Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Hudson Clan

Eddie's mom's family is still great about getting together at least a few times a year.  After losing our beloved Grandma Mattie, this family has truly honored her last wishes to remain close as a family.  Since my extended family has grown further and further apart with the death of all my grandparents, I am so thankful to still have this large family to be a part of.  We owe Aunt Dava, the oldest child and head of the family now, for always getting these family gatherings organized.  She is truly her mother's daughter.  It is also a huge blessing to still have Great-Grandpa in our lives.  He just lights up when all his great-grandkids surround him.  This man truly loves little children.  After our fun morning at Discovery Place Kids, we met up with the family for some major catching up.  All of the 17 great-grandchildren were present, and it was a beautiful afternoon for playing outside.  As the oldest of the children, Evan is a true leader and led the kids in many organized games.

 photo Hudsons12_zps2fnezq5e.jpg
Our family with Grandpa.  Grady was pretty jealous his Great-Grandpa was holding a new baby.  

 photo Hudsons10_zpscvkvciaj.jpg
Grandpa is one tough cookie holding a new baby and a toddler.   Only 16 of the 17 great-grandkids were represented in the pictures.  Brody's back was turned, and baby Emerson was asleep although I told his dad to put his carrier in the picture.  Nathan, you have a permanent black mark on your record for not listening to me and keeping us from getting a complete great-grandchild picture!  

 photo Hudsons11_zpswaof3lhx.jpg
Cecilia and I trying to keep our little men in the picture.  No, I am not sure which twin this is, Cecilia.  I am sure I could tell them apart once I was around them a little more.  I can tell they have very different little personalities and hairstyles too.  

 photo Hudsons15_zpsuy3uuygv.jpg
Great-Grandpa with his children.

 photo Hudsons16_zpswgldq6co.jpg
Aunt Dava's family was missing cousin Andrew and his wife, Ashley. 

 photo Hudsons13_zpscahftjgt.jpg
Uncle Matthew's family was just missing April's husband, Bruno. 

 photo Hudsons6_zpsnzg6v1tq.jpg

 photo Hudsons9_zpstnao2ncs.jpg
Aunt Homa's family

 photo Hudsons8_zpsgkeamkdc.jpg
I just liked this one with Jacob wearing his cool shades.  Marian and I seem to have twin kids because Robert and Jacob are so much like Evan and Brody. 

 photo Hudsons5_zpszjnzufxt.jpg
Just enjoying the beautiful weather and some catching up. 

 photo Hudsons4_zpsnpmersvc.jpg
Evan led the boys in a little game of corn hole.  Little Grady really wanted to play too.  Evan will need to get his daddy to build him a corn hole set since he no longer has the set he built for his old job with the Forest Service.  I am thinking an NC State one would be nice.  
 photo Hudsons1_zps9azod3fn.jpg
The girls had their own fun led by the second oldest, Lilly. 


  1. Awe, this is just great. I'm so glad that you got to get together with everybody and that you got such great pictures......even if baby Emerson is missing in the one of all the great grandchildren. Somebody needs to photoshop him in on the side. Ha ha.

  2. That's sad that baby Emerson is missing from the great-grandchildren picture. I know that my grandma's great grandchildren are rarely all together so it's good that you took the opportunity to get lots of photos.

  3. Family time together is the best! Love the group pictures!


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