facilities for renting boats, fishing, walking the trail around the lake, and just enjoying nature.  The boys and I explored a little of the lake and facilities this past weekend.  We are really enjoying all that our new little town has to offer.  We really don't feel like we are missing out on much by not living in the big city anymore...maybe just a few more restaurants would be nice.  Of course, the neighboring towns of Fuquay Varina, Apex, and Cary add plenty to that list.

 photo May41_zpsqaj2rrpf.jpg
A beautiful view of the lake reflecting clouds. 

 photo May23_zpsic4t9fuy.jpg
Admiring the pretty flowers planted along the trail. 

 photo May24_zpsme4jiwuo.jpg

 photo May25_zpsswuwh5cs.jpg

 photo May26_zps3jro3pcd.jpg
Evan checking to see if there are any residents in the bird feeder. 

 photo May27_zps0fedijo9.jpg
The boys on the little beach. 

 photo May28_zpsvnvauwrh.jpg
We found a family of ducks. 

 photo May29_zpsr1lvqewk.jpg
They didn't mind the boys getting quite close to them. 

 photo May30_zps0xrsrsgp.jpg

 photo May31_zpseaskcka0.jpg
Mommy watching her babies closely. 

 photo May32_zpslvpwr8h2.jpg
We watched this man reel in a feisty catfish. 

 photo May33_zpshorg7u8q.jpg
Evan walking with the ducks. 

 photo May34_zps8vfypbwv.jpg
The facilities include a little nature center where the boys enjoyed seeing lots of turtles.  This park had a big event last month called The Turtle Festival.  We tried to attend, but there were some parking issues.  I asked the town to address those issues for next year so we will see.  

 photo May35_zpsko185s9a.jpg
I think turtles are such sweet looking reptiles. 

 photo May36_zpslkzbwsqz.jpg
This one was sunning himself by a heat lamp. 

 photo May37_zpshh4fisju.jpg
Brody posing with a turtle. 

 photo May38_zpsn0n6ti5h.jpg photo May39_zpssgxtbpxd.jpg
The Eastern Box Turtle is pretty special as he represents our state reptile. 

 photo May40_zpsk1rslnxo.jpg
And posing with a wolf. 

 photo May42_zpsuiigohox.jpg
There is a great veranda where you can rock and take in the beautiful view. 
 photo May43_zpswhc3fege.jpg
The Daddy duck is coming in to join his family. 

 photo May44_zpssyct4ytj.jpg
The whole family is together. 
We hope to enjoy many more days exploring this little nature preserve.


  1. Oh, this just looks like a beautiful place to spend days. I would love to have something like this close to us. And you know I love the close up flower pictures :)

  2. What a pretty place! I love the little beach. You all are going to have a lot of fun there this summer.

  3. This looks fun. So glad the boys are well behaved and didn't just run into the water...ha ha.
    Glad you all have this close to you. :)

  4. What a beautiful and wonderful park to have in your area. All of the pictures came out great. This was a nice little display of your nature photography.

    I hear you on the restaurants. We used to live in a little bedroom community outside of Phoenix. It was all houses, a few grocery stores and hardly any restaurants. When we moved I think we went out to eat for a solid 2 months because we missed eating out so much. But now that it's been 6 years I am back to taking it for granted.


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