Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome to Our New Home!

Since there are so many of my blog friends that I would love to invite over to my house to drink sweet tea, eat (pound cake anyone?), chat, and let our children play together, I thought I would offer this little virtual tour of our space.  We are pretty settled into our new house now.  There are still a few projects in the works, but that is always the case around here.  It is a pretty dreary Friday outside so we are just snuggling up inside and resting today since it has been a pretty crazy week.  So come on in and grab a comfy seat on the couch with us!

 photo house33_zpsbx2qa09m.jpg
The front yard is a bit of a mess from all the rain we've had lately.  It never seems to dry out completely.  Plus, it is mostly weeds.  
 photo house34_zpskzzf11je.jpg
Brody would like to welcome you to his home. 

 photo house35_zpskuuut6wd.jpg
On the way in, you can enjoy the new Spring flowers I planted in my old planters. 

 photo house36_zpsvcpuilil.jpg

 photo house37_zpsz5bivvqh.jpg
Come on in the front door.  I got a new outdoor rug to match the blue front door. 
The Living Room

 photo house4_zpsbtbvwott.jpg
Upon entering, you see our living room.  Much better than our last house where you would have immediately seen my kids' lovely play room filled with all their toys. 

 photo house5_zpsbgksmncv.jpg
Is it acceptable to leave my bunny banner up all year?  You know I love it.  No curtains hung yet.  It is on the to do list eventually. 

 photo house6_zpswiwphmsn.jpg
Since our television now sits above the fireplace (not sure I actually like that), I used our media cabinet as Mattie's special spot for all her pictures.  We haven't gotten a new family portrait taken yet since Mattox arrived so this is the one when Brody was a baby. 

 photo house7_zpsgftyurnn.jpg
The opposite wall behind the sofas.  I think I came up with the best option for the sofa layout since the fireplace is set at an angle.  I actually eventually want a sectional sofa, but this actually kind of gives about the same feel with the couches in an L shape.  The arched entrance goes to our bedroom. 

 photo house8_zpsj5hkxwnd.jpg
Looking back towards the front door with the little hallway leading to the boys' bedrooms and bathroom.  The entrance wasn't large enough for an entry console table although I did hang my mirror there.  There is a nice sized coat closet with space for our shoe storage.  
 photo house11.jp_zpsvksbmzhz.jpg
I already showed off Evan's and Brody's bedroom, but here is their little bathroom.  They don't take baths/showers in here yet, but they do use it more and brush their teeth in here. 
 photo house9_zpsfhgvx2lp.jpg
This little decorative built-in shelf seemed like the perfect spot for my parents' Greek vase that I have always loved.  After all these years, my sweet little Brody decided to knock it off our old brick fireplace hearth (intentionally maybe?) so my husband did his best to glue the pieces back together.  It looks pretty good but is even more fragile now.  So eventually, I need to make a trip to Greece for another one, right?  

 photo house10_zpsjaibfrvz.jpg
The entrance to the kitchen. 
The Kitchen

 photo house13_zpsoeomzx18.jpg
I actually like the color of the cabinets, but the countertops are nothing special.  We actually put this refrigerator in the garage and put ours in here because this one had some broken shelves. 

 photo house12_zpsjnix2w18.jpg
Cocoa likes to follow me around and got into this picture.  The door is to the pantry which is a very good size walk-in pantry, and the stairs lead to the kids' playroom.  

 photo house14_zps2bh3pbbs.jpg
There is a large bar that I may eventually get stools for, but it is pretty high so I am not sure if we will really use it for eating. 

 photo house15_zpspug6tlch.jpg
The dining area.  I bought a new rug for under the table from Kirkland's because I put the old one in the sun room.  The hard concrete floors with just vinyl tile covering them can get very uncomfortable to walk or stand on so area rugs are necessary. 

 photo house16_zps5hspuz8r.jpg
Hello, Cocoa!  Another view of the dining area with the archway leading to the back door to the garage.  The laundry room is back there too. 

 photo house17_zpsaekqex1d.jpg
I love this little gallery wall of some of our favorite portraits, including our family picture with Mattie and Evan's and Brody's baby portraits. 

 photo house18_zpsnswwahvd.jpg
The archway leading to the playroom beside the archway to the back door. We have hung our hooks for coats and school bags by the back door since taking this picture. 

 photo house19_zpsw3merku7.jpg
Up the stairs to the playroom space in the room over the garage.  It has been nice to have all the kids' toys up there out of sight. 

The Playroom 

 photo house20_zpsrzsjew1y.jpg
The view of the room from the stairs.  I think the wall with the window would be a great spot for some built-in shelves on either side with a window seat under the window between them.  That could make this a more teenager and adult friendly room. 

 photo house21_zpsraltinx9.jpg
I used the nook on one side of the stairs for the television and video game playing area.  I often come up to find Brody napping in this red chair after he has been watching his shows. 

 photo house22_zpshoxndjxh.jpg
I put this old desk in here in hopes that eventually we will use the space for our school work.  Evan usually just uses the dining table because I usually have to supervise his work. 

 photo house23_zpsfrwgqtpc.jpg
Brody's little kitchen area is on the other side.  I would love to build him a little playhouse for this corner to put his kitchen in.  I am thinking of one made out of pvc pipe and cloth like this one.   The large blue tub holds all their dress up hats (they have a lot), and the drawer container below has more dress up stuff. 

 photo house24_zps84efaqag.jpg
We put both of these little white shelf units up here for extra storage.  That little dinosaur tent takes up way too much space, but they love it.  I would love a more space saving tent over in the corner instead. 

 photo house25_zpstkncsr0i.jpg
A reading corner.  I think a little tent or canopy over here would be perfect. 

The Sun Room/Office

 photo house26_zpsaucfl4eo.jpg
The sun room area was a nice bonus since we needed a space for our old screened porch furniture.  I didn't want it outside because rain will ruin the cushions.   It also is nice to have our home office desk area in here.  We don't really use the desk for our computers since we keep our laptops in our bedroom, but I like keeping all of the bills and household papers in one place and not in our other living areas. 

 photo house32_zps6rxsooh5.jpg
I have used the big wall in here to start this little photo wall with some of our favorite portraits of the kids.  I figure I can just go up the wall as we add more.  Mattox will need a row of pictures too.  Not all the black frames match exactly because they were bought at different times, but they are pretty close so I am okay with that until I win the lottery and can afford to buy a ton of matching frames. 

 photo house27_zpstxenxem2.jpg
Cocoa's little pen is also in here.  I didn't want to resort to a crate, but while she is in the chewing stage, it is a must when we are out of the house. 

 photo house28_zps5fztmxay.jpg
The back door leading to the patio and backyard.  We had to install chain locks up high on the doors because Brody cannot be trusted not to go out whenever he feels like it.  

The Backyard and Patio

 photo house29_zpsaoeienxf.jpg
I like that the little patio area has a privacy fence.  

 photo house30_zpsobxnyzen.jpg
We picked this house because it was the best option available in the area with a fence.  It isn't a tall fence though so we worry Cocoa could jump it if she wanted to.  I also had to put a lock on the gate because I think a neighborhood kid let her out one time because I found her just outside the fence, and it didn't seem that she had jumped over it because she likely would have damaged it or hurt herself.  

 photo house31_zps583uvqqp.jpg
The yard isn't huge, but it is big enough for the kids to play and for their trampoline.  It too has been a wet mess lately, but there is more grass back here. 
So we hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. I love the slanted walls in the playroom... So cute! Glad you are settled in. 😃

  2. What a great house. You've done such a wonderful job making it your home in such a short amount of time. Well done! You can tell that it's definitely updated, modern and bright. The paint color on the walls is very similar to the neutral paint color we have throughout our whole house too.

    I really like the plans for that PVC pipe house. It might be a summer project for us too. Although Elliott already has a real play house outside. Maybe we'll just pull that in for the summer. Ha!

  3. It's so fun that I just KNOW your house from having been there!!! I just wish it was a little closer so we could drink sweet tea together (and eat pound cake) while the kids play outside.

  4. Your house is so pretty! I love how fresh and clean all the paint colors look. You've done such a nice job!


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