Thursday, May 21, 2015

Take Us Out to the Ball Game!

As one of Evan's last Cub Scout excursions, he and his troop enjoyed seeing our local minor league team play a game and then spent the night camping out beside the stadium.  In Charlotte, we loved going to see our Charlotte Knights, but this stadium just felt a little like home to me.  Eddie and I went to several games with our friends before we got married because I lived about 20 minutes from this stadium in Zebulon, North Carolina.  While the Knights probably had a better mascot, I do love this weird little Mudcat.  Although our Mudcats were not looking great during the game with a pitcher who was not striking many out, we still loved this opportunity to relive our past and make new memories.  I look forward to renewing our tradition of watching the Mudcats for the Fourth of July.  Mattox enjoyed seeing his first baseball game, and Brody enjoyed his first time camping in the tent with Daddy and Evan.  He said it was "Awesome!"  We all enjoyed fireworks after the game, and Evan and Brody enjoyed getting to run the bases.  Evan stayed up pretty late after the game watching a movie on the big screen and running around with his new buddies.

 photo ballgame4_zps97jqvrpi.jpg

 photo ballgame1_zpstmbk5bhq.jpg
Sweet baby Mattox is dressed appropriately for his first baseball game. 

 photo ballgame2_zpsozh86sxz.jpg
Brody enjoys watching the game. 

 photo ballgame3_zpsifaeottw.jpg
Evan said it wouldn't be a real game without a hot dog.  The Cub Scouts were supposed to eat burgers before the game, but he is not a burger eater so I ate his.  I have really tried to explain to him how much better hamburgers are than hot dogs, but he is very stubborn. 

 photo ballgame5_zps1phiwtmt.jpg
Evan and his buddies watching the game.  He came prepared to catch a foul ball with his glove. 

 photo ballgame6_zpsfkjvj2hp.jpg

 photo ballgame8_zpsy29hqpi7.jpg
Muddy the Mudcat came dressed in his Cub Scout uniform. 

 photo ballgame7_zpsinjzcehm.jpg
He has a mini-Mudcat with him. 

 photo ballgame9_zps5j14vqly.jpg

 photo ballgame18_zps79qiyvwy.jpg
Muddy waits at second base to greet the kids as they run the bases. 

 photo ballgame10_zpsgs7j3ow1.jpg
There goes Evan.  He's so fast, I had trouble getting any pictures of him. 
 photo ballgame11_zpsfc1gihe4.jpg
Daddy and Brody were quite a bit slower, but they just had more time to enjoy their run at a more leisurely pace. 

 photo ballgame12_zpsuvxwkeyx.jpg
Evan heading to third base. 

 photo ballgame13_zpslckaxntd.jpg
While Daddy and Brody just pass first. 

 photo ballgame14_zps4kzdtraw.jpg
Evan running home. 

 photo ballgame15_zpsquhfm4ys.jpg
And crossing the plate...HOME RUN! 

 photo ballgame16_zpsbqpid2du.jpg
Daddy and Brody run at the same pace. 

 photo ballgame17_zpsyfgupzyg.jpg
Running towards home. 

 photo ballgame19_zpsnz8ekqqo.jpg
Brody was almost too excited to fall asleep in the tent, but it was a long day and night and he was pretty exhausted. 


  1. What a fun event for the cub scouts. I think it's a very unique outing. I love that they let them onto the field to be able to run the bases. How many kids can say they've done that???!!!

    Mattox had the perfect outfit for his first game. What a well dressed baby. And the camp out in tents at the end is just absolute perfection.

  2. How much fun! This post has inspired me to take my family to a minor league game. I had great memories of going to them growing up.

    Mattox sure looked cute for his first game!

  3. That looks like so much fun! We are going to a major league baseball game with our small group in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!!! I'm hoping we'll get to see more than a few ballgames this summer :)


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