Sunday, June 21, 2015

12 Years of Us!

Today, we celebrate both Father's Day and our 12 year wedding anniversary!  We will be traveling to beautiful Asheville, NC where we will visit the beautiful Biltmore Estate.  I have wanted to visit this place for years, and Eddie's teacher's academy conference this week gave us the perfect excuse.  Plus, fathers get in free for Father's Day, and kids get in free all summer.  It really helped seal the deal that I only had to pay for my ticket.  We plan to enjoy making more wonderful memories together in our beautiful love story.  After all....

 photo lovestory.printable_zpsfcskvvum.jpg

Here is a look at the 12 years of us:


 photo us.jpg
Our Wedding Day

 photo picnic.jpg
Our honeymoon in Maui ~ taken way before the digital camera age


 photo anniversary1.jpg
On our first anniversary in our first home together. 


 photo me_eddie5.jpg
There is a serious lack of pictures of us from 2005.  I'm not sure what happened.  I do remember that my sweet husband was playing with our first digital camera shortly after Christmas of 2005 and deleted all the pictures off of it "by accident" before I could download them to the computer.  Not such a great memory but a memory nonetheless!  


 photo reunion.jpg
At Eddie's 10 year class reunion when we were expecting our first little bundle of joy!


 photo portrait6.jpg
With our first beautiful little baby boy. 

 photo PumpkinPatch91.jpg
Picking out pumpkins with our little pumpkin. 


 photo vacation213.jpg
Evan's first real trip to the beach!


 photo easter27.jpg
Our Spring Easter picture ~ a yearly tradition

 photo family2.jpg
Pictures on the beach ~ some of our favorite memories

 photo Kiss2.jpg
Celebrating Valentine's together

 photo ball8.jpg
Going to my first law school formal. 


 photo portrait7.jpg
Our family grew by one as we welcomed our sweet little Brody into the world. 

 photo Christmas60.jpg
Brody's first Christmas

 photo photopass48.jpg

 photo date1.jpg
Celebrating together

 photo Easter45.jpg
Our Spring family picture for 2012. 

 photo photography12.jpg
Another wonderful beach memory.

 photo graduation9_zps0ecd4269.jpg
Celebrating with Mommy on her graduation day. 

 photo Easter45_zps09c4c665.jpg
Our Spring family picture for 2013.

 photo Mattiecollage_zps6e45fe3c.jpg
And how many people can actually claim to have held an angel in their arms?  Our precious Mattie is our very own little angel! 


 photo DC50_zps628cf646.jpg
Our family in Washington, D.C.

 photo Anniversary1_zps205d3018.jpg
Celebrating 11 years together. 

 photo Anniversary3_zps520a0b4d.jpg
Our family just keeps growing! 

 photo Mattox1_zps4awo17zn.jpg
We finally got our rainbow after the storm! 

 photo family13_zpsncciicxs.jpg
And our family just keeps on growing in numbers and in love! 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey of life with me, Eddie!  I love you more today than ever.  In just 13 more years, we will celebrate our silver 25th.  As fast as these last 12 years have gone, I know the next 12 or 13 will fly by!  I don't want to miss a thing!


  1. Happy Anniversary :) You both look so happy together....something beyond can just tell you all are meant to be together.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both. I loved looking at all your pictures over the years. We love the Biltmore, hope you enjoyed your day.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You all are such a sweet couple.

  4. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! I can't believe how young you guys were when you got together :) And I can't wait to hear about the Biltmore.

  5. What a fun look back on your lives together. Isn't it funny to think about how much has changed just in terms of documenting and picture taking in the last 10 to 15 years. I so wish I had blog posts from college and our early years of being married. And digital pictures from those times too!

    I saw that you just posted about your trip to the Biltmore Estate. I've been there! I'm interested to get to your post so I can see how much of it I remember.


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